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Today, I was visiting family in Oregon. I did not know it was illegal to pump your own gas; the cops were involved. FML
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loserboii 11

"Sir we just need you to stop pumping your own gas." "Why can't I pump my own gas?" "Target isn't replying, shoot to kill!"

Seems odd to me that the worker would call the police before just letting you know. Unless they were passing by of course.


some of ours here are like that, it's strange. Sorry OP, at least you'll know next time :)

Ignorance of the law is not a valid excuse. Although in OP's defence, that law is pretty ******* retarded.

Ignorance of the law may be of no excuse, but ignorant law enforcement with ignorant laws is a very valid excuse

You just should have said you were visiting family and it was legal back home.

staceyvan1991 3

Lol I only just learned this a couple days ago

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courtney680 17

Cops are only involved the the person is retarded and tries to keep doing it when told not to. I've seen many people from other states try to pump their own gas in oregon and the station attendants just inform them that its illegal.

Can someone interpret 106 for me please...?

I live in New Jersey, where it's also illegal to pump your own gas. Anytime I go out of state I end up sitting at the pump for 10 minutes thinking "Where the **** are they!!?" Until I realize :P.

Sorry guys I'm from Australia, can someone explain to me why it's illegal ?

#126 - It's illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon because it creates more jobs when gas stations have to employ people to pump gas. It's as simple as that.

Aaand disregard what I said, as people explained it correctly below and I was pretty off. Haha.

This is new to me. I wish people here would pump my gas for me. It would've been my ass getting busted up there next time I took a trip if I hadn't seen this.

kaymi 17

I wish someone would pump my gas. I hate getting out of my car when it's so cold. Moving to Oregon!

Well in New Jersey it was also put in as a Safety issue, they didn't think everyone could be trusted with a gas pump :P. and I don't know if it's the same in Oregon but most of our gas pumpers are Indian

Family? Someone doesn't visit enough. Atually, if Op's mom and dad is the family that live there then idk how this mistake could happen. I have known for years of 2 states with this gay law. I am in NJ. They flip the **** out. Damn foreign people. I'd let people do the job for me so I can sit around making free money except I don't have that job.

I live in new jersey and you sir, are wrong.

Seems odd to me that the worker would call the police before just letting you know. Unless they were passing by of course.

TheDrifter 23

That's what I was wondering. How much if a Dick do you have to be to the attendant for him/her to call the cops on you for pumping your own gas?

It doesn't make sense, marijuana is legal but pumping your own gas isn't

CallMeMcFeelii 13

It's because in Oregon people don't want to put out their blueberry kush spliff just pump some gas. I for one don't blame them haha.

49/67- actually measure 80 didn't pass, it wasn't written well enough so the details of it were fuzzy. It didn't say who could grow and who could sell so it's currently being re-done & is going to be up for voting in 2 years. If you're talking about medical marijuana, then yeah, that's legal, but not everyone has a card, it takes a while and costs about $100.

Not in Oregon it's not but it is here in Washington

#75, Of course it is illegal. Yet somehow, people always find a way to get it. I live in Oregon so I know that for a fact, since almost everyone in my household smokes marijuana. And about the gas.. Sorry, Op. Hopefully once you explain that you're not from here they'll understand. It has happened to so many people I cannot count, and I'm sure they could look at your license plate and realize that you obviously are not from Oregon, and it is legal to pump gas where you live. Good luck though.

loserboii 11

"Sir we just need you to stop pumping your own gas." "Why can't I pump my own gas?" "Target isn't replying, shoot to kill!"

loserboii 11

Hey i had just woken up, but thanks.

Unfortunately for me, my OCD never sleeps...

Once you start it's just so hard to stop..? Extreme measures necessary of course the OP was pumping their own gas that is equivalent to a terrorist attack ;)

And I'm using sarcasm because of how ridiculous the situation was lighten up people lol

deadlydeadd 2

47- disliking incorrect spelling is not OCD. OCD is a very debilitating disease, that involves much more than ritualistic compulsions. Next time don't say it's your OCD, just explain that you're just a pedantic ****.

