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Today, I was eating Jell-O and was reading a fact website, when I read that gelatin is made from the collagen in cow or pig bones. I'm vegetarian. FML
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I'm guessing you haven't been a vegetarian too long. Any respectable vegetarian knows gelatin is made from animals. YDI

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I learned that in 2nd grade -___-


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no cursing in this neighborhood


yea it wasn't an FML until you said "I'm a Vegetarian" at the end!

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haha that sucks, hope your not like a hardcore vegitarian ?

No ******* shit, OP. That's like, the first thing you're supposed to learn as a vegetarian.

im guessing you like meat. wanna try mine out?

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is it just me or do vegetarians not eat meat. im pretty sure the jello is made from the bones which isnt meat? cld be wrong dont shoot me

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101- Oh shit! You're covered in cocaine!! *pulls out gun and shoots you 8 times* :)

There is nothing worse then a vegan complaining about what they can or cannot eat. If you want to be a vegan, STOP COMPLANING!

Agree with Tim. You being vegetarian is obviously a choice. Get over it. Imma go eat steak.

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I'm vegetarian, and I knew that jello is made from that.(: no jello for meeee:)

Never mind, we're all out. I'll just have waffles... You vegitarians are lucky!

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Sorry if this is a double post, my iPod is f'd up. First off, all those who say, " Why does it matter, bones are not meat," obviously don't know much about vegetarianism. I am not a vegetarian, but I know that most don't believe animals should be killed. That is my commenter criticism. Criticism for OP? YDI, I knew that when I was 8.

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The argument "Animals shouldn't be killed for food" is kind of ridiculous. Animals kill each other to eat all the time. We're just doing the same thing, albeit in a more "mechanical" sort of way. Yes, there are some places who raise animals for food and treat them cruelly, but let's face it--will becoming a vegetarian help anything? You're better off holding public protests or something.

dumbass. I'd you read this on the onion newspaper?

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Vegetarians are always sick, it's annoying.

I'm suck of people vegetarian hating. Why do you hate on people like us for what we eat? it's annoying. and the smart vegetarians never get sick and are way healthier than normal people. and there are gelatin substitutes that are vegetarian friendly btw.

they still have to kill the animal to get it dumbass!

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see, I don't like most vegitarians but i'd like to be one. i dont like vegitarians who do it because it "saves animals". they're already killed, when you dont eat them they just sit in the grocery store and are wasted - so you might as well eat it. personally I just don't like the taste of meat, but I can't cut meat out of my diet because I'm already on a limited diet from my hypoglycemia. sooo there's different vegitarians...just putting that out there.

actually by not eating animals that are being killed for "consumption" we're saving 100 of them every year

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think about it this way, what purpose would a cow serve if it was not to be eaten? they are to slow to ride, they can carry a lot of weight but can't take it to far at a time there whole purpose is to be eaten. same with chicken and bison. one bison would feed an entire native family for three days and made a ridiculous amount if tools for them. there is nothing wrong about eating meat.

oh, 409- Animals are grown in virtually unregulated environments, genetically modified, and pumped full of hormones. Often, they are kept in tiny spaces where they can barely move and spend all day ******** on themselves (Hello E-Coli!). There may not be anything wrong with a "native" tribe killing, consuming, and using animals in order to survive, but there is certainly something wrong with modern factory farming and the way that "civilized" nations grow their food.

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Well said. If the animals eaten today weren't on factory farms, suffering their whole lives where they could barely move, not to mention being full of hormones etc, I would be more willing to eat meat. It's not just because it was once a living, breathing thing with a heart and a brain. That's part of it, but the conditions the animals were raised in is what is not just sad but frightening, considering how bad the meat is for us after all the hormones and possibility of food poisoning.


I have a video of a calf getting it's neck slit, it dies very slowly. He bled a lot, but the food we made out of it was delicious:)

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You DO know vegetarians kill animals just by being vegetarians right? Millions of animals are killed by combines in the wheat fields that supply your precious diets. Then they're left on the field to rot - Us proud meat eaters actually turn our kills into something useful. The only real way to avoid killing animals is to grow your own food from scratch. You're also not even saving any animals in the first place anyway. Farmers don't have a daily stroll and capture animals from the wild. They breed the animals to replace the ones they kill. So if everyone just stopped eating meat, there'd be no reason for the farmers to keep breeding the animals and your precious diet will have created a few new extinct species. Ethics are useless. Get over it.

