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Today, after being a vegetarian for 5 years, I found out that my boyfriend of 2 years has secretly been feeding me meat. His reason is that he thinks it's "funny" that I still call myself a vegetarian afterwards. FML
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Shartie 16

Maybe you should meat a better boyfriend?

Put something horrible in his food. Or feed him Spam.


Shartie 16

Maybe you should meat a better boyfriend?

it's a better first comment than most. at least it has wit. :-)

meganlovestea 15

Seriously, find someone that can respect your decisions and won't intentionally sabotage them.

CelticSkye 13

What a dick move. You need to leave his ass for a man that respects you for who you are. He obviously doesn't because if he did respect you, he never would have done this once, let alone for years.

Put something horrible in his food. Or feed him Spam.

Llama_Face89 33

Lobster Thermidor a Crevette with a mornay sauce served in a Provencale manner with shallots and aubergines garnished with truffle pate, brandy and with a fried egg on top and spam.

Llama_Face89 33

Someone needs to report all this spam :/

Dear vegetarians. Thanks for leaving all the good food for us.

Goblin182 26

Dear Vegetarians, my food craps on your food.

Feed him.... Veggies!!!!! Actually no that's just evil

ThatOneTimeLord 25

Sperm, I mean spam, put spam in his lunch.

Well, apparently you like it if you didn't notice for 2 years?

That is what I am wondering, how can you eat meat for two years and not notice?

OP may like meat but there are other reasons people choose to be vegetarian. One of my friends is a vegetarian because red meat makes her physically sick, she likes the taste of it but it reacts to her body in a horrible make and makes her incredibly ill. I just thought I should point out that someone can like meat but still be a vegetarian due to other reasons

I know. But well, my main question was how someone don't notice they are eating meat... for two years.

LO1014 16

It was probably very small quantities or something with little flavor. Chicken stock in vegetable soup could be very hard to taste.

It doesn't mean she ate meat everyday for those two years. He could have given it to her once in a blue moon, hidden in her tofu. The trickery is what bothers me the most about this FML. Such lack of respect for the OP's personal decision.

23, although some people choose to be a vegetarian for health reasons, I'm pretty sure OP didn't. Her boyfriend would most likely know if it was for health reasons and wouldn't do it because it would make her sick, unless of course he's a really sick individual. Plus she would be sick after, which would most likely be said in the Fml. Although I understand your point was that there are other reasons other than not liking the taste. But my guess is it wasn't health reasons so the other comment guessing taste as the reason doesn't seem far off.

zebrainthenight 13

#48 Most people I know that choose to be vegetarians choose it because of their religion or because they don't feel okay having animals raised unfairly then slaughtered just for one or two meals. I know absolutely no one who doesn't eat meat because of the taste. That doesn't even make sense. The taste mostly comes from what kind of meat it is and how you cook it. There are millions of ways to cook meat so that would mean you don't like any of those tastes, which is very unlikely. I'm guessing OP chose to be a vegetarian because she doesn't want to support the suffering of the animals raised on huge farms for food.

maronofhearts 19

@23 why would your friend be vegetarian just because they can't eat one type of meat? There's still white meat and fish I guess they could not like either of those but I just find it odd to give up meat all together just because they can't have red meat

Laurenlou 24

I've been a pescatarian for almost 5 years now and I dislike the taste of red meat. I dislike the taste of anything made from a pig for sure. I never liked bacon or pork chops, ever. I do still like the taste of chicken and turkey, but I just don't want to eat it yet. I did check the local farms and I know they treat the animals correctly. Sometimes people do things just because they want to. I only know one vegetarian personally and they just want a meatless diet. There is really no other reason. To answer the tasting question, I would personally know if red meat was in my food. (It actually happened once when I was at a restaurant. My family ordered fried cheese sticks for an appetizer and the marinara sauce had ground meat in it. I ate one with the sauce becuase I was not aware that the meat was in it. I spit it out but still ended up vomiting everything I had in my stomach.) However, if I was eating a veggie chicken pattie and someone, somhow slipped some real chicken in, I would not notice. Hopefully OP can follow up and clarify why they are a vegetarian and why they didn't notice the taste!

66, I agree with your comment and the different reasons why people are vegetarians, but I'm a vegetarian because I don't like the taste of meat. I can handle a hot dog (if you call that meat) and cold cut like pepperoni but I can't stand normal meat: chicken, turkey, ribs, steak...I hate it all. So now you know one that doesn't like meat for the taste. :)

105, a hotdog is definitely meat. And ribs and steak are just ways of preparing meat. Although I agree that it is possible to not like some forms of chicken/turkey, I do think there has to be at least one form out there that you do like. There's just so many ways to make chicken and/or turkey that it's very improbable you don't like them all. I am not a vegetarian, but I don't eat pork or beef for religious reasons. However, when I have eaten pork, the taste of it has been... fine, but I've felt very sick and guilty afterwards for crossing my religion. Which is funny because I'm not even religious, but it's just the way we are. tl;dr - hotdogs are meat, and if you tried certain ways of making chicken or turkey, you'd probably like them.

annmarie_124 15

Red meat does that to me to, so I only eat chicken and fish.

