By Angela - 27/02/2011 01:56 - United States

Today, I made plans with an old friend that I haven't seen in years. We agreed to meet at a diner and I told him I'd be standing outside. I watched him pull up, look right at me, then do something with his phone. Seconds later, I got a text saying, "Sorry, but I'm busy today and can't make it." FML
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u should have gon up to his car and stare at him

He probably didn't recognize you... Eh, who am I kidding?


u should have gon up to his car and stare at him

or say that you just saw him in his car

or tell him how fat he has become since you last saw him.

PYLrulz 17

or how gray his hair has become

or tell him he is dressed up like a prostitute.

you people remember that op is the ugly **** here..

D: as if you just broke the chain!! *shuuun*.

Hahaha first thing that popped into my mind xD and giggle is a funny word too :3

or take a shit on the windshield of his car

ftw!! that would have been on the spot punishment :D!!!!! lmao!!

He probably didn't recognize you... Eh, who am I kidding?

Hey maybe he did have something to do and he remembered as soon as he got there! NOT!!!! haha sucks.

sixfoot2 0

I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt but he's a real jerk! he couldve at least told you to your face.

How would that help? telling her face to face he was "busy"

poor you! guess he was intimidated by your awesomeness an thought he would y be able to keep up with you :3

Hey, totally irellivant but I was looking at youreofile and uhhhm mind if I add you on XBL?

Sure go aghead, I'll confirm it when it's back from the shop :3

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Way to look at the positive side of things :)

haha I try to do it for everything :3 and D: my comment got moderated!

wanna say that again? I'd like to see a picture of you. I'm not afraid to put unphotoshopped pictures up. no what? I'll change it, 'specially for you. stupid twat

What an asshole. Be glad you found out right away that you need not waste anymore time with that loser.

well next time fix yourself up? you never know who you're gonna meet. but at least you know he's a dick.

Who is to say she looked a ragged mess? Because when you ASSUME, you make an ass out of you ..... Come on don't leave us in suspense! :D Jk

missryena 1

This is pathetic, you live a sad life.... I would never wait for a man in my life, I'd have him wait for me!

She was meeting him, not waiting for him you idiot.

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9, I agree with 11. You're an idiot. Besides, what's wrong with 'waiting' for a guy?

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what makes you think a guy would wait for you?

Good luck finding a guy who would wait for such a bitch. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for chivalry.

"Ah, there she i-... WOAH! WHAT THE **** HAPPENED TO HER FACE?!" No mystery there, OP.

missryena 1

Ur ****** dumb HSOMFG ... Same shit