By Anonymous - Belgium
Today, in a rush to get out of my house to go to a doctor's appointment, I closed the door behind me without having my house or car keys on me. Sadly, it took me less than a minute to break into my own house. FML
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  SkyGuy32  |  17

You don't need to upgrade your burglary system, you just need to make it look like you did.

By  JasonUMN  |  15

If anything, it can be a spring board to investing in greater security for your home. Just be glad it was you breaking in, instead of an actual intruder.

  Khaleesi_26  |  30

Some people have doors that automatically lock when you shut it. Or OP turned the lock on the inside of the door and left the house. So it is highly possible to be able to lock the door without keys :).

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I wondered the exact same thing 8. They said house, not dorm or hotel, and every house I've ever seen you have to physically lock it from the outside to get it to lock, so I assumed the same thing. Seems a bit weird to me to have the house door lock automatically. Is this only in a dorm type situation or an apartment or do normal single story houses have this too?

  Enslaved  |  36

If I still had one of those type of doorknobs, the ones that locked automatically, I would change it. That's just a lockout accident waiting to happen. A $20 replacement would cost less than a paid locksmith.

  brand125  |  17

24 you missed the part where it could also be a door that you can lock it from the inside nob as the door is open and shut the door behind you, locking it

  clrichmond2009  |  24

All the door knobs in my house can be turned from the inside when locked. OPs door could very well be like that as well. I've locked myself out on multiple occasions that way.