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Today, I saw my mom sneaking meat into her spaghetti sauce. She told me she sneaks meat into most of the food she cooks. I've been a vegetarian for 8 years. FML
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or at least you thought you were a vegetarian...I mean you gotta admit your mom's food has been pretty great throughout these 8 years! lol

I'm no vegetarian, probably never will be, but I do respect everybody who is one. If they do not eat meat, that's their choice. More meat for me. They'll have to accept that I do eat meat. Maybe even right next to them. It sucks your mom is being so cruel to you. The least she could do is tell you so you can choose to eat it or make your own dinner.


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You're 16 and you were with a guy for 5 years? And chicken is delicious. Not as nice as red meat though.

You're right... They're food that are specifically raised to be eaten

your wrong they were made to be brutaltily slaughtered then eaten cause thats how shit happen

Read the reply I have you on comment #10

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You mean nuggets aren't chickens. Well, they are but it's mainly just the entire chicken without the feathers all ground up and pressed into the shape. If we didn't eat chickens, cows or pigs, we'd have an over population of them, and we already have an over population of humans.

absolutely they aren't...they're tenders

Every vegetarian and vegan I know can taste even the smallest hint of meat. You'd think, even with her sneaking a little in, that with you avoiding it most of the time, that you would notice. Anyway, this does suck that your mother doesn't respect your choice. Guess you need to stick to cooking for yourself. In fact, how about you make your parents a meal, and make it super awesome and tasty, and show her just how good food can be without meat? Some people can't accept a meal without meat being tasty. My vegan friend made me dinner once and it was one of the best meals I have ever had. Hope this works out.

Too ******* right! My dad is one of those who doesn't seem to think a meal can exist without a nice bit of dead animal in there somewhere, and refuses to except that my vegan cooking is any good, purely because it hasn't got a bit of corpse in it.

A meal can't exist without some dead animal in it. Get Over Yourself

My grandparents are vegetarian and when I stay over at their place, I just eat the vegetarian food. It's usually quite good, but the meals with meat always taste that much better to me.

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or at least you thought you were a vegetarian...I mean you gotta admit your mom's food has been pretty great throughout these 8 years! lol

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That is really, really low and very disrespectful (not to mention unethical - yeah, i'm a vegetarian too). I agree with #5, why don't you try cooking them a delicious, healthy vegetarian or vegan meal? Or maybe she has been doing that because she thinks that a vegetarian diet can't be healthy and is worried about you? If that's the case then you should sit her down and give her the facts about nutrition and reassure her that you're getting enough of the vitamins and so on that you need from your diet and show her that it really isn't very difficult to do. You could also show her the (rather disturbing) studies that have been done comparing cancer and heart disease rates in vegans/vegetarians vs meat eaters. Basically, just reasure her that you're probably a lot healthier than all of your meat eating relatives.

There's such a thing as a delicious vegan meal????????

Are u retarded? Saying that people that dont eat meat are healthier than the ones that do? People that eat meat are getting alot more protein in their diets which is the most essential nutrient to human survival... If humans wernt supposed to eat meat we wouldnt be able to digest it and we wouldnt have canine teeth which is an evolutionary advatage given to PREDATORS. How many herbivores do you see with canine teeth? Humans are meant to eat meat anyone that says they arnt are depriving themselves of both flavorful food and a very important source of nutrition in their diets

Nope, a lot of the world's herbivores both extinct and alive have canine teeth. Canine teeth are not necessarily for meat eating and in fact almost have nothing to do with it. Herbivores need those sharper teeth to dig into fruits and vegetables and other hard skinned nutrients. Don't believe me? I'm a naturalist, been through studies at university. If human brings we're true meat eaters, then We could do many things. In fact, if you can do these for me, I will not only pay you, but rewrite every single book on diet and behavior. 1. Go out without tools or help and run and catch a squirrel in your mouth. Tear it open and eat it raw, every single bit of it. That's right you can't, you don't have sharp claws or rows of sharp teeth. 2. Put an apple and a rabbit in a cradle that holds a baby. The instinct that it has will make it play with the rabbit and eat the apple. It's not a carnivore and you aren't either. Everything from the way we chew in a side to side motion to the acidity in our stomachs and mouths point to herbivores. Educate yourself, and then attempt a comeback.

And yeah that's right, it's a lot easier to say you're a predator when it sits down right in front of your plate, mutilated, burned, salted and served. You're not a predator, you can barely even be described as a carnivore or an omnivore. And it's also easier to say you're a "predator" if you have a gun pointing at another living being. Creatures, now do YOU think YOU should be treated like so? Honestly, would you like another to point something in your face or hunt you cruelly or mutilate your sexual organs or burn your body parts, really would you? We're all animals, why should it be any different between murdering a dog than murdering a human? Don't be for speciesism, you know it's wrong and just another form of racism.

I only read the beginning of all of your comments.

I do not eat a lot of meat and I don't bash people that do. I eat natural meat like deer or raised on my neighbors farm. But vegans and vegetarians now ARE healthier then people eating store bought meat (if they eat a proper diet that is) due to all the hormones and preservatives they treat and feed the animals with. These things are proven to raise cancer rates and heart disease.

lexa the key to your argument is very important. I really do agree with the store bought meat

Lions eat zebras, we eat cows. Circle of life.

#224 - He never said we're carnivores, but we ARE made to eat meat. Humans are omnivores - we eat meat AND plants. But each human has the right to choose what enters their bodies. Unless, of course, your the OP and was tricked for years...

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Shit, man. That's rough. I've been a vegetarian for 6 years, and word of advice? Cook every meal you eat for yourself. That way you know what's going into them. I don't even go to restaurants that aren't vegetarian for a salad. I'm afraid thay slip little pieces of meat in just to **** with me. Also, agreement with #5. How did you not taste the meat? After 6 months of not eating any, I was able to smell meat from a mile away, if I could smell it, I wouldn't even try tasteing it.

apparently you haven't been (a vegetarian).

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On the bright side, you got your proteins and fats! :D

nuts, beans, whole grains and seeds have plenty of proteins and fats.

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ITT: A bunch of people too lazy to read other peoples comments, and posting "Lol, obviously you haven't been" thinking they'll be the first and original.

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"damn ma' how you get these veggies tasting so good?!"