By androgynous - 30/03/2009 17:44 - United States

Today, I was going through airport security. As my bags were being scanned, I was told that I was selected for extra searching. Right as the security guard was about to frisk me, he froze up and asked me, "You're a male, right?" I am, and I used to think that it was obvious. FML
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maybe it's something they have to ask no matter how obvious??

Do you have long hair? Some people can't tell someone's gender if they have long hair....but yeah. FYL

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there are wayyy too many "someone questioned/mistook my gender" posts on this website

Why do they have to look like a woman to be beautiful?

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Grow a beard. That's what I did, and no one mistakes me for a woman now.

How is this a FML? Being mistaken by the opposite gender can be a good thing. You get to bang the lesbians!

yeah till they see his penis.... if it's a threesome I'm sure they let him watch though

I've been mistaken for a guy a couple of times. I've never been very feminine to begin with, but at one point I had very short hair. The man that I was hoping would soon be my boss walked in the room and the first thing he said was "guy or girl?" his wife had to answer for him, as I couldn't stop laughing long enough to tell him. It's all in how you take it. As a mechanic, I'm expecting that I will get much more of it, so why get upset? I just laugh it off and move on.

maybe you should work off those ****... and stop hitting on the male tsa agent

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punish the guard, man! be a man and kick his ass! or something.

cut off your hair and your enormous man boobs and there'll be no problem.

#3: There's a lot more girl mistaken for a guy than vice versa.