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Today, while driving home after the legal curfew, I narrowly avoided a police roadblock and backtracked a mile to drive home another way. I then ran out of gas a mile away from my house. FML
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Just push the car home. When the officers stop you and ask what you are doing, tell them you tried to make it home before curfew but ran out of gas.


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It's karma. It has to be karma.

My words of wisdom for the day: Karma's only a bitch if you are. Thank you, thank you! Now I'll go back to mourning Nemo--he was a good fish.

You would of been ****** anyway when you next wanted to go out, you wouldn't of had enough to get to the petrol station.

A mile really isn't that far. You an walk it.

Wait...there are areas with a law enforced curfew??? What is this world coming to?? Georgia? I would have thought it was in a communist country or something?

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96- driving curfew. It's for people who don't have their full license

I don't know why you would think that curfews and communism go hand in hand

Could it be something like "controlling the masses by narrowing their freedom"? A legal curfew? Oh, America, land of the free.... NOT

115- thanks for clarifying. I got worried for a bit.


Its called Joshua's Law. Google it. It actually saves lives, so If you say that saving teen lives is communist, then yes, Georgia is extremely communist.

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Curfew ?? Is it just for minors or is it some sort of govt lock down?


Tjv3 basically you can't talk on the phone and drive or drive between 12:00a.m. and 6:00a.m. If you are under 18. It is also now completely illegal to text and drive in the state of Georgia

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141 in the UK there are no curfews for drivers because we actually teach people how to drive. Using your phone at all while driving is also illegal but unless you do it loads, you'll just get off with a warning.

Hmm I don't fully understand... Couldn't you have just told the police you were heading straight home? I live in a city that doesn't really have a curfew so I don't know what the consequences would be... Either way that's pretty bad luck, next time maybe try to make it home before curfew. :/

In some states, for example, Massachusetts, there is a curfew for all drivers under the age of 18, no matter what city you live in. Normally, there is a grace period, where you can't be ticketed, but if you are later than the grace period, your ******. And normally, the punishment is around a month's suspension and a requirement to retake your driving test, so its a pretty serious thing, and I would've backtracked too (I would've made sure I had enough gas first). I could be wrong about the punishment though.

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Wow I didn't know legal curfews existed in America. Is it only on certain days? :/ Excuse my ignorance, i'm not from the US. :p

In our city it's actually everyday, but certain days have different curfews, like on weekdays it's 10 PM and weekends it's 11 PM.

I didnt know about a curfew for driving. I know our city has has a rule that by 11 you shouldnt be walking around the streets, and a provisional license says in the first year of ownwrship you cant drive between 11pm and 5am, however if you get it at 16 that ends when your 17 and still minor. So really it varies a lot throughout the US.

You shouldn't be walking around the streets by 11? do you go out and stuff? D: I suddenly appreciate my city a lot more.

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In my city there are only curfews for people under 18. However if you say you are coming home from work you will never get in trouble. So every kid just said they were baby sitting if they were out late.

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We have a curfew for under 18 too, just in general for not being where you should be regardless of what you're doing. If you get pulled over though, police will more than likely let you go home if that is the direction you're headed. Besides, if there was a roadblock, they're probably trying to catch people doing something a bit more serious than breaking curfew.

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In Ohio it depends on your age. When I was 16 I couldn't legally drive between 12 am and 6 am. Now that I am 17 I can't drive between 1 am and 5 am. And where I live, the police are alway on the watch for teens past curfew :b

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In Maryland we can't be on the road from 12 to 5. I don't really get the purpose of the curfew it's not going to be any darker at 12 than 11 and if people are drunk driving they're breaking a different law. I'll break the curfew if it's a special event (midnight movie showing, black Friday shopping) but I get permission from my parents first. Parents should be in charge of these things cause on certain occasions it's really inconvenient and I know my mom doesn't want to pick me up from the movies at 2.

What is the reasoning behind the curfews? It just seems like an unnecessary limitation of personal freedom...

