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Today, my neighbor brought a ruined napkin holder over and claimed that we drilled a hole through his wall and ruined it. I apologized, not telling him that it was actually a bullet that my boyfriend shot through the wall. FML
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It doesn't matter if the shot was accidental... OP, run... away from your boyfriend... fast!!!!

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This may be a shot in the dark, but I'm guessing if you leave this guy, you would be dodging a bullet.


It doesn't matter if the shot was accidental... OP, run... away from your boyfriend... fast!!!!

I agree. Although I don't understand how it would be shot accidentally if they were being safe with it. Unless there was am emergency I don't even understand why it would be out.

A 1940's Luger that fired by accident at the ghost of ghastly dictators past?

Accidental missfires are very rare. This is when something mechanical in the gun fails and it fires on its own accord. The much more likely scenario is it was an issue with the operator of the gun. OP if he can not handle firearms safely I would have a serious talk with him if that does not help leave and notify the police he is putting people in danger.

118, I know what you mean by a mechanical failure as that happened to an old 30-30win that we had, never been used since. Another thing I'm wondering is, why the hell would he have a loaded firearm in their home, misuse of a firearm is a very serious issue. Also, how OP didn't want to admit the truth, it points out that there was no reason for the firearm to be loaded, or even being handled unless he was cleaning (reasonable)or wanted to check if the action was working properly (unreasonable unless in a controlled environment such as a firing range) which is an idiotic thing to do. OP, like everyone else said, talk to your boyfriend as soon as possible, and if he doesn't listen, notify the local station or firearms officer and his right to own one will be gone for a while.

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Even if he was cleaning the weapon it shouldn't have been loaded. The first thing you do before you begin cleaning it is to clear it.

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Does anyone else think of the video for Korn's Freak on a Leash when reading this FML?

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My boyfriend was a pistol coach for the Marine Corps and one day he was cleaning an older gun that had some difficulties with jamming to try and fix the issue. As he was feeding bullets through (to test the jam), it randomly fired on its own. Luckily, he's not an idiot and knows how to properly handle firearms so no one and nothing was hurt or in harm, but it was still shocking. I hope your boyfriend wasn't just being a complete idiot, OP. If that's the case, I wouldn't want any firearms within his reach. If it was a problem with said gun, you should sell or give that gun to someone who knows how to properly handle damaged firearms.

M'urica! What the heck was he doing with a weapon in the 1st place 0_o

If your boyfriend is an imbecile, I REALLY hope that he learns his lesson from this situation. And if he's an abusive asshole, I REALLY hope you make the best of this situation.

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Son of a bitch, what if that was someone's head instead of a napkin holder?

Agree with #2! As an imbecile, he shouldn't be fooling with a gun that he doesn't know how to work. As an abusive asshole, you should be distancing yourself from him as much as possible. For your sake OP, I really hope it was an accident.

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Why does your boyfriend hate napkin holders so much?

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Yes and how do we stop your bf from having so much napkin holder hatred? Lol Did it just come out all of a sudden? So many questions... Why is there a gun being fired in the house? What is his life about? Cause I'm not understanding. What if he would have hurt someone?!

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He just wants the napkins to be free.

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right? it is called commenting for a reason. shw commented what she thought. I am starting to think the majority of fml users are douchebags.

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@86, sorry, if you didn't get my Doge reference I wasn't complaining. Making a joke. But the reason we down vote comments like, "Wow." Or "FYL OP." Is because they are not meaningful or have any thought. That person's just like, "oh, no comments I should try to get mine in as fast as I can," or something usually along those lines. At least for me on FML, I like witty comments, jokes, puns, comments that help or relate to the FML. One worded comments like "Wow" or others of the sort don't contribute much, and are actually kind of a bother, like, that comment is redundant, down vote. Hope this clears things up.

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife...and napkin holders.

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So take the gun, don't become his wife. Cause he shooting everythang round heeree! O~O Yeah I made a remix, don't judge, just join in.

Your boyfriend sounds like a real winner.

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You do too by the looks of your profile picture.

Wow #89 and #6 have perfect photos for their comments.

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Just because the dude has a gun doesn't mean he's enough of a dumbass to be firing it through his wall.

117, it's a real rifle. It's just on an AR platform, or possibly the Mossberg Tactical 15T but the barrel is too long. Any airsoft rifle like that should have an orange tip.

Grauncho 27

This may be a shot in the dark, but I'm guessing if you leave this guy, you would be dodging a bullet.

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That's the truth. This guy is an idiot of the highest caliber.

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I'm not sure how to respond to this. This is beyond stupid. What was your boyfriend doing firing a weapon in the first place? - I also didn't need to look to know where this particular FML took place...

Yeah because the US is the only place with guns that go off apparently. /eyeroll

No, but you guys do have one of the highest (if not the highest) citizen gun ownership rates in the world.