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you actually save the lives of 90 animals per year when you do not buy meat, FYI.

I still haven't met a vegetarian who isn't a complete moron.

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#486 - If you stop 90 animals from being killed, you stop 90 animals from being born. 90 - 90 +5 = 5 (Those lovely wheat combine kills). Oh my, you're still a murderer, FYI.

Also eating meat is just natural selection. Survival of the fittest for the arguement of athiests. We grew to a higher level of intelligence and we capitalized on it. For those religious folk, God put man in charge of the animals, gave us power over them. We are meant to eat animals according to the Bible. If you read the Bible, read Acts.

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I agree with half of you, I completely love animals i am totally against animal torture of any kind. Am i a vegetarian? no. I think its incredibley wrong for an animal to be killed so that other can eat it. But It's not like they are going to stop getting killed. If we save it one day it will eventually get killed. what i dont do is wear fur or anything like that. I hate it and i hate people that would kill animal just to wear its fur.

But they gas them to pacify them while they retrieve the honey.

YDI for not knowing it was made of that... I would expect more from a fellow Canadian...

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#20 did u rlly just say no cusing? the website is called **** my life.....

exactly my point - even YOU know gelatin contains animal parts, and you're a stupid little teenaged girl, the dumbest and most easily swayed creature on the planet; OP is ******...

it's ok Jamal, you're black, you couldn't have read the 'convo' anyway...

15 is a loser; he took a screenshot of when he was first one time.

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376 - you talking to me? I'm well aware that propel have to kill animals to eat them. Thank you, Captain Obvious - I even said in my comment that "animals kill each other to eat in wild, and we're basically doing the same thing" - I guess that helped make it more obvious for you. What I'm saying is that it's basically just the food chain - we're omnivores, so why not eat meat? Yes, many animals are treated cruelly, but if you become a vegetarian, who the hell notices? The farmers? You really think they'll notice such a small decrease? It's practically nonexistent. That's why I said something more public should be held, like a protest. That way people KNOW what you're trying to do.

are you stupid? where do you get your facts...

Hi all, when I ate meat, I was all "screw vegetarians, like keep it to yourselves you know?" and I've probably only met a handful of vegetarians that are ignorant like that. I just met about 50 ignorant meat eaters. Good job. I don't really care that you eat meat, but I stopped not because they are living breathing things, but because animals are now all products and are mass produced for consumption. Whatever way you wanna argue that, the bottom line is I'm personally doing fine without meat. Oh and for that grade school response about combines, it's arguments like that, that show me that you are scared ;). Also if you want to go there, a huuuuuge chunk of our weat fields that could probably end world hunger actually go to feeding factory farmed animals. So now you are eating meat, and killing some spiders with farm equipment. Please anyone who is looking into becoming vegetarian, don't listen to these scared trolls, go out, research, and make choice. Oh and that sucks OP, just keep researching and at least you know now.

Are you serious? No, you don't. Are you seriously that naive? Why would you save any animals by going vegetarian? You see, Sweetie, meat is usually slaughtered to be sold in stores. Unless stores notice a LARGE difference in the amount of meat that is bought, they won't cut down on the amount of meat they have in the stores, and so the same amount of animals are killed. Do you honestly think that the one packet of meat you would have bought makes a difference to the store? ... It doesn't. Sorry to break it to you. You're saving absolutely zero animals by being a vegetarian. And you're not special, or a good person for being a vegetarian, just throwing that out there, too. If we were to calculate stuff the way you apparently do, you'd be polluting a lot more, due to the larger amount of vegetables that you eat, which are moved in trucks, or in cars, to stores, etc. So, really. You'd be killing the polar bears. Reality is, however, that the same amount of vegetables would probably be moved even if you were not a vegetarian. So there you have it.

You're going to lose your vegan powers now.

