By Anonymous - 19/06/2012 10:51 - Canada - Vancouver

Today, I found out that my husband and my cat have something in common; they both like to lick themselves. FML
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Lick him more often yourself. Problem solved.

If your husband can lick himself where the cat can, that is a talent! There are not many things that a good licking can' fix.


First comment!

U could of at least made up a clever comment

Lick him more often yourself. Problem solved.

Aren't you supposed to lick yourself? .. No? I'm the only one?... Dang it.. Where is LoganBurrito when you need him.

Airman1988 9

Don't waste it, taste it! So they say

Does he cough up pube balls?

CaramelMacchiato 13

thank you efemel, for that disturbing mental image :(

I love the penis in your picture nnnada.

3, Be mire specific, please. Lick him where? ;-) lol

If you're husband can lick himself like I cat, then just became obsolete.

maebelline12 12

he must be pretty flexible then!either that or it's really long...

He likes how he tastes? c:

Well some guys I'm sure taste good. My ex girlfriend was surprised I didn't like myself actually. It was a weird conversation.

eastsidesoldier 7

No...jus stop


If OPs husband was gay, would he taste like skittles?

cooterpie 11

Taste the rainbow.

With his tongue, I'm guessing.

Lucky genes and lots of yoga.

Here is a thumbsdown for you sir!

Where?! Down there?!

44, for you as well!

4, I'm guessing, sometimes when he does shots of tequila, he licks the salt off of his hand or thumb. There's one answer for you.

If u get a dog, hide the peanutbutter !!

eastsidesoldier 7

No...jus no

27- How about you stop telling people what not to say?

How about you stop telling people to stop telling people what not to say.

Stop telling people to stop... Nevermind.

I love giving my dog peanut butter.

eastsidesoldier 7

How bout y'all stop Bieng stoopid mallates

can you spell that any worse?

eastsidesoldier 7

Foo I kno how 2 spell fukin retard I ain't stoopid foo

eastsidesoldier 7

If weed got u running yo mouth, u better blow that shit out

If your husband can lick himself where the cat can, that is a talent! There are not many things that a good licking can' fix.

22cute 17

Not only is it a talent; it says something about his flexibility and anatomy that you can benefit greatly from. I mean, who are you kidding here?? All humans would like to lick themselves if they could. Just as all quadrupeds would like to have their own human hand if they could. So this is really a bonus for you. Yes, if you walked it and saw it, that was probably shocking. But seeing any person pleasuring themselves in any way would be shocking at first. why do you think we usually do it in private. Have you ever witnessed your own O face - kind of unsettling, I promise you. Pull yourself together & make the most of this new discovery, Op. And for God's sake - quit bragging.

I actually think it's kind of sexy. :P

You should try it. I enjoy licking myself. It's perfectly normal.. If you yourself aren't.

Maybe your husband will like licking you ?? ;)

CaramelMacchiato 13

practice makes purrfect ;)

Maybe he's having an affair with your cat

Allanahjoy 7