By Anonymous - United States
Today, my second roommate in less then a week got a DUI. Both roommates are demanding that I drive them around for free until they get their licenses back, or else they won't have the funds to pay their rent. FML
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  sensoon15  |  7

or OP could just drive them and drop them a mile away from their destination then scream out the window "NEXT TIME DON'T BE A FUCKING RETARD TO DRIVE DRUNK" then they drive off.


Gas money wouldn't cut it, IMO. Shuttling multiple people around is a huge pain in the ass. I can see doing it for a friend who can't drive for medical reasons, or helping someone out when their car breaks down. Even then, I'd take issue with them demanding it instead of asking for a favor. But no way some drunk-driving dipshit is going to force me to play Soccer Mom. Get the hell out, OP. This won't end well.

By  you_failed  |  15

Wow. That sucks OP. They can take public transportation at least. You're just being taken advantage and by the sound of it, they kinda sound irresponsible. Time for new roomies mate ASAP. :]