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  XanderScythe  |  11

I don't understand some vegetarians. Look, in the natural world life comes from life, and a lot of animals kill others for meat; meat equals life. By killing animals, we are providing meat for life, not murdering it. However, I absolutely agree that animals should be humanely killed and with purpose, not for pleasure.

  DeadPixel4  |  29

Food chain, you don't see a fucking lion eating a salad now do you? It's part of life, it's your choice of course, it doesn't affect me, but I still find it odd. Just think, being vegetarian is a huge MISSED STEAK...anyone?

  alexaa24  |  8

A lot of vegetarians do it because they don't support the way the animals are killed, slaughter houses and all that stuff, then others just do it because they can't stand the idea of eating something that was once alive.