I don't really understand the reason for these curfews? I've never heard about it before. In my country/city there're no curfews on anything at any time! We don't usually go out (to bars or clubs) until 11pm or even as late as 1 am. It's pretty normal to stay out till 6 am. - then again, no one here would ever drive to a party, they'd just take the bus or metro.

It s normally because most young drivers have higher accident rates during these hours, whilst sometimes I think it really sucks still being on this curfew myself I understand why they do it if it means people are less likely to get hurt.

Exactly like 108 said, why have inexperienced drivers out on the roads at the same time that your last call drunk drivers are out and about? It's just a way to keep the youngins safe.

Where i live you get fined if you dont make it in back for curfew. On weekdays you gotta be home before 11 and on weeknights it's like 1200 or 1230.

Except most drunk drivers who are out doing stupid things ARE young people, and they will do it regardless. The annoying thing about curfews is that they assume if you black out the time they'd usually do these stupid things then they won't get to do them, as though they're incapable of adjusting their schedule to these new hours. Kids will still do stupid shit on the roads, only now some of them will be doing it when there's more cars around because they aren't allowed to drive late at night when the roads are practically empty. Others are breaking a law by drinking and driving and are taking a risk already, I doubt the curfew law is going to make a difference to them. "Oh no guys, I can't drive drunk tonight, its after curfew"...Doubt it. Plenty of them would therefore take taxi's but only the one's who had planned to do that in the first place. I don't know what genius came up with that stupid ass idea, but when it comes to politics they just need to look like they're trying to solve an issue - regardless of how stupid their tactics really are.

I thought America was a 'Free' country...

Well 117, you missed the point if the rule, it's not to prevent kids from driving drunk (after all the law should prevent that (lol)) it's to prevent kids from being on the roads and on the streets during a time when a lot of drunkards are going home.

Here is Australia... no one gives a stuff! I couldn't even imagine a curfew here in Melbourne, it would wreck the night life of the city.

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I really don't understand this. They don't want youngsters to drive at night because accidents will happen? Yeah, there is obviously lower visibility at night, but older folks with poorer eyesight are even worse off. If they got a curfew, everyone would go ******* ballistic (idk about America but we would in the UK) but as soon as it comes to young people it seems to be completely acceptable.

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How sad and ironic. What's up with curfew? People are just going to break 'em.

Curfews are a way of giving police "probable cause" to pull over any young person they get the heeby-jeebies about. That way people can't claim "racial profiling".

It's not like curfews are bad, why would you come home at like 3 am anyway?

^ ah, so day you will understand, little one.

^ yeah, but I'm old enough to actually go out here (Montreal) and not worry about what could happen if I get carded.

Curfews can help save the lives of teenagers. Like if someone's drunk driving it's one less person on the road.

If your are 17- yo then you can't be out past 11:00 if 17. 10:00 if your 16. I break this curfew all the time in out till like 2 or 3 in the morning

They are teenagers. They just start drinking earlier! Better to have free taxies from a certain hour onwards or public transport system.

Enter ninja mode! Run/walk/jog home. Get some gas in the morning somehow, and then run/walk/jog back to your car. Fill it up. Problem solved. (Terms and conditions apply)

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yeah, this ^ . be happy its only a mile. should be a ten minute run.

Not even 10 minutes. A mile is nothing to walk.

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No! NO! I'm sorry, but you have a gas gauge. If you only had to go a mile out of your way, that means you've been driving around with the gas light on for MILES! My SUV...gets 50 more miles when that light turns on! OP couldn't have gotten home, woken up the next morning and gone to get gas...there wouldn't have been enough in the tank to get him there!!! You're too stupid to tank up, you break curfew and avoid the police, you deserve to sit on the side of a dark road.

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Well said, Sir :) Everyone, thumb him up

26- your right but you don't need to drive to get gas, there are things called jerry cans, they are really useful. But you should never need one since your right about the fuel light.

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Thanks!!!! Also, I'm a "she" :)

Maybe OP's gas gauge is still stuck halfway.