587 - I can hear the vegan police already... Pet peeve: Why would you call someone "sweetie" if you don't know them? It doesn't make your bitchy comment any nicer. Actually, it just pisses the person off even more, because it's showing you're snarky and stuck up.

what a ****** idiot for being a vegetarian. ig we weren't supposed to eat meat then wht did evolve as omnivores. retard

My point isn't to sound any nicer. It's more of a derogative term, really.

576: Do you actually read the nonsense that you type before you post it? You actually said one thing, then contradicted yourself about 5 sentences later.

Anaxes 5

#570 - The majority of grain grown for animals is so shitty and low grade it isn't even fit for human consumption in the first place. Your argument is sad.

you should have paid more attention in English class. Your grammar is just as bad as your fake oaklies and your fake tan.

I wonder if vegetarians would be ok with eating free range meat? the kind not treated badly; they just live their natural life and serve the food chain.

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Smart vegetarians never get sick? are you joking? I bet I'm in better shape than you and I eat burgers, and bacon along with my veggies! :)

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which is why prop two passed, so stop bitching. plus a lot of the tight cages are actually benifcial for the animals safety; ask someone who raises them for a living. I used to think the same as you until I talked to someone in agriculture.

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ughh I hate when my comment ends up in the wrong spot. :/

How so, if I may ask? If you're talking about the "Because of you, more CO2 is emitted/No, not really."-thing, that was obviously intentional. It was to show how irrational that way of thinking is. As if one person's diet can dramatically change the market.

i think honey, you may be the idiot yeah one person might make only the slightest difference, but there actually is more than one vegetatarian in the world, an we are making a difference.... and meat causes twice as much pollution as veg, since aside from anything else, the animals get fed on the wheat that people could have eaten.... basic law of food chains, energy is lost at every stage, its more efficient to be the primary consumer....

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being a vegan isn't ALL about the animal not being kill dude it's about how they kill it. like you said the store won't know how the animal got kill so instead of making the animal suffer slowing jut inject it with something so it will die painfulless and fast that's what some ppl r saying

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Wow, OP, your a HUGE retard. Everyone should know what gelatin is made of. I've known since I was in like, Gr. 2. YDI for being an clueless idiot.

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wow seriously u ppl and ur stupid grammar mistakes, LEAVE THEM ALONE!! mistakes are FUN!

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63, if it wasn't for mistakes, most of the people on this site wouldn't be on here. So, support your local grammar Nazi. Let's make less mistakes.

Ok, seriously guys, GET OVER IT. It was a stupid spelling error. Not the beginning to World War 3.

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No, who passes there time correcting mistakes??? dude even teachers must get tired of it!!! and seriously if someone makes a mistake on an fml seriouly who the f** are u to tell them how to spell??? WEVE GOT BRAINS, if we chose not to use it that's OUR problems deal with it!!! and f** off!!!

Nekorina, they don't correct you just for the sake of correcting you. They also like it when people like you overreact in response.

nekorina 0

100 and 102- no one gets worked up except those who get corrected. You won't see us grammar Nazis getting upset because we don't have to. All we are trying to do is make you look smarter. Whether you choose to do so or continue to typ lyk dis and look like an idiot is up to you.

The only ones who ever complain are the ones with horrible spelling, which would lead you to believe that Grammar Nazis help everyone but those who refuse to listen.

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exactly so u they should just leave no one cates about mistakes on a comment bored seriously

nekorina 0

Guys, seriously, please. Half the people on here are on iPods, and there's a spell check. They can see their mistakes, if they wanted to correct their grammar errors, trust me, they would. Just because they choose not to, you don't have to chew them out for it. Go ahead, but honestly it's not making you a better person or them seem any smarter. I'm pretty sure that at some point in your life you've made a spelling mistake so honestly, why bother taking this so far?

i like how ignorance can make people flip the **** out just by correcting spelling mistakes two times. its hilarious XD

Because they make so many in a single sentence, they come across as illiterate. Sometimes, the sentence can't even be read. There's a difference between knowing how to spell and making a mistake, and just being horrible at spelling despite being taught how to spell it correctly. The latter just proves they're idiots.

151- I haven't seen anyone claim that they have perfect grammar.

