By Cowan - 06/08/2009 12:27 - Belgium

Today, I had to come back home early from my holidays. Why? I had asked my grandmother to water my plants, some of which are illegal. Instead of doing it herself, she asked her neighbor… who is a cop. FML
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Between you and the genius who taunted the homeless guy, this website is reading like a who's who of human crap. YDI.


Between you and the genius who taunted the homeless guy, this website is reading like a who's who of human crap. YDI.

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Agreed. People need to stop claiming "FML" when getting caught doing illegal things, or being jerks (like the guy who taunted the homeless guy).

Eh? Call me a dirty hippie, but I think there's a slight difference between the evilness scores of taunting a homeless man, and asking your nan to water your somewhat unconventional houseplants... yeah, it's stupid, but I don't think the OP is 'human crap' for doing it. o.O

#36- agreed. But still, YDI. You should have just told her to make grandma's special brownies out of them when you were gone.

The person who taunted the homeless guy is a ********, but having illegal plants does not make you a horrible person, unless they're plants you use to produce illegal drugs. The OP could have just had plants that are illegal because they're exotic.

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But pawning the responsibility of those plants off on your grandmother and then faulting her when you reap the consequences of owning them does make you a horrible person. Less horrible than the other guy, but still really, really lame.

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#3- that's pheobe's line in friends when talking about their dates!

#36: There's a difference between "somewhat unconventional" and "illegal." OP: YDI, dumbshit.

I'm not sure dangling a dollar in front of a homeless man is at quite the same level of illegality as what I believe is insinuated to be marijuana (just what I figure when I hear illegal plants).

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Haha, this reminds me of that failblog video of the police who was high on brownies. his wife had apparently baked pot brownies. "Time is going by really, really, really slow. I think we're dying." lmao.

I don't think a regular cop would remember all the exotic plants illegal in that area. I vote mary jane.

Yes, smoking marijuana makes you 'human crap'. And what the **** is your standard of a decent human being, asshole? **** you.

Listen, I don't think that smoking or growing pot is the end of the world. Pot SHOULD be legal when you compare its dangers to the dangers of other things that ARE legal. However. I stand by my first statement which is that if you CHOOSE to grow a plant that you know is illegal, and then are STUPID enough to think that it's okay to ask your grandma to water the plant, and then you have the NERVE to feel sorry for yourself when that whole scheme backfires, then yes, you ARE human crap. Because IDIOT=HUMAN CRAP. Deal with it...or go get high, assume you won't/can't get caught, and forget about it. Whichever.

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that was my first thought after reading that! haha, oh Phoebe.

You really think a cop knows what exotic plants are illegal?? Of course it was MJ dumbass!

yeah because growing weed makes you a horrible person (sarcasm)

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Brilliance personified. YDI. -laughs-

Well you're stupid for having illegal plants when you have a cop next door.

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the grandmother asked HER neighbor. dumbass.

Actually, it reall was HIS neighbour. The OP stole this FML from the french website, and in the original it really was his neighbour who was the cop, not the grandmother's. On top of stealing someone else's FML, this guy screwed up when retelling it....

Well if you had seen he was from belgium you'd understand that he speaks french as well. So there is a very good possibility that he posted it on VDM and later posted it in english on FML. And since french people are good at English as paraplegics are good at running you can't blame the guy for not entering correctly. Besides who doesn't have cannabis in his backyard:P

ahahaah agreed number #3 neways YDI obvi

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I created an account just to say this... lol.

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vie de merde, the french version of fml. it was out first

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yes but the aim of FML is not to be a translation of VDM!

It could, possibly, be the plant Salvia Divinorum. It looks very pretty, but when the leaves are dried and smoked it's a powerful hallucinogen. If you asked your grandma to water your pot plant though, then YDI...pot plants look ugly, and have no use beyond the drug.

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except for the fact that salvia is legal.

i've heard that in some places salvia isn't illegal.

Salvia is legal in most states. Pot plants are beautiful.

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Actually, some studies go to show that pot can positivley affect long term memory, as well as improve speech. Drugs such as alcohol and cigarettes - which, in America, are completely legal (though I can't say the same for Belgium, as I'm uneducated in that) - are far, far more dangerous than weed. Even then, some states have worked to legalize the plant, and there are some places in California where it can be legally purchased with the intent to smoke it.

In Illinois, where I live, it is illegal.