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Today, I was eating Campbell's vegetable soup. Halfway through, I started to read the ingredients and found beef broth. I have been a vegetarian for seven years. FML
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Sorry darling, but you ARE supposed to read the ingredients before you buy it. It's no different than if you were allergic to something. ALWAYS read the ingredients if you choose not to eat certain things or cannot, for the sake of your health.

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most vegetarians look at the ingredients before eating the food...


if you have been a vegetarian for 7 years how could you not know what was in the soup or be mire cautious of what you eat. YDI Op.

Bluebell, what exactly are you trying to correct? OP typed "through" :O

Actually, OP typed "threw" and a mod corrected it roughly an hour after the first post here.

beef or chicken stock is used in lots of vegetable soups. some will say suitable for vegetarians though.

Today I was eating beef stew. I found out it contains vegetables! I have been a carnivore for ten years. FML.

Wow 100, what did you do to get banned?

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do the American thing and sue there ass!

Sorry darling, but you ARE supposed to read the ingredients before you buy it. It's no different than if you were allergic to something. ALWAYS read the ingredients if you choose not to eat certain things or cannot, for the sake of your health.

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you'd expect vegetable soup to be meat free

This. OP, I hope you do realise there are parts of animals in candy? And that French fries mostly are fried in animal grease? YTDI. If you are going to be a vegetarian, be a good one.

65, I agree. But not eating animal's products sounds more like a vegan. If this OP is going to be upset about this, then the other items you mentioned should bother her too, but I suppose not.

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um vegetarian means that you don't eat animal products so that actually doesn't sound like a vegan. also, a lot of restaurants will say that a vegetarian soup has only vegetable broth but really they mix beef/chicken broth with vegetable broth or they only use beef/vegetable.

isnt it just broth? it's probably artificial flavoring. anyways you should've read closely...

Exactly my though; it's broth. They don't literally marinate the cows in with it.

no they use the bones of cows...that's how I make my broth. if they just used artificial flavoring they wouldve put artificial flavoring

it's not meat though so that makes it okay..right? I don't know how anything works..

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most vegetarians look at the ingredients before eating the food...

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Yeah **** her life for being compassionate and caring about animals.

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Because most of the time they actually do deserve it (if you have dietary restrictions, it's up to *you* to check labels, for ****'s sake), and the rest of the time I'm just a bastard-coated bastard with bastard filling.

being a vegetarian for the sake of being a vegetarian is fine. but if u accidentally ingest a meat product (even one with as little meat content as a broth), whats the big ****** deal

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look who is the retarded one now... they're NOT there. learn the difference between the two and maybe you'll make it through life ok.

it's just flavoring its not like your actually eating meat

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around 90% of the time. it's not actually meat. I read into and it's just a flavoring. no animals were harm in the process.

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oh u had beef broth, ur gonna die in 2 days...i hate killing animals but eat em anyway. am i a terrible person :Oo? maybe im just dissonance

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8, obviously you don't hate killing animals seeing as how you still do it. If you truly hated killing animals, then you'd give up meat. You can live without it.

uhhhh no. i love meat but i dont like killing animals. theres a difference between eating some kfc and cutting a chicken's head off. thats disgusting to me. kfc is not disgusting to me. dead chicken == final product are you a vegan by the way?

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21, nope I eat meat. There's a difference between hating and disliking something. I don't hate killing animals by eating them. I just dislike it. There was a time when my dislike turned to hate and I stopped eating meat. If your feelings toward animal killings are that strong, then yes you'd quit, but obviously they're not. Before I get hated on because I started eating animals again, it was due to health reasons. Not health reasons due to not eating meat, but other health reasons.

you're absolutely right. i would shoot a deer with a rifle if i had the chance now that i think about it.

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Actually, the only way to avoid killing animals through your diet is to grow and pick your own crops.

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27, I'm not saying that. I'm not saying you enjoy killing animals yourself, but by eating them you are promoting (not the right word) it. So would you eat a human if you weren't the one who killed it? I'm just saying, if you really hated seeing people slaughter animals, you would stop eating them. Obviously it doesn't affect you much if you continue to do so. 28, I agree with that statement. Almost everything nowadays has some form of meat.

And even if you grow your own crops you're almost guaranteed to kill a number of insects and other small animals. #31: Does human taste good, is it already dead, and would there be the possibility of any negative repercussions for eating it? If yes, yes, and no respectively then, sure, why not? Always thought it'd be interesting to try human. Of course, there's also a huge difference between killing people and animals, anyway, so it's not even analogous.

Zargon wins. His points are all valid. But I don't agree with eating human :0

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37, not my point. I'm just saying if you REALLY hated animal deaths, you'd stop them. If you just disliked it, but could live with it, then continue. In my opinion neither is right or wrong. But you can't exactly say I HATE how humans kill animals, then go eat a hamburger...

