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  wldd0g  |  9

This could be a desperate cry for your love. He "could" be trying to tap into your cat loving side. Possibly because he feels you love the cats more then him.

Or he has a pet fetish. Either way, now you know how far he is willing to go.

  FSGInsainity  |  15

#163 It's fine that you can't handle all these jokes. Nobody's purr-fect. Except for that a-meow-zing Mr. Whiskers from the nearby hooman box. Haven't you heard of him? He's the cat's meow.

  LeafsGuy92  |  10

Atleast OP's husband wasn't eating it like cereal at the kitchen table with a spoon, while the cat was helping him by liking the milk from the bowl, sharing is caring I guess..