Well I mean if you would set your gender we would know this without you having to tell us everytime someone addresses you

Just push the car home. When the officers stop you and ask what you are doing, tell them you tried to make it home before curfew but ran out of gas.

Push the car for one mile? really? genius

Someone who doesnt even know me is calling me a genius, my fame is spreading! Sorry, I forgot to put the [JOKING] sticker on the back of my post.


Technically, metawolf's first comment IS genius. Because of the lack of information provided, we can only presume that the one mile distance between where the car ran out of gas and op's house is neither uphill nor downhill (flat). We can also only presume that op drives a true car, say for instance a Honda civic sedan, rather than a Ford F250 V8 powerstroke turbodeisel Crew cab sitting on 38 inch mud tires. Being that it does weigh a substantial amount (est. 2500lbs), it would require SOME physical strength to push the vehicle. However, because cars do sit on circular wheels, and not square blocks, it is easier to push because all you have to do is get it started and then the physical energy and strength requires to keep the car rolling is decreased drastically. It would also be a great excuse for the police. The only flaw in the plan is the fact because this FML was posted on 4/20, we can not tell wether or not op was stoned or drunk, which both impair motor skills, bot to mention a cop will suspect something if you are barely able to walk or your eyes are extremely bloodshot. Also we do not know what type of physical shape op is in. And to those thinking that a girl can't push a car, quit being sexist. It is possible.


145, thank you. Just expressing my thoughts and proving that whoever called metawolf an idiot is in fact the real idiot in this situation. Gotta learn to be quick witted and think outside the box every once and a while. You would love my emergency plan if I know I'm getting pulled over for going way too fast. I believe it's genius, but that's just me.

Should have faked an emergency. That's the most effective way to get through a curfew.

Georgia has a curfew?? Man I'm glad I live in Canada

I live in Georgia what OP is most likely talking about is driving restrictions, not a real curfew. Drivers under 18 aren't allowed to drive after midnight here.

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They have the same thing here, new drivers can't drive late at night (reducing their dui rates) and have limits on the number of passengers (to reduce distractions). Here in Alberta it's for the first two years after you get your licence.

In Manitoba once you pass your road test, you can drive when and where ever you want to. I would hate to have it any other way

Not sure why your comment would get thumbed down because it is true. Have the same rules in Ontario but not as strict.

I'm glad I live in Denmark! We don't have any curfews or driving restrictions or whatever. Then again, we can't drive until we're 18, but we really have no reason to take a license any sooner. It's way cheaper to go by bus or metro anyway :D and that way, you don't have to worry about who's gonna be designated driver :D

Sounds like a good idea to me, too many young people are killed here on the UK when they show off with their friends at night :(

14, the curfew is only for people under 18. It's 11 PM on weeknights and midnight on weekends. People don't really follow it though... haha

What's a legal curfew and why do you have one? We don't have these in England and I'm a bit baffled haha.

From what I understand some cities in the US set up curfews for kids under the age of 18 to be home and off the streets. I think it's for safety reasons. Don't fully know but that's my guess. And it may cut down on crime and drug use? I really don't know.

21, How would the time of day affect drug use?

43 if you've got a bunch of stupid kids out at night chances are there are some drugs being passed around.

me too i live in cali.... we dont have curfews here.....

That makes a lot more sense, I thought the curfew is for general public, that would be messed up. Thanks

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We don't have a curfew in Australia either but we do have restrictions for provisional drivers. P1 drivers can only drive a max. speed limit of 90km/hr & P2 drivers can go 100km/hr. They can't drive a car with 8 or more cylinders, a turbocharged/supercharged engine and a modified engine. P1 drivers under the age of 25 can only carry one passenger under the age of 21 between 11pm and 5am. I like that they have them off the roads by this time. The majority of accidents for young drivers was drink driving and speeding at night due to less traffic :/

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I live in Cali, and yes we most definitely do.

^ agree Source? First hand experience.

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Why were you out when you know you're on a curfew?

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because i think at 16-18 you wouldnt think its a bit unfair to be "babysitted" by the state restricting your going out times. i would break them for sure if there were where i live