By Vegetarian - 14/03/2010 10:21 - Finland

Today, I found out that the so-called vegetarian soy sauce my mom has made for me several times has minced meat in it. FML
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Meat is murder, tasty, tasty murder.

#38, though that is often true when it comes to veganism I can assure you vegetarianism can be one of the most healthy diets possible for most people. Iron doesn't just come from meat, it can also be found in green vegetables, certain fortified cereals and other non-meat products. And #44, if you are purely carnivorous I expect you are incredibly ill right now. Not trying to give you both a home ec lesson, just educating. *waits for abuse* Anyways, OP, sure it sucks accidentally eating meat if you're a vegetarian but it's hardly that big a deal, it can happen to a lot of us, especially when being served meals by those uneducated about what vegetarianism actually is.


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only pussies don't eat meat.

Was it big meaty Just like me I just love RWJ

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so how did it taste?

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it's just meat this isn't an fml you annoying carrot nibbler.

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Mahatma Ghandi, Leonardo Davinci, Plato, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and Mark Twain were all vegetarian but FYL OP

ya but that sucks if the OP really is opposed to eating meat

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f u ur a pussy

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4 eatting meat

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get over it!!!! wowww losserrrrrr

@17 I'm not sure those are all true, but remember, every other great historical figure was, by elimination, not a vegetarian.

um, are u dead? a little meaty weaty never hurt anybody

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That would suck. did you tell her how bad she ruined your vegetarianism? what a dick.

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So you've splurged once or twice eating meat. just think of how many animals dies so that you could enjoy that sauce. if a little escapes from your lips and trickles down your chin, just imagine it's their warm, salty blood... I hope this helps, OP.

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Mmm.. animal blood.

mmm salty warm blood. Anyone else for a steak?

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lol I'll take one of them

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might I add that you are the one with a Justin Bieber pic. OP, Don' be a veg!

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yeah. so im13 nd a vegatarian deal wit it

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dapower, stop making fun of Justin Bieber. You might hurt her feelings. LOL.

leave Justin beiner alone! it's not her fault she was born without any balls!

Jesus. quit bashing on the op for having their own lifestyle. Jesus Christ, people!

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she's probably trying to save your life go thank her

actually I'm pretty sure pussys take a lot of meat

Its just a little meat. Get over it.

YDI for being a vegetarian. You guys make me sick.

If you can't spell 'tomato', your opinion is invalid. OP if you're over the age of 12, what you eat is your own decision. Try and keep up your spinach and bean intakes, and tell your mum she needs to respect your decisions. Sit down with her and work out your diet together so she can see you're not about to die, and try not to let these people turn you into a defensive, whiney stereotype.