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Lesson 2: Brakes.

Be glad it wasn't on the motorway and it wasn't serious...


On the bright side, you're not hoofing it home.

Those brake lines are part of the success of the trip. Doesn't matter how far you get if you can't finish. Just ask the people who make cakes.

Or rather, on the bright side, you're no longer in Sydney :D

How do you crash into a drive way?...

#69, i like Sydney. mainly because its so culturally friendly.

At least you made it that far without crashing. Hope there wasn't too much damage!

It's actually more common to have accidents within 500 meters of your home, than anywhere else. I guess you relax more close to or in the driveway... :)

Just think, it could be worse....

Be glad it wasn't on the motorway and it wasn't serious...

Lesson 2: Brakes.

10 for the dismount and execution.... 3 for the landing.

Story of my life OP. :l At least you didn't end up a skid mark and scraps of metal wrapped around a tree.

I bet there was a skid mark left somewhere.

I actually did a similar thing. Took a 130 mile trip, ended up skidding into a curb within walking distance of my house. At least you didn't need to figure out how to get home without a car!

Gold star for you! You tried!

At least you won't get sued for crashing in your driveway!