By AbsentMindedGal - 21/12/2013 09:07 - United States

Today, I stopped at the gas station to fill up my tank and get some snacks. I paid the cashier, then got back into my car, totally forgetting to pump the $50 worth of fuel I'd just prepaid for. Too bad I didn't realize until my car came to a sputtering stop about a mile down the road. FML
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Do you really have the nerve to call people "dumbfucks" after rereading your comment, 46?


I can understand you forgetting. The majority of the time, people do fill this gas first though.

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Some states require you to prepay first. California being one.

Sorry. I said that thinking of the area in Canada that I live in. I didn't really think about the fact that he was from the US.

It's ok, I don't have to prepay for gas where I am. #19

im pretty sure its a girl look at theit namr you dumbfucks

Do you really have the nerve to call people "dumbfucks" after rereading your comment, 46?

14's wrong California doesn't require prepay.

#19 I live in BC and you must prepay. Canada is starting to switch over as well.

I live in California, and I have yet to see a gas station that doesn't require you to prepay.

Lol Australia doesn't require prepay. I was in the US once and I didn't know that you have to prepay over there and almost got arrested.

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You forgot your medicine again, didn't you?

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I like to pretend I'm a big slice of pizza.

Sometimes when I can't sleep I like to strip down naked and run vaseline all over my body and crawl around my kitchen and pretend I'm a slug

Well, that's a great way to start the day... Maybe the gas station manager will be nice and let you fill up without paying more. I'm assuming he won't though.

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ya honestly it kind of shows op isn't financially struggling and money isn't a big thing. $50 is quite a lot of money to walk away from.

It always seemed to be women who did this. The problem with it is that someone else probably pumped OP's gas. The clerk can't then give OP her gas because they'd come out $50 short. It sucks, but hopefully someone honest pointed it out so the clerk could cancel the prepay and save OP's money for her to claim.

I've seen men AND women do this. I worked at a gas station. You had to pre-pay...or swipe a card at the pump that had your info on it, and it would start. People would be in a hurry, buy stuff, pay for gas and then leave. Or pay for gas, run into someone they knew, and just forget. Our pumps would time out after 3 minutes. So if they forgot to pump and their pump shut off, we would just hang onto the receipt...cause they'd always be back. The front of our store was a giant window, so we could always keep an eye on people and make sure they don't leave before pumping. If they did before the pump times out and we saw, we would just shut it off ourselves.

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My grandpa recently passed, leaving my grandmother filled with sorrow and very distracted. She went to a gas station, prepaid $50, talked with the cashier and said goodbye. She got nervous when she saw the traffic jam, got in her car and left, forgetting to pump her gas. She realized about 30 minutes later what happened, and went back to the same cashier and he told her there was nothing he could do, someone stole her gas. She's already paranoid about her retirement, so she got really upset. We were all upset that they couldn't even show a little compassion for her, not necessarily give her free gas, but just be a little bit nicer. She is an 82 year old widow, after all.

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as long as you can learn from this it shouldn't be repeated

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Wow thats pathetic, and you didnt notice the low gas meter on the dash?

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OP's gas gauge could have been broken

In some cars, the gas meter doesn't engage until you turn on the engine. After starting the engine and the needle starts moving, it might be easy to look away from the gas meter, thinking she had just filled the tank.

I guess you'll be walking in a winter wonderland

If someone already used the 50 they put on that pump, the cashier won't care.

I've done this before. That being said, you deserved it!

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I agree. Pay attention to your money spending. .and don't just walk away from that great of a lump some

Everyone, even you I'm sure, makes mistakes. It's the holidays! OP probably had a lot on their mind and simply forgot. My mom's gone through a McDonald's drive-thru and paid without stopping at the next window to collect the food. It happens! Btw, it's 'lump sum', not lump some.

Why are you so concerned about their "money spending" ? It wasn't like OP threw the money out the window. They had intentions to spend it on gas - it was an honest mistake.