By ChevRooon - 27/01/2012 04:46 - United States

Today, I went to the gas station, paid the clerk, and drove off without pumping any gas. FML
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If your stupid and you know it clap your hands!

Of course if you want to PROVE to someone that your are stupid you can dance around while clapping!!!

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*dances around while clapping* What it sounded like fun... don't judge me!

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That's why McDonald is clapping his hands. :-)

27, its your.. Otherwise it would be, clap you are hands. Nice try tho.

Wait, my appologies, didn't see the first your. Fail on my behave, 27 you're correct

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I believe he meant the first 'your' as in... If you are happy and you know it..... Nice try, though.

Holy McFrickens My (grammatical) bad:( Hope I spelled that right lol

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Funny how 1's profile picture goes oh so well with 20's comment.

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What's funny is that someone would jump on 35's misspelling of you're but no one mentioned that behave should have been behalf. :)

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I am sure the next person to go to the pump was thankful.

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How do you forget to pump your gas that you just paid for?

being an idiot probably has something to for with it

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I can understand forgetting to put the fuel cap back on because let's be honest, who hasn't? But completely forgetting to pump it? That's a whole new level of forgetfulness. Or stupidity. I haven't decided.

46- Perhaps now isn't the best time or place to admit I've done that once myself? Getting off of a night shift on 3 hours of sleep left me with barely enough brain cells functioning to drive my truck, much less put gas into it. I did figure it out 3 minutes later though and returned to actually fill it, with much laughing from the attendant. ;p

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At least you remembered before getting home haha, but with three hours of sleep I guess I can see it happening. I'm now curious as to why OP forgot. Perhaps he was in the same situation as you?

he is just helping the gas station with all the people that have drove off without paying!

49- it actually happens quite often. I work at a gas station. just yesterday a regular came in, put $20 on pump 7, started talking to someone then drove off. called an hour later saying he forgot to pump & he would be back later. lol. so don't feel so bad (:

123- lol, thanks, feel loads better. :) The only reason I remembered though, was the low fuel light came on, not due to a fantastic memory or anything. ;) I easily could have the been the guy calling back that night after I slept....if i didn't feel too foolish to admit it. :)

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I like how everyone assumes that OP is a moron because they forgot to pump their gas. Sure it's an unfortunate mistake, but it doesn't automatically mean that OP is dumb. We all make mistakes.

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At least you remembered quickly enough. I work at a gas station and once had to deal with a guy screaming & cursing at me because his girlfriend had forgotten to pump her gas 6 hrs earlier, during the busiest time of day. Someone else had pumped the gas & he acted like it was my fault. Some days the a**holes make me want to burn the store down.

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Think of It as paying it forward. A lot of you don't understand this but some of you do

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Next thing that'll happen is bank robbers giving the cashier a bag full of money and a note saying "just put all the money in my savings account the banks of America can steal it from average americans better than me"

^^why is this comment being thumbed down when it's true? I hate this planet's inhabitants. Now thumb me down too dumbasses.

No you wont good stallion. But good to know that people do as I say!! muah hah haa!!

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81- You're an inhabitant too. You must not make any mistakes huh? You also must feel like God sitting at home and watching time fly by from the sidelines. Sorry some of us are SO BUSY with hectic schedules that we make so many mistakes that we get to be called dumbass by you. Yeah, it's true sometimes but the way you worded it seemed ignorant. Why don't you get off your high horse and be like Icarus and fly to the sky my friend. Let's see who lasts longer. The world full of atrocities, or the one ex-inhabitant who apparently is never a dumbass so he gets to say it's true.

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Well one lucky person gets free gas today then. Nice OP

He's trying to be like the hit in the Progressive commercials, in anonymous form

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Try calling the gas station and explain what happened and see if you can go back and pump the gas. If not, FYL.

You should go to the cashier, pump your car with cash then forget to pay him the gas :]

lol silly you, Point is though that OP totally forgot about pumping at all, like they were high on smack (I know forgetfulness can be a sign of drug addiction, another sign of drug use is driving, I know this because 89% of drug dealers drive cars) lol

I'm always afraid that I'm going to do this. Sometimes I feel like I have to keep telling myself I haven't gotten the gas yet if I end up paying for it inside.