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Today, after having been a vegetarian for 8 years because I'm opposed to cruelty to animals, I lost a bet and had to eat a whole cheeseburger. I loved it. FML
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It's ok, I don't think Big Mac's actually contain any real meat. Unless by 'meat' you mean grease and newspaper...

YDI for taking a bet that goes against your values in life. that's just stupid.



It's ok, I don't think Big Mac's actually contain any real meat. Unless by 'meat' you mean grease and newspaper...

YDI for taking a bet that goes against your values in life. that's just stupid.

That's what I was going to say, 7. If not eating meat is such a big deal to her, she never should have made a bet where there was a possibility that she would have to eat meat.

totally, since when dumbfucks become vegetarian? you should be eaten

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you guys are missing the point OP liked it Op this isnt an FML, WIN!!!!!!!!!!!! MLIA

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first of all big macs have meat. u all should watch food inc. a movie about food production in America. u might understand why he wants to be a vegetarian. but the way to change the world is not by being a vegetarian (its kind of stupid too) you need to find and promote a lifestyle anyone can and might accept. for instance not eating at restaraunts that promote horrific cruelty to animals. not wasting meat. eat less meat, if the nation ate 1% less cow, does anyone know how many cows would be spared? think about it look it up watch the movie "food inc"

he would have to be gay, caz he would have like no testostorone

Actually, #97, it's more likely that #37 associated the OP with being female because she is female. I do that too, occasionally. Sometimes I don't check the gender and I read it from a female perspective.

dude nobody gives a shit. they taste good

yeh but still what sort of person bets against there principles. you deserved it you douche

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Agreed with #7--YDI If eating meat goes against what you believe then why would you bet on that in the first place? YOU did have a choice to accept the bet and I'm sure that if you had tried then you could of changed the stakes for it.

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I think OP forgot the FML part of this post.. the fact that he probably started having serious stomach trouble afterward if he has not eaten meat in that long.

#102 ~ How many cows could be spared? NONE. They'd just breed less cows, that's all, ultimately decreasing the cow population. Less would be slaughtered, but less would live in the first place.

Bah duh dut dut dyyyyy I'm loving it. McDonald's puts the happy in happy meal : - )

Sure go promote that life-style cause no one has done that already. Maybe people are just tired of preachers (ms). Seriously you don't need to promote anymore

That's nothing but one sided propaganda #102. If everyone in the world stopped eating meat, we'd be overrun with a cow infestation problem. You would mess up the balance of life by not killing those animals. In addition, the human population would suffer greatly as there wouldn't be enough food to feed everyone. As for you OP, YDI. 1) You made a bet that was "against your morals" If you didn't want to do something, you wouldn't have made a bet like that no matter how sure you were that you'd win. 2) You liked it, which means you're nothing but a hypocrite, just like the rest of the hippie wannabe activists.

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Yeah, I saw food inc, the other day, and now everytime i see one of my friends eating something i look at them and go, "your eating corn", and they give me the weirdest looks. And to the OP YDI for making a bet that, if you lost, would make the past 8 years of being meat free kinda pointless. Guess you'll have to start over again.

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Harsh. Apparently the op didn't think it was so stupid. He can do what he wants.

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not harsh, the OP is a dumbass

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Well obviously the OP isn't a pussy anymore. So i think the FML is the 8 years of being vegan. :-P

true dat!! animals eat other animal why shouldent we eat animals too??? after all were animals right???

exactly. Why would you enter the bet and still keep it? ydi. don't complain

well being vegetarian doesn't mean that you don't like meat I guess

I agree completely with tanaqqash. A person can be opposed to the idea of animal cruelty but that doesn't negate his/her taste for meat. Conversely, there are lots of people who don't like meat and rarely or never eat it, but they don't subscribe to any form of vegetarianism.

This aint no FML, i would have love to be tasting the big macs deliciousness right now!

ydi. your going against your vaules i would never make that bet as a vegetarian. it disgust me just thinking about it

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YDI for being a vegetarian. That's retarded.

I don't think that vegetarianism is retarded, to some extent, however, if they are vegetarians because they think it's cruelty to animals, and they try push and/or discuss that eating an animal is cruel, then I will **** them up. I hate PETA more than anything on the Earth.