By Anonymous - 11/01/2014 02:25 - United States

Today, after working my shift at McDonalds, I went to clock in at my dispatch job. During a 911 call, I blurted, "Would you like to try the McRib while it's back?" FML
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Was the caller having a heart attack?

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Damn postprandial heart attacks...

Honestly, I would blurt out laughing depending on the current 911 call. If something beyond important was going on I would asking if he "thinks this is a ******* game."

Free advertising thanks to 911 services and Fml!

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Actually McRibs can come back anytime so long as a manager or managers feel like they want to do so.

That's hilarious, I hope the caller is okay!

"Yes, with large fries and a Coke. Also, tell them to hurry. My dad is having a heart attack."

Oh i feel ya, after my shifts there whenever i hear beeping i automatically think its the fry timer and panic for a second lmao!

Maybe the ambulance would get there quicker if they were delivering food. I've seen pizzas delivered in less time then rescue personnel. :/

is that because you call 911 for bullsh*t reasons?

as I used to deliver food, I do agree with this statement.

Where I live, there's at least five pizza delivery places within a five minute radius. The nearest hospital is 15 minutes away. There's also a difference between throwing a couple pizzas in your car and getting an ambulance ready with paramedics and drivers.