131 you're laughing at my backpiece ink? Very're just jealous or an asshole. I'm going with both.

I think your back piece is awesome..i have alot of tatts too..ppl just dont know what good looks like

Could someone from Oregon explain why it's illegal please?

I'm mot from Oregon, but some stations are full serve stations, instead of self serve, so an attendant will come out to pump it for you. It is possible, albeit kind of strange, that a whole state wouldn't have any self serve stations. I fail to see why the attendant wouldn't just stop someone once they see someone getting out of their car, instead of calling the police, though. That's even stranger...

rlTlk 13

I'm from Oregon but idk why really either.. Grown up here so to me it's strange to think anywhere allows you to pump your own.. But Pretty sure it's to avoid gas theft and drive offs. It's pretty nice tho you don't have to get out in the rain and cold cuz well it's Oregon, it's rainy and cold.

I grew up in Oregon, and I'm not sure exactly why it's illegal. However, gas station employees typically pump your gas for you - it would seem odd for someone to want to get out and pump their own gas when an attendant is there to pump it for you.

muldrowe 6

I drove through Oregon, and was really confused when the attendant told me I couldn't pump my own gas. It would be nice that they'd pump it for you, but it took so much longer since there was only one person working 6 pumps. I dunno what they think will happen by letting people pump their own gas...

megapeyt 17

It's a throw back to the days of unionization. The union won a crucial victory and had the legislation passed that made it illegal for people to do self serve gas pumps

TheDrifter 23

That's exactly it. The union argued that allowing the general public to handle gasoline, a hazardous material, without special training constituted an unacceptable safety hazard and that only trained professionals should be allowed. I drive truck through Oregon fairly often and professional drivers are exempted, as we are professionals, and considered to be adequately trained in hazmat handling.

I'm from Canada and I avoid full serve stations. I pump my own because here they charge you more doing it for you..

JerryH 9

There are other states as well that its illegal to pump your own gas, ive been to a few.

It's illegal to pump your own gas in New Jersey too. I always wondered why but the union thing makes sense. Unions are supreme in blue states, and New Jersey is a very blue state. The only reason they have a Republican governor is because the running incumbent Democrat who had been governor for several terms was finally exposed as the intolerably corrupt asshole he was. When dead people are voting for you, it's time for you to go.

Personally, I don't like other people touching my car. What if they scratch it, or break the fuel door? Are they going to pay to have it fixed? New Jersey is the same way. I always deliberately avoided getting gas there to the point of waiting for the neighboring state when driving through.

A legitimate concern. A gas attendant broke the door off my friend's car. His mom had to bitch them out before they'd pay for it.

72 When I was in NJ I never saw a gas station like that. I was there for almost a week, and went all over.

Well, yeah, I grew up in New Jersey and I never had anything like that happen to me or anyone else I know. But apparently it does happen, even if it is rare.

Never had to pay more at a full service here in my part of Canada. Oftentimes they're very Competitively priced.

I know to avoid Oregon and New Jersey then. I don't want anyone doing anything to my car except myself or a mechanic if there's a serious enough issue.

Trix_Disorder 20

A friend of mine from Portland said it was to create jobs, but that always seemed a little strange to me. The union thing makes much more sense. Maybe it's both.

PhannyPack09 8

What makes pumping fuel a serious issue ?

I don't really know why. But it creates jobs and I don't have to do it. So I'm not gonna complain.

crackz12 10

Why would you avoid getting gas in jersey because its pumped for you? Im from NY but i always make sure to refill with jersey prices when i have the chance. It really isnt an inconvenience having someone pump it for me.

What if they put too much in for you, or is there a limit you set?

Your friend is from Portland. They actually don't know anything, since Portland is a terrible place.

I am from Oregon, and it's illegal because they think that "people who aren't trained to pump gas will accidentally set themselves on fire when trying to do so." I'm not really complaining, though, it creates pleanty more jobs. The only thing that sucks is that when I travel out of state I never know how to pump gas.

Well, in school I was taught that we have it like so to offer more jobs to people.