#66 I don't like pork/ham no matter what form it is in. Never have even as a small child. I'm Christian and it's perfectly acceptable for me to eat it religiously speaking. I love chicken and beef so it's not an animal rights issue. I have no medical reaction. I simply think it tastes awful. Yes, I have tried it many ways and still taste a new recipe here and there since my husband loves it but nope, don't like the taste. Like OP's bf he has even tried to trick me, didn't work. I can taste the bad flavor! There are some people who don't like the taste of an item no matter how you season and cook it.

xChaos 29

Yep, it's official: We need a follow-up

zebrainthenight 13

#149 Yes! That is what I was saying. Although you don't like the taste of pork, you like the taste of other meats. So you are not a vegetarian. I think that's pretty normal and I know quite a few people who dislike just one specific meat. (I've noticed that it's usually a red meat.) I'm saying that it's unlikely to dislike the taste of every single form of meat. There must be at least one that you find likable.

kewpiesuicide 29

There are veggie forms of a lot of meats and a lot of them taste exactly like the real thing. It would be pretty easy to mix in a little real meat and not notice. Although it would be a lot more greasy..

I never realized there were other people out there who were intolerant to red meat. Every time I'm invited for dinner somewhere and I tell them my diet restriction is "no red meat" they look at me funny and ask why. I can eat chicken, pork, and fish no problem. But beef makes me sick as a dog. Even the smell of it cooking is nauseating.

The post said she was with her boyfriend for 2 years, it didn't specify how long he has been feeding her meat.

That would just be red meat though, what is her reason for not eating poultry or fish. Or does she?

JadeWinter 16

She said he was her boyfriend of two years, but she didn't say how long he had been secretly feeding her meat for. And there's a lot of vegetarian fake meat options which taste like real meat, so maybe she thought it was that? It's kind of extremely sad that he'd abuse her trust like that though :/

If you know anyone who completely disrespects and deceives their SO as "their way of showing love" then I advise you not to get within a ten mile radius of them at all times.

c_aeki 4

Maybe you're from Xinjiang Province

Time to pull out the laxatives for sweet revenge

I think that plan stinks, but that mighr just be me.

6, The meat he was giving her wasn't making her ill though (I assume because it would have been mentioned), so I think I prefer the idea of dog food or something gross so he doesn't actually feel sick from her choice either.

Actually, speaking as someone who originally went vegetarian because the idea of eating meat grosses them out, finding out I accidentally ate fish broth once was so nauseating that I almost threw up. Bring on the laxatives and find a better boyfriend, OP.

finding a new boyfriend cause he fed you some meat? meat is good for you, even seven days without meat makes one weak.

91. I've been a vegetarian since I was eleven and believe me, I'll run circles around you. A meatless diet can be very beneficial, especially with all the hormones and antibiotics put in meat these days. Don't make comments like that when they're just not true Plus, considering a new boyfriend because he makes a joke out of your believes

It really doesn't matter why she's a vegetarian-- what one choses to eat or not eat is one's own personal choice. The boyfriend messed with her food and made fun of her behind her back. He sounds like an asshole. Forget the revenge. Dump him and move on.

You cannot just poison someone because they made you mad or hurt you. Yes, putting laxatives in someone's food without their knowledge IS called poisoning. The guys isn't worth jail time! She needs to just dump him and move on; forget about revenge because he isn't worth it.

yeah this is poisoning because laxatives are a controlled substance. just bake a chocolate cake with shit in it. also, venison is good meat because it's organic, not pumped with bullshit, and you get active hunting it.

what a dick. its not funny, just because you think meat does taste good, it doesn't mean you want to harm the animal for the food. I know plenty of vegetarians who think animal products taste/d great, but refuse to eat them because the animal is killed purely for the meat. TL;DR your boyfriend is an idiotic dick.

Bluebl4ze 16

#10 has a very valid point. Vegetarianism and veganism have more to do with animal rights than the taste of the food. I don't get why it is this being downvoted.

I think it's because everyone already knows that...seems a bit odd to point out. It doesn't even say that was the boyfriend's reason for feeding OP meat...10 seems to be getting angry about something that no-one was really denying anyway.

Animals that are killed for meat are killed pretty quickly. The living conditions (feed lots) are the main thing. I like to get beef/half a cow from farmers because it tastes better and they are generally kept in better conditions.

I half agree with this argument... The vast majority of vegetarians I know still wear leather and a lot of them eat dairy. So they obviously don't care that much about animal rights. Best way to do it raise your own cow and have it butchered. High quality grass fed beef, humane conditions, it's cheap and delicious.