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I think, other than you, the closest anyone has said is that they hate killing animals. Not that they hate animals dying or they hate other people killing animals, just that they hate killing animals. There is no problem with hating killing animals yourself and still enjoying a good steak. That said, I think killing and butchering one's own meat is an experience every meat-eater should have sometime. It can be rather fun, but I wonder how many people would convert to vegetarianism if this experience were actually enforced....

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52, true. I was wrong. I didn't notice that. Most people nowadays use the whole 'I hate killing animals' excuse for eating them as well. Since eating them in a way does lead to their death. I never thought they'd actually mean themselves killing them. I still think 21 meant as in he himself hates killing them, but 8 meant it the other way; as in he hates the idea of humans killing animals.

omg, I'm a vegan, and I've done exactly the same thing, it's absoloutley awful! I felt so bad afterwards!

want to call me a pussy again? I'll drop kick your ass to the floor. you don't know who youre messing with.

i agree, it's not like its going to stop people killing animals. vegetarians i can understand but vegans? no, unless you're allergic its stupid. wow beef broth! thats terrible! not

Big ******* whoop. You vegans aren't going to die from eating meat. You're supposed to eat meat to have a balanced diet.

it's a personal choice if I want to be a vegan. there are different reasons that people 'convert' whether it be allergies or preference. my mum tried being vegan, and it just wasn't for her. I'm an animal rights person, and I take that role seriously. it's called commitment :3

51 - Also, there's no point in doing what you're doing. Nothing will ever change.

Even if you choose not to eat meat, they're going to kill the same amount of animals no matter what. Get over it.

Also, yes, we're messing with a ******* 14 year old. With age you'll learn that there's no way you can harm us. Also, don't threaten. It's against the law.

Vegetarians are, in my humble opinion, hypocrite bastards compared to veggans. A vegetarian doesn't want an animal to be killed. A veggan doesn't want an animal to suffer. What's worse, a life full of suffering, or a (hopefully) quick dead?

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I can only speak for myself of course, but as a vegetarian I don't want animals to suffer. I'm not sure I understand why you'd say vegetarians only want animals not to get killed. The reason I became a vegetarian is because I disagree with the way animals are treated. Also, to whoever said that one vegetarian/vegan isn't going to change anything: that's a pretty dumb argument.

Where do you get your eggs/milk/cheese/other animal products from? Unless you go out of your way to be careful about it (which most, though not all, vegetarians don't), the animals used for these products would suffer less being slaughtered and eaten.

"TheNinjaCat"...more like thePUSSYcat. For every animal you don't eat, I'll eat three. Plus, I'll throw in a couple of endangered animals to make the tastiest BBQ ever. Vegans and vegetarians are the worst hypocrites; animals die while harvesting the vegetables and grains you eat. Chew on that.

How's it a dumb argument? Has you being a vegan changed anything in the community? **** no. It wont and will never change anything. Just the demand won't be as high, but in the end, the same amount of animals will be dead and eaten. What's you argument?

By the way "TheNinjaCat". you're a pussy. "drop kick" my "ass" now. OH WAIT! You can't do shit. Nvm. **** YEAH.

Zargon: I do actually, I buy all these products at a biologic food store. It's expensive, especially for a student, but it's worth it (for me anyway :)) Zinoxity: it's a dumb argument because if you look at it that way none of it matters. You could say: oh, I'll steal stuff from the supermarket, they make so much money they won't even miss it. But because a lot of people steal, it becomes a lot of money. Same with vegetarians. Sure, I didn't change anything by becoming a vegetarian, but if a significant amount of people choose to become a vegetarian too (or choose to do the meatless mobday thing for that matter) the demand for meat will drop and eventually change the amount of animals getting horribly treated and slaughtered. One person can't change a thing in this world, but you know, the whole "be the change you want to see in the world".

You're acting like she's the only vegan in the world. you're worse that the whole "animals eat other animals, it's nature" people. Why can't you just accept that not everyone wants to eat meat? And i love how you say "we're dealing with a 14 year old" yet you are acting a lot more childish than her.

Good on you, but can we please, please, please, stop using such meaningless terms as "biological food" or "organic food"? Off the top of my head, I can think of exactly one thing we eat that doesn't fit under the actual definition of either: salt. It was a stupid decision for whoever decided to start using those terms and my soul cringes every time I read or see them.

This is a stupid argument. It's true that the way animals are slaughtered probably isn't going to change but it's also a matter of personal preference. I'm a vegeterian not because of those reasons but because there are chemicals in the meat that are poisonous to the body. Have you ever wondered why suddenly there are so many rare forms of cancer now?