141: Your point might be valid, given a different example. In this case, though, the problem wasn't one of spelling, but of grammar. "Your" is a correctly spelled word, so spellcheck won't catch it when it's misused as "you are". As for the "Nobody cares" argument, well, people seem to care an awful lot when someone assumes they're unintelligent, based on their poor grammar and spelling. And people *will* make that assumption, online and off; it's just the way the world works. That being said, if you genuinely DGAF about others' poor writing, or how you yourself are seen, then ignore the corrections and CTFO.

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Hey, it's what you get for calling anyone a "HUGE retard". So, you made a simple grammatical error. No big deal, right? The OP didn't know that about gelatin. She may have learned that fact in the past and simply forgot about it. No big deal. Bitch.

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Heh, I was going for "Chill The **** Out", RPS, but GTFO works too. ;)

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I would just like to say that I don't correct people to get a horrible reaction. I correct people, because although people may not realize this, a lot of times I will look for a few of the people I've corrected and guess what? They actually do watch how they type now. It does help to be corrected and even if they corrected it just to save themselves the embarrassment, I for one, feel accomplished. Learn how to type, because you discredit anything you say by sounding like an idiot. If this makes Ignorance, Jane, Pendatik, Doc or myself a bitch or an asshole. So be it. It's quite obvious that the "get over it grammer nazis noone cares about grammer anyway" comments make no difference. Ayame (sp) is the perfect example of someone who knew she wanted to present herself in a better light and now she shows her intelligence. Don't sell yourself so short people. She was saying, "heh" because it's a way to chuckle. You're not very good at correcting. :P

235 - No, 'heh' is correct. Either can be used.

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Boo! I forgot to mention Steff in my list of Grammar Nazis. Forgive me?

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200- Your eyes are gorgeous. xD

KiddNYC1O 20
FFML_314 11

200 has no eyes. Red is /not/ a Grammar Nazi, LOL! Although, I've been trying to get her to come over to the dark side.

*le sigh* Yeah, I suppose I'll forgive you. Next time, you owe me Red Lobster.

KiddNYC1O 20

It seems like everyone is a Grammar Nazi nowadays. lol

FFML_314 11

I will gladly take you to Red Lobster. Ignorance, I think (s)he is definitely seeing something we're not.

KiddNYC1O 20

Anyone care to explain what has been of Raleigh?

Oh hi there. I wouldn't say I'm a grammar nazi, but I will call someone out if need be, whether it's their grammar or just plain stupidity. Then again, it is the internet. I have no idea where he's been, sorry.

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KiddNYC1O 20

Redbluegreen- Ditto but I was talking about redpill =p

253 - Nope. It seems like everyone's an idiot these days... That's why the Grammar Nazis are coming out of hiding so often now! Anna - You better. And it better be godly. That's a criminal offense, you know...forgetting me like that!

I'm pretty sure Raleigh got banned. He had like 5 different accounts, so they probably just banned his IP address.

Aww, ouch. Too many people named Red these days. Oh well. You don't even know who I am, of course.

KiddNYC1O 20

Yes I do! You're redbluegreen! lol I remember you from when I first joined FML. Not sure if you joined before me or after, I've been here a good while.

Well to keep in the spirit of things. @262 the* (sorry if this shows up twice)

Well, I've been here since spring of 2009. I don't think most people know me anymore, I hardly ever comment. Do you know when you started?

I'm seeing C6Racer at 200, and he does indeed have eyes. Spas, I think you're included. I'm not generally included when people mention the GNs by name, probably because I'm not as vigilant or, uh, brash about it as others. (I do loves meh some brashness in mah ladies, though. ;]) I'm guessing I made the cut this time because I piped in with my $0.02 earlier in the thread.

KiddNYC1O 20

I think people from our era(lol), if you will, still remember you. That's what counts lol. I think I started around that time as well. Not sure though, could be late '08.

If that's the case, I'm surprised Anna forgot me! I'm one of the more brash... :$

man, it's a little sad how fml comments these days are getting boring. they used to be all funny and stuff, but now it's all about who's a noob, who's stupid, who's ugly, or who made a spelling mistake or wrong grammar. ok we get it you're cool, you're smart and all that, but c'mon people, let's mind our own businesses and make these comments enjoyable rather than annoying loool .be nice especially it's thanksgiving lmaooo ok i admit i'm lame or whatever, but im just saying :)

I'm* Why won't my comments show? If they are showing then I can't see them. Please tell me if they are so I don't post them over and over again. Kthxbai.

