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  TheGITP  |  0

The first meetings are the most important You know, I introduced all my teddies to my cat. If you don't their likely to see them as a stranger and never get on and some cats even resort to violence!
Like poor panda I came home to a crime scene, stuffing every where and he only wanted to say high, but my cat thought he was a stranger trying to attack him. R.I.P panda :'

  Dr0reos  |  8

The only thing that could make it weirder is if stuffed gorrila was code for penis. Plus WHAT WAS OP's DAD THINKING. everyone knows stuffed gorillas and cats are mortal enemies . Trust me I know what im talking about.Im a doctor

  ViolinistTim  |  0

Interacting playfully with your pets does not suggest immaturity in anyway. Your statement is wholly invalid and your own comments do suggest great immaturity in not being capable of appreciating the great pleasures in life as spending time with your pets.

By  SkoomaKi  |  27

He's just introducing his new friend to the cat. Nothing to worry about. Although I wouldn't fuck with the gorilla, it looks like he has grown to really like him.