Doortje, I'm sorry but your argument is irrelevant. Major companies get the same amount of demand for food products from animals each month from restaurants, stores, etc. Vegans won't change that. The amount will decrease a bit, but in the end, the amount of animals killed will be the same due to the increase of the earth's population. There's millions of humans who hate vegetables, which means they'll be eating animals. What's this mean? your suffering won't change much at all.

I'm fine with people being vegans or vegetarians for the right reasons like enjoying vegetables and or disliking meat. But when they're ignorant about it for the wrong reasons, it really pisses us off.

While I am suspicious of your link between the chemical additives in meat and cancer (most such studies I've ever heard of involve such ludicrously high doses that it's equally valid to start championing the dangerousness of dihydrogen monoxide), if you want meat without it's not too difficult to find naturally-raised, no-additive meat.

I mean sure, I don't want animals to be killed, but they are our food, but to my knowledge, if I became a vegan, nothing will change. Meat is meat, it's our food.

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I care about animal rights too... My dog is an omnivorous mammal with the right to eat meat, and so am I.

Today I was eating beef stew and found out it had vegetables in the stew! I have been a carnivore for 10 years! FML. LOL

if you took veganism/vegetarian seriously you'd read the damn ingredients before you purchased food. this judgement is being passed on you by a fellow vegan, ftr.

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83, not so true because if the population of people not eating meat is higher than the population actually eating meat, the meat industry would not kill as many animals.

Zinoxity: let's just agree to disagree ;) and for the record: I don't see it as suffering at all. Zargon: why does it make you cringe? What do you hate about it?

WAIT WAIT WAIT. I'm bring criticised for sucking up for my self after being called a pussy? so what, you want me to may down and be walked all over? thank you, people who are backing me up. and so what if I'm 14? I've experienced things in my 14 years that no body has in a lifetime. Diortje, thank you so much <3

uh_durr, that's fine, I can't control what you do...obviously...

I may be 14. but I've experienced things in my 14 years that others will not in a life time. why are you having a go at me for defending my self after being called a pussy? you want me to just lay down and take it all? I don't deserve to be called that after simply stating I'm a vegan. and thank you very much, Doortje for backing up my case, 'cause it's a dog eat dog world out there, and it cannot bear to be wrong. much love xx

#97: Almost all of your food is biological. Meat? Comes from an animal, which is a biological being. Vegetables? Comes from plants, which are biological. Fungus, same thing, yada, yada. The only thing I can think of that doesn't fit this description is salt, which is just a mineral. Similarly, "organic" means "carbon-based", which all biological things are. Co-opting these terms to mean something closer to "all-natural" (which is dubious for entirely different reasons) is just silly given that they actually describe basically all of your food as is.

Ah ok. Well, the terms might be wrong, but what do you think about the food itself? Are you against that too?

I grew up on farm land eating organic, straight-from-the-farm food most of my life and it is simply more flavourful, by nature, than the factory-farmed, preservative-laden crap you find at most grocers. I understand that the factory farm processes we all know and loathe developed out to allow us to grow more food so we can actually meet food needs, but given that we produce more than enough food to feed the world comfortably (distribution is the major issue), I'm not sure how necessary the factory farms even are. That said, the reason I haven't bothered doing the research on this is because I have no problem with other people eating the chemical-laden shit so long as I still have the good stuff available. tl;dr version: the foods themselves are good; the terms are bad.

We're on the same level then :) (except for the meat-eating part of course ;)).

WAIT WAIT WAIT.. you're criticising me for sticking up for self after being called a pussy? what, you want me to just lay down and take it, let people walk all over me? yes, I may be fourteen but I've experienced more frightful and disturbing things in my fourteen years than anyone will do in a life time, don't jump to conclusions. thanks you Doortje and others for backing up my case, much love <3

Oh god D: my iPod messed up and said I hadn't send the message oft... And now there's like 5. Sorry XD

Than anyone will do in a life time? You live in a free country, you have food, water, heating, free education and the list goes on... But i'm sure you have it much worse than people fleeing genocide with no possessions at all... You just sound like a typical spoilt kid who has everything they need except a slap in the face.

Oh really? Do you want to inbox me, and I'll give you a little insight to my life? Believe me, at times I wish I was one of those poor children in a different country. I may have material things, but money can't buy love, nor can it buy a happy home. Get you stories straight before you judge me.