KiddNYC1O 20

306- I slightly agree but with all due respect, it's a new playground- you can either play or gtfo.

I_iz, I'm not seeing double posts, just FYI. bree, well girl, start makin' funny and/or enjoyable posts, then. :] Better to be the solution than to gripe about the problem, eh?

sourgirl101 28

TIJD, IMO I've never thought of you as a GN but l love decoding your Urban Dictionary Abbreviated terms. (: Don't GTFO BTW FYI I think we all have our roles on the site. I'm still finding mine.

Sourgirl, you're definitely one of the funny ones.

Thanks TIJD, I had to post all of my comments 4-6 times each to get them to show. CURSE YOU FML APP!!!!!!!!! Attempt: 3

To be honest, it makes my day when Ignorance corrects idiots and they rage. Keep up the good work.

KiddNYC1O 20

Sourgirl is definitely on the positive side.

Woah, woah, woah, hold up. I'm a beginning 6th grade math & language teacher and didn't know that. People know and don't know things. Sorry for being retarded for not knowing that so if I were you I'd shut the hell up. Oh, and people do make mistakes. Ignorance doesn't need a life, she's awesome. :)

I'm the new girl who thinks she's a part of things, but probably about three people actually know who the hell I am... -__- Although I am one third of the Neapolitan Nerd Cabal!

KiddNYC1O 20
FFML_314 11

Stupid work! I had to leave for awhile. If you want to see funny comments or make this site "enjoyable" to your standards, then do something about it. I happen to find a lot of comments rather funny and I happen to think the site is more entertaining now that people have buckled down on the "hey hottie let's ****" comments. Spastastic, I know you! I happen to appreciate you and your input! TIJD, yes I included you this time, because you were part of this thread and because you're almost always right when commenting to someone. Steff, I'M SORRY! I feel bad enough. LOL Kidd, I thought you were talking about RedBlueGreen LOL! Usually people refer to RedPillSucks as RPS, so I was confused. Also, Raleigh is still around, he just never comments. He recently made a big move from a different state and is back in school. He has a new account now. If you look hard enough you might spot him!

Is it just me, or do my comments never show up? ._. And, OP, give me a break. You ate Jello. It had dead animal in it. You're going to get Tetnis and die in a slow and excruciating way. Trust me, things could be a lot worse.

RedPillSucks 31

Spas, I love Neapolitan. I bet you're not the strawberry part that people leave in the fridge to spoil, you're either the vanilla or the chocolate part. Also TIJD knows that I wasn't really correcting her, I just thought it would be funny to correct someones acronym use instead of spelling. I didn't think about "Chill", so I stand corrected.

KiddNYC1O 20

LOL thanks. I was confused when you said you always try getting HER to the Nazi side. I was like wait... it shows "Mr." on RPS' profile.

melkell 0

Actually 119, never begin a sentence with "And."

sourgirl101 28

Awww thanks illmatic and Kidd. I'm blushing! Just to note, I scan FML looking for your comments. I don't read just anybody's nonsense.(: And Spastastic and redbluegreen, you are well noticed in my mind too.

RPS -- I actually really like the strawberry! I also, slightly uncharacteristically, really like the color pink. The Neapolitan Nerds consists of me, Jane, and Katie (nerdsgetmehot), by the way. Also -- yay, I'm one of the gang. :p

FFML_314 11

I forgot to say that I love you, Q! I always notice you as well. You are one of my favorites. :) OK, 372. I will be the one to point this out, LOL. *had *sentence *sentences *grammar *sentence *up, *again, *Grammar

KiddNYC1O 20

372 makes me want to stab my eyes.

365 - In some places, it is acceptable to start a sentence with 'and'. Check out some of the poems out there. 372 - Please help me try to understand this, for my mind is thoroughly boggled. You're a sixth grade math/language teacher, but you can't spell 'sentence'? And, upon further inspection, it appears you can't spell 'grammar', either... I agree. How the hell are you a teacher? One more thing: I thought, as a teacher, you're to keep things like that relatively confidential. The student was... in the first grade, I think you said? You expect him to write any better than that?! Are you daft, woman?!

