By Evalynne - 06/04/2013 12:55 - United States - New Orleans

Today, my best friend was throwing me my bachelorette partly. A cop came by and said there have been complaints about the noise. Thinking he was the stripper we ordered, we pulled him into the house. He was an actual cop. FML
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Imhere4fml 24

I'm guessing you thought the cop car in the street was just for show too ?


Well obviously, rule 141/D of the police regulation handbook clearly states that "An officer of the law is never allowed to leave duty for the pursuit of personal pleasure, unless it's a woman's bachelorette party and a male stripper is needed."

Nightwing98 22

I'm currently studying law and can verify this. It came about from the "Officer Sexy vs. the state of Illinois" case of 1998.

I just hope he had enough handcuffs to go around.

"Unit 307 to dispatch, no backup required"

"Dispatch to Unit 307, we want in on the action too, hold up."

This is off topic, but I find it neat that I know bakarra irl. I will high five you on Monday for your funny comment!

Oh Oh Oh shit... shots fired shots fired dispatch, just send a sandwich and a smoke...

103 Dafuq? Lol someone in San Antonio is gonna get a real awkward ass high five...

Oh it will be, we shared the same class at one point

Oh yea what class was that again? Btw when you see him tellem I also enjoyed his comment it was quite witty

Am I the only one trying to figure out if those two know each other or not?....

Nope. So far it sounds like only one is right.

I honestly have no idea if I know this person or not, I do know that I don't live in San Antonio, but I guess ill find out tomorrow... Haha

Wealthyparrot 9

Because officers know their own rulebook, when they barely know the 10 laws which define the bill of rights.

maybe the cops secret lifelong dream was to be a stripper

Actually, something like this happened on an episode of the "Golden Girls." They were throwing a party and ordered a male stripper, but then a real cop showed up and they thought he was the stripper, but later the actual stripper showed up wearing a skimpy version of a cop uniform. In the end it turned out that the cop had always wanted to be a dancer, and the stripper had always wanted to be a cop.

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"Thinking he was the stripper we ordered." Please pay more attention before attempting to comment.

ravensman234 6

i think you missed the part where it said "thinking he was the stripper we ordered"

OH. Duh. I'm sorry, that was stupid of me.

That's what happens in the Sims 3; isnt real life like that?

But the ones in Sims 3 dress up like firefighters not cops

suboy 10

117, *you're. Ive never seen a fail in its natural habitat.

#122, I've* The mistake between 'your' and 'you're' is pretty common, but how do you mess up 'I've'? Plus, isn't it in the rulebook that when you correct someone you should make sure everything you wrote is correct, otherwise it makes you look uneducated?

He should've gone along with it to make some monies! :P

It's all fun and games until the real stripper shows up...

Those handcuffs would have been a lot larder to get out of.

It was an accident dick, if it said "a lot hahrderd" then maybe, maaaaybe your comment would be warranted

BubbleGrunge 18

49- Learn about punctuation!

generalasskicker 12
lincolnkite 6

4 I think I know you..... Creepy

Imhere4fml 24

I'm guessing you thought the cop car in the street was just for show too ?

rg350dx 29

Maybe it was squad car #69. If so that's totally entrapment

Or the cop was on one of the bikes lol.. (Peddle bike that is, yes.. Cops do ride peddle bicycles)

He had handcuffs and everything... I think he would make a special sort of stripper.

i may be wrong.. but dont strippers dressed up as cops have handcuffs aswell..

Fuzzy handcuffs are just TOO easy to break out of. I mean, if you want some real excitement, get the legit ones. Then they can't escape... :)

7- Not as much that as the taser, pepper spray, and the gun.

generalasskicker 12

You can escape in handcuffs but you better have good balance for the running

Lincoln_Log 3

Shouldn't have tried to cop a feel!

JJ_Rokk 10
FML_user_person 8

YDI. If he says that there have been complaints about the noise, he would not have been the stripper. Besides, wasn't he wearing his uniform?

I realize you're 14 but you should still know many strippers wear uniforms, popular male stripper uniforms would include: police, fire fighter, soldier, cowboy, etc.

not to mention.. "complaints about the noise" is how all cop strippers start their entrance.. lmao

*Deep manly voice* " Excuse me ladies, but there's been some complaints about the noise. Im gonna have to take you all...dooooowntown."

You guys sure do know a lot about male strippers. Are we moonlighting or is really your day job?

45, it's not just a job, it's a lifestyle! *cue You Sexy Thing from Hot Chocolate*

meekthekit 6

"We've received a noise complaint... It's too quiet in here." ;)

You don't understand how strippers hired for such events work, do you #9?

Well I didn't wanna have the kid buried without knowing why! :(

cmb8280 24

The naivety of this comment delights me :) It's so cute!!

9 get off FML you are too ******* young!!!!

"Arrest me!" "Ma'am stay still, you're seriously under arrest." "Woohoo!" "Ok ill need back up."