My first memories are from when I was three years old. My family of five could barely afford a roof over our heads and food to eat. The food we could afford wasn't exactly high quality or the most filling and we couldn't exactly afford to eat every single meal, but we made do. By the time I started school, the free breakfasts & lunches were the best meals I had. Now, I was a lucky bastard because I had loving parents who did manage to work us out of this situation over time. But, you know what, there are plenty more kids who weren't as lucky as I and who never really did get the chance to get out of that situation for whatever reason. Or, if you care to leave the country, we not only get the threat of potentially not having a next meal, but also of dying of various diseases that are practically unheard of in the first world, or because of an oppressive government or military action. It's shit that somebody's apparently hitting you (ever consider calling or child services? This is kinda what they exist for), but if you can eat, not worry about life-threatening diseases every minute of your life, and you can walk down a street confident that you're not going to be blown to pieces, then you are far way from more disturbing and frightening experiences "than anyone will do in a lifetime".

when you put it like that, in a civilised manner too, I can see what you mean. it's just not as easy as that though to ring 'child services' but I get your point. just wish everyone would speak as politely as you do. I understand what your are saying though (:

Tammy, all these sudden new rare forms of cancer are not to do with eating meat! our species has eaten meat for thousands of years. You've just said a load of bullshit. if there are poisons in meat then there isn't nearly enough for humans to even notice it when we eat a lot of meat. I'm not a vegetarian because I always crave meat if I haven't had it, I love the taste. However I only get organic free range products so I know that the animals who produce what I'm eating have had or are having a good healthy life.

#140: meat nowadays isn't the same as it was decades ago. Most of it is filled with hormones they give the animals to become extra fat etc.

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Ok being a vegetarian I understand to a point, but vegans are the ones who don't eat any animal products whatsoever. I know it's because of the whole animals suffering thing but cows need to be milked otherwise they will die and chickens need to lay eggs. So, by you not eating the products you would be making an animal suffer thus, contradicting your whole reason for being a vegan in the first place.

Holy shit, so many comments, most of it just pointless arguing (TLDR). Here's my attempt to stop it all. Note: I'm speaking from an omnivore's point of view, but I'm trying to be as objective as I can. Everyone in the Vegan/Vegetarian Vs. Carnivore/Omnivore argument: Personally, I think it's the person's choice to become vegan or vegetarian or carnivore or omnivore, so don't bother trying to get each other to convert one way or the other. In my POV, I do see that the vegetarians and vegans are helping to keep animals alive that they keep eating what they eat, but eventually, that animal will die from old age or gets slaughtered for food for the carnivores and omnivores, or by other means unmentioned. In summary of how I see it, is that vegans/vegetarians' goal is to keep the animal alive and free as much as possible. 58 and 120: So ******* what if she's 14? It's not like any of us can change our age at will, so don't pick on someone because of their age.

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WOW!! Seriously? They have linked more health problems to fruits and vegetable that were not properly harvested or had pesticides on them that were not suppose to be harmful to people! You are an idiot! You know how humans have those canine teeth? It's because we are suppose to eat meat! We need meat in our diet to be healthy.

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Ya, and we also still have a cecum! Do we use that? No, and we actually know what a cecum is used for!

I'm a vegetarian and I agree that while not one of us can make a huge change, a large amount can. Also, it's not like there's only one vegetarian/vegan in the world. Someone once said to me I can't change the world. My response? I can try!

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I was wondering when this PETA shit would arise....

Being a vegan will never change how animals are treated. Your eating habits have zero effect on the meat industry. If you think otherwise, grow up. If you truly feel your cause is just (for the record, I LOVE a good steak and hunt regularly) then go out there and DO something to fight for your cause! in other words, stop being a PUSSY ( I live in Monroe Ohio and own multiple firearms, please come "drop kick my ass") and do something other than whine on FML!

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Compare our cecum to the size or other herbivores. There is no comparison between them when looking at Anatomy and Physiology. If we were suppose to be strictly herbivores, the cecum would be four times the size! (or more) The cecum is what causes horses to colic and is used mainly in the digestion of things like grass.

Don't you love the trolls here today . . There's an impact from each side, just don't bitch that the other is wrong. And that's for BOTH parties please.

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It is a dumb argument. Have you not noticed the increase in organic foods? Vegan foods? Vegetarian substitutes? It's billions of dollars a year. So I'm failing to see how "nothing will ever change" when it so clearly has already.

No, no, I called TheNinjaCat a pussy because she made a hollow threat she couldn't follow through. Rofl.

Ninjacat, I've been veggie for about 10 yrs & I've heard it all! I'm much older than you, don't let people get to you! Like you, I'm all for animal rights! ignore people that insult you! Its not all about not eating meat, it's about helping animals, too! People don't get that!

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Ok pendatik⁠ I do know what I'm talking about. I'm not saying they don't suffer being in cages and whatever but they will suffer MORE not laying they're laying eggs. Maybe you ask what I'm saying before you correct me.

Meh, what can we expect from someone who's too stupid to use the word "through" instead of "threw". OP, you're a dumbass.

Actually the Op was saying they were half way done eating the soup not that they were throwing the soup so their use of the word "through" is correct. If you are going to be a grammar nazi at least have the brain cells to do it properly and not correct someone else's grammar that was correct to begin with. #10 is a dumbass

54, when the fml was posted it said threw... then a mod fixed it

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In the original post, OP spelled it "threw" and a mod corrected it.