By Babygirl / Monday 17 May 2010 23:01 / France
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  givants  |  0

that's more of a reason to stop, I mean a ghost chasing you out of the house?? you can't win that,

also, phantom menace?? that was epic my friend

  Nylecroc  |  0

19 Not today I didn't have Internet til I got home then checked fml... but sometimes yes
30 Thanks bro =)

Is it threadjacking if I comment on number one?

  kybabyy  |  4

Haha Loren, thank you for informing me of this(: And you should really pm me back. It makes me sad when you ignore me.

P.S nice sound effects =P

#56 Oh, hello. (:

  baby_gurly  |  0

guys shut up..his mom DIED. he probably misses her. if u were him I'd want to do what my mom wanted for me.

judging by ur attitude..I wouldn't be surprised I ur bf made the whole story up about his mom disliking u.

  VvCJHvV  |  6

haha I noticed people commenting on you and saying kybabyy and i didnt remember seeing it, so I assumed I past your pic not even realizing it was you, until I searched for your name which I noticed it lol which you are pretty as they say :p

  kybabyy  |  4

Ohh, the picture didn't change so I didn't get who it was directed at.
Well, thank you then.
Lillylove, are you sober? Or are you just trying to portray an accent?

  VvCJHvV  |  6

haha okay :p I'm just messin with yah... i've been "complimented" with it before anyhow. haha soty that's an interesting twist to that song, or have they actually made a spoof like that?

  Starfire22  |  5

LMFAO, haha, and this mother-in-law will follow you EVERYWHERE.... op:"why can't we have sex?" him:"shhh.... I see dead ppl.... *points at empty spot* and my mother's right therrrreee" o_O

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