By Anonymous - United States
Today, I wrote the most beautiful college application essay ever, ten minutes before the online deadline. Instead of clicking "submit", I clicked the button next to it that said "return". The entire essay vanished into internet wasteland. FML
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agreed. most people have the common sense to type it into a word document and then copy/paste it onto the online box. and really, you should have been revising it at least the day before instead of turning in a first draft ten minutes before the deadline. somehow i doubt the essay was that good and whether or not you really would have gotten into that college.

By  alliemi  |  0

YDI for waiting until ten minutes before it was due. Also, it probably sucked because you just wrote it straight up and didn't proofread or revise or work on it. Fail.

By  SaintJimmy  |  0

Did it not prompt you with something like "Are you sure you want to leave this page. You have entered text and it will be lost"? And if you wrote it at the last minute, it probably would've been turned down anyway.

By  tingting1  |  0

why did you wait until ten minutes before the deadline??
i would've definitely been doing the essay on word, and then just copied and pasted it onto the application....... dumbbb

both YDI and FYL.