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Today, I defended the dried up things in the cup noodles as being real vegetables, just so that it would appear that I do actually eat vegetables. FML
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To me, ketchup is a vegetable. Beer has hops - that's a vegetable! Chocolate is made from cacao beans - VEGETABLE!!

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You defended them? Did someone challenge you about it?


griffins33 4

You defended them? Did someone challenge you about it?

My thought exactly, FML's are getting sloppy

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18 not all of them, did you not see the wording on the "daily offering to the porcelain throne" FML? that one was geniusly worded

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What's wrong with vegetables?

This is just a suggestion, but maybe, Just maybe... You could just eat normal vegetables..?

Sorry ydi, you live in china and resort to crappy cup noodles!? make the legit ones throw egg mushroom and all that goodness in there!

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I get most of my vegetables by blending them into a smoothie and covering the taste up with fruit.

Everyone stop talking shit ok? OP is probably allergic to vegetables so stop talking shit ok?

Holy shit, WaxyBootz! Who the **** pissed in your corn flakes this morning? Lighten the **** up.

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91- Allergic? Where the **** did you get that from? Is there something written in between the lines, that I'm missing?

Lolol yeah yeah, I'm sure that's it. OP is "allergic to vegetables". Still using the same lines you used as a child huh? If OP was "allergic" then this would be a completely different FML. "today, I ate those dried up things in the cup noodles because I'm allergic to real vegetables. FML"

I'm guessing you substitute corn flakes for eggs and bacon too?

#66 dried noodles are chinas biggest export. I'm pretty sure they can eat them like everyone else in the world can, you know...for convenience. But assuming everyone in china can cook noodles is like assuming everyone in America is fat.

Maybe the real vegetables challenged the dried up ones, and he defended the dried up ones..

I never understood why people do not like vegetables myself. I love eating them.

I too love all vegetables but this comment could be the same as asking why someone believes a certain religion, end of the day everyone's different in every way possible.

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I don't like vegetables because they taste like ass.

Yuk. You say this from personal experience? If you got fetishes, that's all good & gravy. Just saying... ;)

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I think it also has to do with how they're prepared. Interestingly, though not surprisingly, people who don't eat vegetables don't know how to prepare them very well, further contributing to their overall dislike for them. Since all of us do need vegetables to be healthy, I think experimenting with recipes and perhaps tasting some dishes made by someone who's more experienced in the area might change their minds enough to include them in their diets more often.

Yeah, it all depends how they're cooked. Crisp vegetables are great, mushy ones are terrible. I'll snack on raw carrots, but cooked ones need to be avoided like the plague.

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I love vegetables any way they're cooked. I love raw, steamed, boiled, baked, broiled, sauteed, grilled, etc.. I love all the vegetables! I'm not vegetarian, but I, easily, could be. I like all the so-called 'nasty' veggies too! Brussel sprouts, asparagus, spinach, broccoli, etc.. The 'nastier' they are, the healthier they are for you! :)

41- I think its amusing how you can make a comparison between ass and vegetables. Have you tasted ass before?

I'm a "texturist." I CANNOT stand the texture of vegetables (most of them anyway; carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, and every other type I've tried, except for the lettuces and cabbages). The only way I'll eat them is if they're cooked until they are mushy and placed in a chowder. The only vegetables I know I like is the tip of over-cooked asparagus and canned green beans.

80 - I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that it was just a figure of speech and he wasn't being serious -.-

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Broccoli cheese soup brings me to my knees

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I'll eat certain vegetables if they're smothered in cheese or cooked in butter and brown sugar. That masks the nasty vegetable taste and it's manageable then. Some veggies though aren't even good like that. Taste is a really weird thing for me. If it tastes bad enough (like raw or steamed veggies other than carrots) it'll make me throw up.

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Boiled carrots with brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla is pretty good. Just don't cook them long enough for them to get soft.

89- no shit Sherlock -.- she wasn't being serious either!

The only vegetable I dislike is celery. It tastes like dirt to me! Haha

I hate veggies but I think most people hate them because as kids we grow up just not liking them and have that mindset that says *barf* so when older our brains are wired just to not like them automatically. Unless of course we smother and rape the veggie with sweet sugary yummy shit.

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People have different taste buds. I want to enjoy eating them, but I hate them.

The vegetables aren't as good as the fish flakes.

That says allot. Fish flakes are disgusting so i could not imagine how bad the vegetables were.

#60. ....from a photographers point of view, follows rule of thirds with dynamic composition makes for an interesting photo...*flap*

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Or you could just eat real vegetables...

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Nahh, that would be too hard.

Or space brownies?? Cuz in my book weed counts as a vegetable.

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Aren't the vegetables in the cup of soups "real" vegetables?

I fail to see how this ruined your life so much that you had to post about it.

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Vegetables: the unidentifyable objects that one finds in cup noodles

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To me, ketchup is a vegetable. Beer has hops - that's a vegetable! Chocolate is made from cacao beans - VEGETABLE!!

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It pleases me greatly to hear this said by a doctor.

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Erika - Shush, you're ruining the illusion. That's like the guy at the David Copperfield show saying "He didn't actually make the elephant disappear! It's just mirrors!"

Smoking weed doesn't make it a vegetable lol...

30. Yes, yes it would. Today, tomorrow and any other day of the year it would be fruit.

If tomatoes are a fruit, is ketchup a smoothie?

9- Geez Doc, if you're going to make that big of a stretch in what qualifies as a veggie, why not include a porterhouse steak, since the cow ate grass to grow itself? ;P

I eat pizza! That's a vegetable, right? I never got why they were making it a vegetable when tomatoes are fruit...

But if the super markets sell the tomatoes in-between squash and cucumbers and not between oranges and kiwi then it's okay to count the tomato as a veggie right?

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I've always gone by the rule that if you're in the kitchen, a tomato is a vegetable, but if you're in a science class it's a fruit haha :)

90 - technically, cucumber is a fruit, too. It has seeds inside it!

Lolo-what? No, friend. Don't do that.

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35- Good day... I said good day!

Fml's just keep getting more stupid...