By myleghurts - 12/11/2012 06:50 - Australia - Strathfield

Today, on my way to school, I was shouted at by an obnoxious businessman for sitting down on the train when a "full fare paying passenger" was standing. I would normally have given him the seat straight away, except I have a broken leg. I showed him my leg and crutches. He still made me get up. FML
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Should have stayed sat down, some people are just plain horrible. Hope your leg heals soon :)

rintintin19 5

what an asshole, i would have held on to that seat for dear life.


Should have stayed sat down, some people are just plain horrible. Hope your leg heals soon :)

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No, obviously I meant not moving even if the man complains. It is not like nowadays you could get thrown off the bus if you sit down even if a stranger tells you to move.

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decidedlyvague 11

The obvious response is to ignore the shit out of that lady.

aussieaccents 7

False. OP should've hit the man with his crutches.

my question is: where the hell is everyone else on this train? if I was there I would have given up my seat so OP would be able to stay seated. I would also tell him he is acting like a 16 year old spoiled princess and should grow up because only adults are hard working business men, not little high school girls.

tjv3 10

He made you get up ? Or did you just not "stand your ground "

7zyzz7 3

OP why did you get up for him?? You need stand up for yourself bro, gees...

I agree. I'd have given him the full fare of my crutch up his ass

Sometimes you just have to ignore people…

thatpeachyperson 12

It's a bit hard to ignore an asshole businessman shouting at you on public transport.

He should have just stood up for himself...

You mean he should have sat down for himself.

thatpeachyperson 12
deadlydeadd 2

You either have a small eyeball or there is an eye inbetween a baby's lips

rintintin19 5

what an asshole, i would have held on to that seat for dear life.

...and stuck his crutch up the "businessman's" ass.

23 - That would be an interesting next trip to the hospital.

cheshireau 26

He made you? You should of stayed seated. I know what NSW transport is like, don't give in to the bully if you are injured.

You're so selfish OP! Being a cripple is no excuse to make a man who works hard for his money stand up. What if his legs get tired? He works hard for his money, so you better treat him right.

VaneJP 15

The business man is being rude and selfish and the man working isn't helping him. If he has tired legs he should deal with it the guy can only stand on one leg the other has two useful ones let him stand

^fail idiot. He/she was being sarcastic. -.-

Holy shit, I wasn't going to complain about getting thumbed down, but is that seriously why? Do people actually think I was being serious? Jesus, where has everyone's sense humor gone? I would've thought the song reference would've at least given you a clue that I was joking. Oh, sometimes...

mitm It should be a general common sense rule to almost never take your comment serious lol.

Oh sometimes.... I get a good feeling, yeeaaa.

iamzikang 17

The businessman could have gotten other passengers who are able to stand rather than OP you know, try to think in the perspective of someone who is injured...

MindFreakazoid 10

What a prissy twat. He can stand. Unless he's not human... Pfft, he's a business man, of course he's not human.

CoolRainbowdash 15

Yeah I wouldn't have gotten up. I would've smacked him in the knees with my crutches and then got up saying "now you have a reason to have the seat" he's a low life for making you move OP, sorry you had to deal with that :( hope your leg heals soon!

Throw a couple coins at him and tell him you are now a full fare paying customer. If he still argues, break his leg with your crutches.

16- hmm... Two men in bikinis mud fighting. With broken legs.... this should be interesting. Lol.