Another fine mess

By MikeMoosey - 30/12/2008 18:00 - United States

Today, while pumping gas, I stopped to think about what a failure my life is, and how badly I've treated people in my past. While deep in thought, I accidentally pulled the gas pump out too far and covered myself with gasoline. FML
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Pulling out too early can stain you badly :)

Hope you're not a smoker..


Pulling out too early can stain you badly :)

that's what she said

isaiaha11 2


@19 that's the joke.

I was going to say something about karma but someone already beat me to it! Oh well, what they said!

ahhh i did that once, but the gas got all over my new shoes, and my entire outfit =/ i quickly drove away though so i wouldnt have to pay an enviromental spill fee =x FML

so then you didn't light a match?

aw karma :( it's a meanie!

well at least you didn't "proceed" to cover yourself in gasoline (;

Hope you're not a smoker..

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It must be a sign =0

If you hate your life that much, bring a lighter with u next time you pump gas.

atleast then u can go up Ina blaze