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32- So? I have guns. I have about 5 of them. But I only use them to hunt. The people that give America a bad name are the people like OPs boyfriend. We may have the highest citizen gun ownership in the world, but we aren't the most violent.

C'mon #8, just because we have guns doesn't mean we all use them for harm. If you want to label a place that uses them for harm try South Africa...or Somalia.

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Uhhh I live in the USA and it may just be because of which region I live in, but I don't know anyone who owns a gun. Actually, I've never seen a real gun before either. :) I'll admit that certain places like the South East, West, and Inner Cities all have reputations for high gun ownership rates, but obviously not all of us are gun toting nutcases or even own guns. :)

Yes, but you don't fire them indoors. This FML seriously needs a followup!

48, the US also has one of the highest if not the highest number of murders per year with guns. Granted this is probably just because of the number of guns people have and not because people in the US are more violent than in other countries, but still. Nobody is saying that YOU are irresponsible with your guns, just that when guns are so available to almost everyone, irresponsible people are bound to get their hands on them.


What's funny is that the places in the US with ultra-strict gun ownership laws are the ones with the most violent crime, while the places with less gun control have the LEAST amount of violent crime (Look up Kennesaw Georgia). So gun ownership isn't a terrible thing.

32, I'm proud of the fact that we own so many guns. What I don't like is the idiots like OP's boyfriend who give guns and gun owners a bad name. I own several guns and have never accidentally discharged my weapons. It's about responsible gun ownership. When handling a gun, never put your finger on the trigger unless you're ready to fire. Also, when storing your gun, always release the clip and clear the barrel. It's very easy to snap a clip in in an emergency. Don't tread on responsible law abiding Americans because we value the right to safety and security. You should be asking why your own government doesn't think you're mature enough for guns.

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You do realize those places have more gun control because of the high rates of violent crime and not the other way around, right? I have nothing against gun ownership. Hell, I'd love to learn how to shoot. But don't twist stats to promote this idea that guns are only good and restricting who gets to own them and where they are allowed to take them is a bad thing.


Gun control keeps guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, while criminals still have them because (surprise, surprise) criminals don't care about laws. If someone thinks a person has a gun, they're not exactly likely to try to rob/hurt them. I'm not twisting anything. I'm just stating facts.

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Well, that comment started a storm. Look, America has a rate of firearm related deaths per 100,000 people of 10.3 annually (2011). That is higher than any European country, but if you want to compare yourself to Somalia or South Africa instead, go ahead (I actually couldn't find any numbers for Somalia, but it's 21.51 firearm related deaths annually). In Denmark, where I live, we have extremely strict gun laws (basically, you don't get a gun legally unless you are licenced to hunt and need it for hunting, or you're in the military or police force). In Denmark, that same number is 1.45 (2006 - I realize this is a source of error, and unfortunately the number of firearm related deaths annually is rising in Denmark, but I do believe my point still stands). On a side note, I also feel like mentioning that we do not have death penalty in Denmark. I get that idea that you would hesitate to attack a person if you're aware that they're carrying a gun - but you're also more likely to fire a gun if you have one, and moreover, I believe you're more likely to fire a gun at a perceived threat if you believe said threat could be armed as well. If nobody had a gun, nobody would feel the need to own one to protect themselves from armed attacks. I do realize that not all gun owners are stupid enough to accidently discharge their weapons through their apartment walls, but I still believe that high numbers of civilians owning guns is a threat rather than a protection.

Of course the US isn't as strict on gun control as many European countries. We have our second amendment rights that were given by our forefathers. They can't just go and change their minds and rewrite the constitution because a lot of stupid people are abusing their rights.

You're also more likely to fire a gun if you have one? Seriously? That's your captain obvious response? How exactly does one fire a gun if they don't have one work in your statistic? Lol

#82 and #45, I think you misunderstood my point. Either that or misunderstood the point of the original commenter who kickstarted this thread. I only meant that America is one of the most likely places in the world for a legally-owned, citizen-owned gun to go off in an apartment (whether accidentally or not), simply because statistically gun ownership rates there are high. I do have anti-gun opinions, but I respect your opinions and I appreciate that both for and against arguments have merit. I don't want to get into a debate *shrugs* have a nice day! :D

You do realize that if guns weren't available to everyone (if they were illegal) the only people that would have guns would be the criminals and people that shouldn't have them in the first place. All these crimes you are speaking of are usually committed by people who have their guns illegally. So not making them available wouldn't change anything...

He shot a bullet at a wall, not knowing what was on the other side? I think he needs to be thankful that only a napkin holder got hurt...

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Totally agreed. I am sure the gun went off by accident, but still it is lucky no one was injured.

I'm willing to bet he doesn't have his Napkin Holder hunting license does he?