By blushingbride - 09/02/2014 21:59 - United States - Alpharetta

Today, my husband decided to pick his nose out before he would kiss me. FML
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At least he cleared it out of his nose before it ended up in your mouth? :D

He wanted to be his cleanest for you


At least he cleared it out of his nose before it ended up in your mouth? :D

The OP's name is "blushingbride". Does that mean he did it at their wedding alter? Because that could change everything.

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We should start connecting everyone's username with their fml

He wanted to make sure he could breathe through his nose so he could use his mouth for a better purpose.

Well, better out than on your face!! Or maybe he wanted to be able to breathe properly?

rachelottavia 16

What a gentleman. Pick and flick?

Disgusting... but did he stick it in his mouth?

If he did then OP would of said that too :/

He needs to learn what his priorities should be

she needs to learn priorities and i bet more than half of you saying eww are pickers too most everyone does it its a human thing there are many many girls that pick their noses too but won't admit it

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Get a tissue and blow your nose... don't just shove your finger in your nostrils. That's gross.

Using puns are like flipping coins, sometimes people love 'em, other times people wanna murder you every hour

this time I'm glad I'm not dead :') your profile pic btw is amusing.

Trying to get you some gold by digging for it! *badum tiss*!