By Babygirl - 17/05/2010 23:01 - France

Today, my boyfriend of two years broke up with me. Why? He said his mom didn't want us together anymore. His mom died three years ago. FML
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ur bf must be one of those supersticious creeps. fyl

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Then OP should = ghostbuster if my math is correct.

I see you two at the top of almost every fml. Do you just sit there refreshing the list?

His mom is burning in hell because he lied about her. Tell him so.

Grave Listener? I'm sure that's a movie...

well maybe she came to him in his dreams.... or something :|

that's more of a reason to stop, I mean a ghost chasing you out of the house?? you can't win that, also, phantom menace?? that was epic my friend

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do u really want to be with somebody that has a zombie mother? didn't thinkn so.

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17 u are extremely good looking

this message has a deep meaning somewhere deep within wonder what the **** it is..? :p lol

# 25, have we talked..? If so, hey. # 42 thank you.

Lol 42 back off she's mine :] *ch-chk*

kybabyy, Nah we did not talk, it s just my solution to say hello to a pretty girl. So, hello there.

19 Not today I didn't have Internet til I got home then checked fml... but sometimes yes 30 Thanks bro =) Is it threadjacking if I comment on number one?

maybe this is the guy who lost 2 grand to his gf of two years... hmmm

Haha Loren, thank you for informing me of this(: And you should really pm me back. It makes me sad when you ignore me. P.S nice sound effects =P #56 Oh, hello. (:

Sound affects are fun :) responded, sorry normally I check it more often >.<

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Holy shit he's ******* psycho get out of the house he will find you!!!!

They are indeed. You're pretty bad about it, if I do say so myself. =P

Well I'm on an iPod touch and need to bring up Safari on it

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"you be trolling" = raywilliamjohnson ftw! :]

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maybe it's like you know when they say when ur loved one dies they still exist inside of you maybe he found a way to communicat with her 0_0

maybe this is the true story of the movie "Psycho"?

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or maybe he's suffering too much and used his dead mother as an excuse (a bad excuse if u ask me) to break up with u

guys shut up..his mom DIED. he probably misses her. if u were him I'd want to do what my mom wanted for me. judging by ur attitude..I wouldn't be surprised I ur bf made the whole story up about his mom disliking u.

give him some slack, his comment and the actual comment were both posted in the same minute


hey Kylie, like the new pic :)


I like your new pic :)* comeon iPod keep up lol

Auto correct is like the government It thinks it knows what's best for us without asking us :P 

^ Haha Loren (: Thanks Cody, random place to state that though =3


haha absolutely! usually you can catch it but sometimes when you don't.... it can cause a load of trouble lol


haha I noticed people commenting on you and saying kybabyy and i didnt remember seeing it, so I assumed I past your pic not even realizing it was you, until I searched for your name which I noticed it lol which you are pretty as they say :p


wow that was more confusing than I hoped it to be... haha >.<

*head explodes* *explodes again waiting for Anti-flood" *...and again* *uh....*

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flak vlak clak = dead mummies.


haha... this isn't fml.. this is anti flood world, where comments never cease to overpopulate the forums :p

& threadjacking is the point of every comment da it never stops :p **** you ******* antiflood

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no you're just too ugly to show your face so you steal a picture off of someone myspaceeee ugly fagggg

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just kiddin I'm really talking about myself cos I'm obese larmppp

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nope, yer pritty. thet won guy with no fase and just an ugly Eddie Cullen bodee


I'm guessing that was referred to me?? I am sadly aware FML decided my face was unnecessary to keep when posting up this pic. lol.

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oar yah ain't got won! thets qwite alrite, I ain't got won eithir


oh god, now I'm disgusted... compared to twilight charcters... lol

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mattir of fact, I'm justa tr0llin

haha that reminds me of a shirt that says "you be trollin'" funny shit (:

Ohh, the picture didn't change so I didn't get who it was directed at. Well, thank you then. Lillylove, are you sober? Or are you just trying to portray an accent?

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ain't nevir ganna ketch me sobir.


haha okay :p I'm just messin with yah... i've been "complimented" with it before anyhow. haha soty that's an interesting twist to that song, or have they actually made a spoof like that?

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ain't ganna bee no hate arownd lillylove <# keep tha persecution


I agree, they should, lol just to put it out there on YouTube

cody you should do it if u can sing/rap or whatnot (:


haha Yeah I don't think I got that rapping thing down yet lol :p

I seriously hope you don't speak the way you type!!!! It's truly horrid Lilly!! I'm literally losing brain cells trying to comprehend what you typed!!

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iliy your an idiot.... straight up yo ya feelin meh Hah dumb bitch!

Haha i agree if your boyfriend talks to his dead mother you turn and run

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thats creepy. he probably sees dead people like Haley Joel Osment. tell my grandpa, hi for me okay, OP? :)

Hey, he knows better than to incur the wrath of the dead. You think a normal mother-in-law is bad!

LMFAO, haha, and this mother-in-law will follow you EVERYWHERE.... op:"why can't we have sex?" him:"shhh.... I see dead ppl.... *points at empty spot* and my mother's right therrrreee" o_O

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That's not funny! This kids mom is dead! And now everyones making jokes about it. This isn't a joke. My moms dead so I know how it feels.

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Dude, three of my family members died of cancer and i still make jokes about them. It just shows you remember them.

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maybe that was her dying wish....fulfilled now...sorry op

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lol puts things in a different perspective huh?

Is this in spite of the fact she died the year before the OP and boyfriend got together, or because she was the Oracle?

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u went really deep on that one aha

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and I'd go with the oracle ;p jk

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That's what I'm saying.. Respect her decision >=00

I mean, holy crap. If there's one thing you don't want to piss off, it's your boyfriend's deceased mother. That is a helluh scary ghost.

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talking about zombies, hello!!!

Bawbawbaw, zombieeeees rargh. College told me not to bother going in because I look like a zombie at the moment!

sounds like a cop out I bet he had other motives

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then u should be thankful that you're out of his crazy world