By aaaaahhhh - Australia - Chatswood
Today, as a learner driver, I embarked on my longest drive ever: back home, from Sydney to Melbourne, which is around a 700km drive. I managed to get the whole way without any problems. I crashed into my driveway. FML
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  wldd0g  |  9

Those brake lines are part of the success of the trip. Doesn't matter how far you get if you can't finish. Just ask the people who make cakes.

  zandalee  |  19

It's actually more common to have accidents within 500 meters of your home, than anywhere else. I guess you relax more close to or in the driveway... :)

By  CaptainBlack  |  18

I actually did a similar thing. Took a 130 mile trip, ended up skidding into a curb within walking distance of my house. At least you didn't need to figure out how to get home without a car!