By Dr_Gip / Thursday 18 October 2012 04:50 / United States
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  Shadowvoid  |  33

It's not impossible to post an FML from the burn ward, you do only get so many characters to explain. I take that back, if you have AT&T you may never be able to post an FML.

  gree_fml  |  11

I'm pretty sure if someone were able to post an FML after being in an explosion, it would be the top FML ever. "Today I wasted fifty dollars... and exploded"

  SDTD10  |  5

So what I'm getting from your comment is that say it can happen to the best of us you are implying that you are the best of the human race. Yeah right


You missed a couple, 'whiteboy':



Any mature young adult or adult doesn't need to add 'nnnnnn's to their statement to create emphasis.

I'm surprised you could see your dick with your head up your ass.

  MrChrisOake  |  3

Maybe he just likes to type how he would actually say it. Sure some people can type/text (I'm on the app) so bad that you can't even understand it (My boss..). But His spelling wasn't even that bad.

  BellaBelle_fml  |  23

The 1999 urban myth about cell phones igniting fires when in use at a gas pump was disproven this year. They even deliberately tried to ignite a fire with a cell phone at a gas pump and were unable to do so.

  court_f  |  8

That's not The only reason you're not supposed to talk on a cell at a gas station. It causes a distraction and that's where things go wrong. For example chatting on the phone and you need a pen so while you're pumping you decide to sit in the car while its pumping (now worst case scenario) you don't notice the auto shut off valve is broken so it just keeps pumping and it over fills the car. When You FINALLY notice, you jump out of the car (without discharging the static electricity from the seat in the car). As you're about to grab the nozzle a static charge is created and boom, now there's a fire. Now I know this IS extreme, all I'm saying is talking on a cell phone is still hazardous because it takes our attention away from the task at hand. Which in this case can be very dangerous.

  5n000w  |  4

Regardless of what you think about talking on a cell phone while at a gas station, it is still a crime and therefore punishable by law. There are signs all over the pumps that say so.

  TaffyMichele  |  9

28 - I'm on the mobile app so I can't see, but here do you live that has signs like that? I've been all along the west coast from northern Mexico to southern Canada and don't recall ever seeing a sign like that when we filled up.

  BellaBelle_fml  |  23

I have lived in Connecticut and California, I've driven from coast to coast 8 times, and I have never seen a sign at a petrol station stating that cell phone use was prohibited.

  MiloBear  |  11

I live in South Africa and every petrol station I've been to has multiple signs warning not to use cellphones. But here we have petrol pump attendants who do all the work for us, so the only way this FML could happen here is if the attendant screwed you over on purpose.

  merryhappy1887  |  20

I live in NY and every pump I go to says no smoking and no cell phones.. A few companies put warnings in their user manuals to. Op deserved it and obviously was talking while driving to if they pulled away and still didn't realize they didn't get gas.

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