#54 There's a difference between vegetarian and vegan. Vegetarians don't eat meat. Vegans don't wear leather of any kind, don't eat animal products (no chesse, no milk) if it's a woman she does not use make up that was tested on animals and don't kill any type of insect. Vegans never buy or do something that will harm an animal. So you know the difference :)

maronofhearts 19

By definition you're right 67 but I think 54 was pointing out that some vegetarians feel it's ok to wear the animal but not eat it which doesn't really make sense unless you're only vegetarian for health reasons and not because you care how they are treated

Most vegetarians I know avoid buying leather, some will buy second hand though as they're not encouraging demand. A lot don't seem to think about the gelatin used in sweets though. But some do use some byproducts like that, the same as having milk and eggs. There's no set standard every single vegetarian (or vegan for that matter) adheres to.

Laurenlou 24

#10 and #31- I personally know one vegetarian, and know of others through friends, who do not have that particular diet because of animal rights. As a pescatarian, my choice of food is not because of animal rights either. I do care about how well animals are treated, but where I live, that is not a problem. The local farms where I live treat the animals correctly. I have family who has raised turkeys and chickens and then eaten them. I also prefer to buy makeup products that are cruelty free because, well, I can. Why stop eating meat because some big corporation doesn't treat their animals right? Buy it from local farms. Raise your own chickens or buy it from someone who does. Hunt for your own food. There are many alternatives.

acerredrum 23

@ 54 and 81, I was a vegetarian for years but I still wore leather. I was also a vegetarian because I hated how the animals were treated before slaughter. I wore the leather because those were items I owned before I was a vegetarian. In fact the leather jacket I owned my mother had for ten years before I was even born. Many vegetarians own these objects because they owned them before they became a vegetarian. Throwing my sandals and jackets away would not unkill these animals. It would have just made it where I would have to buy new shoes and jackets. How ever I never bought any more leather items. I also ate cheese but was fortunate enough to live near a dairy farmer who kept his cows in good conditions and treated them well. I also had my own chickens so that is where my eggs came from. My chickens were treated awesome.

lucyroxmasox 4

Being a vegetarian myself, I find this absolutely horrible! When I first became a vegetarian my mother thought I was insane. I was only 11 or 12. But nevertheless, being my mother meant supporting my decisions. So she left me pursue my new lifestyle. And I was positive she was putting meat in my food without me noticing. But just a few months ago I ate a beef patty thinking it was vegetarian. I only took a bite but instantly I felt sick and knew it wasn't vegetarian. If this had been going on for this long, it must have been done in tiny quantities, because after one bite I felt like throwing up. And the fact that he would do this is outrageous! How dare he not respect someone's personal choice. If he didn't respect her personal choice (perhaps without reasons) to stay a vegetarian, what if he suddenly decided that when she says "no I don't want to have sex" she means "sure! Why not?" Because if someone doesn't respect a choice you make, how can trust them to respect any part of you? Mentally, physically, sexually. Any part!!

I think is not the same for everybody, for some it's easy to become vegan because of their conditions. They can buy a lot of tofu, soy milk and meat imitations. There's even vegan chesse. Some are harrased by almost everybody even their families and they don't count with none of dairy imitations that definetly would make it easier. Also some risk their health by just not eating meat because of a bad plan diet. If you manage to replace all the nutriets meat provides, everything is good. So you understand that for some it's really difficult to be vegan rather than vegetarian. Even though they want to :)

Regarding the leather thing...although a lot of vegetarians don't buy leather, or only buy second hand, is it really that terrible if they do buy it? Leather lasts for ages, it's not like an animal died just for one meal. It still died sure but it's a lot more pain-affective, if that makes sense. But even if that weren't the case, it doesn't mean the vegetarianism is wasted. Think about someone who cuts down on meat so they only eat it once a week. They may not be fully veggie but they're still making more of an effort than someone who eats meat every day. So maybe someone wears leather even though they're vegetarian - they're still doing better than someone who wears leather AND eats meat, from a veggie POV anyway. So you shouldn't really think less of them imo. Every little helps you know?

Maybe we should all accept that others eat and wear what they want for their own reasons and it's not really anyone else's business why. Also, one or two people do not represent a whole group. How other people choose to live their lives isn't really anyone else's concern.

daisiebud 18

54, I'm a vegetarian, and while I don't wear leather or anything, I do eat non-meat animal products like cheese and eggs. It's because I didn't give up meat as a political statement or because of the treatment of the animals or anything like that. I gave it up because the thought of eating animals makes me feel sick. That's it. I'm against the unnecessary killing/eating of living creatures. It feels like cannibalism. I don't have a problem with milk or eggs, though, because to me, that's a completely separate issue.

RedPillSucks 31

What a moron. What if you had been a vegetarian for medical reasons or religious reasons.

This FML probably would have been posted much longer ago.

acerredrum 23

@Tthug. ...Unless all it causes is vomiting or other stomach upsets. OP could very well have a medical condition and thought she was just getting food poisoning or the flu.

I'm sure you have a beef with him now, that's probably the wurst thing you could do to a vegetarian.