I absolutely love how desperate everyone is to be beloved by everyone on the Internet.

FFML_314 11

I'M VERY DESPERATE TO BE LOVED HERE! Someone love me....anyone..anyone? one loves me.

Oi... I'm sorry guys. I don't know what is happening tonight.. really.. I guess I'm just tired. I swear. This never happens to me, espicially at night. I can spell sentence and grammar but... sigh. I completed college, earned a degree and now here I am as a teacher. I can barely even write right now. I guess I'll get some rest and wait until I'm feeling myself..

sourgirl101 28

Anna!!! Lovie, thank you so much. I know you stated you're at work so you're not drunk! XXOOX.

Ok seriously all of u Grammer Nazis need to get a life, all people make mistakes, and I bet all that you do is seriously just sit in front of a computer and wait for someone to spell "you're" wrong. So seriously, stop being fags and give us a break.

400 - sentences** Also, the fact that you put "...until you're feeling [your]self" amuses me. I'll go over here now and pout in shame. Anna- I love you! 402 - Give "us" a break? You mean give you morons a break? Nope. We even typed out the correct way to spell 'grammar' and you still spelled it wrong.

Lol, I just meant everyone so desperate to get ignorance to like them. Apparently they've failed to notice that she hates everyone.

Asstastic4 0
FFML_314 11

That's not true, 411. She doesn't hate me.

Eh, there are always the anomalies. Some of the people on here remind me of desperate middle schoolers trying to fit in by being fake. I wasn't talking about you but someone else. Can't remember what number they were. You genuinely don't seem fake, so I respect you and therefore wouldn't be saying something like that about you.

FFML_314 11

I don't know anyone in this thread that could be considered fake that I talk too. You should find the number and do tell. I'm very curious now.

tencentsakiss, I feel I should tell you that every time I see your name, I somehow read the word "tentacle" in there... :/ Then I think of the Pokemon Tentacool and Tentacruel. I'm pretty damn sure that's just me though, haha.

They got picked on enough in this thread, I don't feel right pointing them out.

I also feel as though I spoke too soon without reading all of their comments on this thread.

Lol, I see what you mean now that you mention it. Maybe I'll change my username to that. In retrospect, making a username "TENCENTSAKISS" after my horse's show name seems to trigger a lot of annoying questions.

Schizomaniac 24

Holy freaking shit this is a long ass thread.

Schizomaniac 24

This guy kept saying that when he was touching my...never mind. This is the first time I've seen a thread break 100 comments.

Firestar1202 0

*Exactly, *you/they *leave. *No *cares *board And right here is a prime example of the points being made. You spelled board like bored. That is not a simple spelling mistake, that is not knowing the spelling and definition of the words bored and board.

"Mistakes are FUN!!" sounds like a slogan for teen pregnancy. You really aren't very bright, are you?

You definatly deserved that. Even more as a vegetarian.

kellanlvr 1

I learned that in 2nd grade -___-

chewycaq 0

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In 2nd grade someone told me it was made of horse hooves. I thought they meant the horse-shoe things so I didn't see the big deal. xD Until now. OP stay away from Rice Krispie treats too, they have marshmallows (which also contain gelatin btw). It was really surprising to me when I found out, because they make it look so colourful and kid-friendly and fruity/sweet tasting that you wouldn't expect them to sneak in dead animal parts in there! There's always agar you can use as a substitute though. Oh, and there's chocolate-energy bars that have marshmallows with no gelatin. They're so yummy! ^_^ Well I'm rambling now.

Yea 3, I kind of thought it was common knowledge too. People are really ignorant about what they eat.

xxxbooxxx 16

exactly.. I believe you should know that if you're a vegetarian..

@109 The especially weird thing about it being in Rice Krispies treats is that they probably don't need to use real marshmallows. It'd be real easy to make a veggie version, and there are some out there, they just haven't bothered.

KiddNYC1O 20

Cool, #3. How's 3rd grade going?