35 on average it only takes a few seconds longer and ups prices by one or two cents. A few times there have been pushes to change the law but it usually doesn't get vary far. Honestly the reason I like it is because that is a lot of jobs for the state and I am happy to pay a little extra if it means less unemployment.

skittycat213 19

What I want to know is what people from Oregon do when they are in a different state, need gas, and there isn't a full serve station around? It sounds like they're screwed if they don't know how to pump their own gas if the government won't let them do it themselves...

ViviMage 38

I'm from Delaware very near New Jersey. In NJ it's more a hazard thing to protect the land ad the station, but attendants that pump gas are chronically poisoned by the job. It started in the US I think to protect against station fires. Its safer to have each driver pump gas, not one person poisoned by the job. My mom came from California, one of the first states that allowed pumping you own gas, and she tried to pump at full service only Illinois. They came after her with a bomb vest on!

I'm from Oregon. It's illegal because of some union law because its a hazard, and we have people to pump gas for more jobs. More jobs, better economy.

85...that's the point. The unions did it for the jobs.

We Oregonians actually do just fine when we travel to another state. It's not hard to pump your own gas. Here we just tell the gas attendant how much we want ( full tank or an exact dollar amount) and then pay.

108- Really? All my life I've never seen anyone catch on fire when they pump their own fuel...

ViviMage 38

Mythbusters debunked cell phones as why. It's static and not grounding yourself to metal before you touch the pump head/has nozzle. Static, oxygen, plus fuel vapor equals spark. You basically build a flamethrower.

It makes me laugh that there are people who think Oregonians don't know how to pump gas when they go out of state and will just stand there totally lost. Don't you remember the first time you filled your first car with gas? Did you have to ask the attendant to show you how to do it? All the instructions are on the pump - its pretty easy to figure out - especially now that it actually has the steps written out one by one on the digital display. If you can't figure out how to pump gas you shouldn't be driving at all.

Except in the time when you actually don't have a hazmat enforcement on your CDL...

Here come the "Only in (Insert state--in this case, Oregon)!" comments. Look, it would've been stupid to people from Oregon too. My question is, how would it be illegal? Didn't you pay before, or do they fill it first?

Basically, in order to create more jobs. All gas stations hire attendants to pump your gas for you.

Do you pay after, then? Because then I could understand why cops got involved; It would've looked like he was stealing gas.

lyskiss 10

If you're paying in cash then you pay afterwards. New Jersey is also a state where it is illegal to pump your own gas.

TheDrifter 23

It depends on the station. Some, like the pilot in Biggs Junction,OR give you a slip to take inside to pay if you are buying other things or paying by credit card. Others are more paranoid.

Oh, okay. Thanks for the answers without any condescension guys. It's appreciated. :)

Paying is the exact same as anywhere you pump it yourself. Credit card: insert card select amount/fill, pump gas. Cash: pay amount first, pump gas. I worked at a pilot in Oregon and when I moved to Arizona it's the same minus the person pumping it for you.

stewpididiot 11

I just heard about this the other day! I had no idea ! WTF ?? And their gas is still cheaper than here in Cali

At least you are not forced to stand on the bus, in Oregon.

Haha you never know man I was in Portland a month ago and there are some weird ass people that will tell you to move lol

My family used to live in Oregon. (1990-98) My sisters part time job was to pump gas. I guess they're still doing it to this day.

Sounds pretty stupid to me didn't you pay before you pumped it?

Swipe your card at the pump? Edit: I meant to say, maybe they swiped their card at the pump.

But then that means that you can swipe your own card at the station but you can't pump your own gas?

In jersey they come out and if you give em a card they just swipe it at the pump.

When we were filling up in Oregon, we told them how much we wanted and we went and paid for that amount. If they went over, the gas pump attendant had to pay what he went over. The pumps we used didn't have a way to swipe a card, they didn't require any type of pre-payment either.

Jessj958 19

I have never heard that it is illegal to pump your own gas. That is so weird!

Its illegal in new jersey too, im not sure why