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By Anonymous - 15/05/2012 14:13 - United States

Today, I found out my best friend was having a birthday party and I wasn't invited, so I asked her why. She replied, "What birthday party?" It was a surprise birthday party. FML
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Kind of like Roger. That damn alien is full of surprises.

Dr0reos 8

Wow bet you feel like a dick?

Even though you gave it away, it's not your fault. You didn't know because you weren't invited!

Talkryz 7

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Maybe he should ask... Unless the voices say not to.

CaramelMacchiato 13

I kind of agree with you. If my best friend was having a party and didn't invite me, I probably wouldn't ask. There's a reason why people don't want you in certain places, so you shouldn't appose.

X_Codes 11

Best friend? Birthday party? That's kinda deserving of an explanation, at least.

Appose? What is it you think this means?

Nah, if my best friend was having a party and didn't invite me I'd ask her. We've been through enough shit together and are close enough so that if there was really a reason she didn't invite me, she'd just be honest and tell me. With an acquaintance maybe not, but a best friend, yeah.

I'm sure it won't be the first time she faked an "Ohh!" face.

I think the best response would have been "haha, just testing"

I'm sure many people won't understand what you mean.

I honestly would not know how to reply to my friend if this happened!

CockAsian 14

It's not your fault, someone should have told you. Just make it up to him/her in another way because ruined surprises suck.:/

uJelly24 1

CockAsian I find it hard to take you seriously with that name and pic.

Dude the pic needs to go! Two kids bailey dressed?

Those aren't kids, they're just Asians. Hard to tell the difference, I know.

CockAsian 14

94 - You need to go. And 92 - I just found the picture funny because I already had this name in mind and this picture seemed to go with it perfectly.

bfsd42 20

You ruined the surprise and you weren't invited. That's two fml's in one. What's next since things like this tend to happen in three's?

I'm surprised you weren't told about the surprise party if you're her best friend? Anyway, have fun partying.

How was the birthday person supposed to invite OP to a birthday party they didn't know about. Maybe it's Noor logic, shouldn't have messed with it.

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CockAsian 14

Yes, because it was TOTALLY on purpose.

raraisbang 12

I'm assuming this was sarcasm...

Really? You're sure? I think we should have a second opinion just in case.

redmane 21

Who did you find it out from? THEY should have told you it was a suprise.

Maybe OP overheard someone talking about it, and just went straight to his friend to ask about it.

Then OP is a tard lol maybe this is why they weren't invited to the party xD