I was also told this when I was like 7?

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171_ I just don't like the taste. 175_ I'm 1/4 Japanese. 3/4 American.

Slim_Shadyy_fml 0

I've never trusted Jello.......0_o

some of it doesn't taste good but it's fun just to poke

:O I'm 3 months older than you! and I thought I was the youngest on this website

noname5067 0

alright dude just have to point out that having ski and 69 in the same username is just a little suggestive...

551_ Correction, I'm three months older than YOU.

Slim_Shadyy_fml 0

yea, but "noname", isn't it alittle sugestive that ur profile pic is ur abs/chest??

ArielTheMermaid 17

551-I'm younger than you are

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I agree. Stupid vegetarians, we eat meat for a reason. Our bodies were built with a digestive track for omnivores, not herbivores OR carnivores alone.

23- Some people fare better on a vegan or vegetarian diet, while others fare better with an omnivorous diet. I agree, though... how did you not know this?

noname5067 0

does it really matter? if you're vegetarian, you don't eat meat and if you're a vegan you don't eat meat or any biproducts, right? so if she's a vegetarian technically she didn't screw up if jello is a biproduct.

It depends on what type of vegetarian she is. There's lacto-ovo vegetarians, for example, who don't eat meat, eggs or drink milk. There's plain lacto vegetarians who don't eat meat or drink milk. I know there's more, but I can't remember the names of them offhand.

You got it backwards, 120. Lacto- and ovo- prefixes indicate that they do have milk and eggs.

noname5067 0

hmm but the fact that you have to have strong willpower to stay vegetarian has to show that it's not good for you and you can't be as healthy. many vegetarians say they are healthier than us meat-eaters, but It is quite the opposite when a healthy diet consists of both meat and greens. they may bs skinny, but it is much harder to build any muscle.

That's true, unless they're eating the right kinds (and right amounts) of protein. It is possible to be a healthy vegetarian, though it is rare. A vegan on the other hand... I heard somewhere that you can only last a few months (six or so, max, unless you're doing something right) on a vegan diet, since really, the only things you're eating are vegetables.

I didn't kno jello was made from animals but then again I hate jello vegetarianism<3

I'm a vegetarian and I don't need meat. I'm able to get my protein from other things. The only bad thing is that I have anemia, but I had that before I was a vegetarian.

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yes, there are forms of plant proteins, as well as egg proteins( but assuming they are not ovo-vegetarians then this would be discounted anyway) however, these forms of protein are not as effective or as helpful to building lean muscle or maintaining a healthy diet. so it is possible, just not easily done at all.

Noname, dear, have you ever considered looking up basic information about what yr talking about before pretending to be some kind of expert on it? Because if you'd looked at any reputable source of any kind you would discover that saying what you just did makes you appear to be a complete idiot - and a pathetically defensive one at that. So: yr average person eats over three times the recommended amount of protein, it's spectacularly easy to get complete proteins from a vegetarian diet, and on average vegetarians are substantially healthier than meat-eaters, particularly regular meat-eaters. These are all facts you could easily have verified in much less time than you've spent being a bellend about other people's dietary habits in these comments.

I'm guessing you haven't been a vegetarian too long. Any respectable vegetarian knows gelatin is made from animals. YDI

Totally agree. how could you not know this OP?

Personally it bugs me that vegitarians pick and choose what is ok and what is "not". Alot eat fish, cheese, or drink milk. You either eat meat or be vegan. Too fussy IMO.

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There is a difference between vegetarian and vegan. Please learn it by doing a simple Google search. Also, vegetarians that also eat fish are called pescetarian, something I happen to be.

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Jenn, I'm not quit sure why that would bother you at all. There are a lot of people in general that are picky eaters. I know people that eat fruit but can't stomach any type of vegetables. I eat all meats minus liver. I'm sure there are things you won't eat as well. Look at it that same way.(:

Toxic I know there is a difference that's why I said eat meat or be vegan. As in, if your going to be fussy about what meat you eat or what things from animals are acceptable. Vegan will not eat any meat or any animal products. To the other person - Sorry didn't note your name, a lot of things also bug a lot of people, look at it that way.