By demispark - United States - West Palm Beach
Today, I was leaving work when I realized I had forgotten my bag on my desk. As I went back to get it, I overheard my co-workers talking about "last night's office party." I wasn't invited. FML
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  jojimugo  |  20

I agree with #12, point is if you're not invited to an office party and people went out of their way to not mention the part at all ... Yea they don't like you

  zandalee  |  19

The difference made to your life when you are working in a really happy and friendly environment is astounding. Now you know that you just aren't personally appreciated where you work, start looking around for a new job if possible. You won't look back! :)


Yeah, I agree. #13 - I believe in you. Work is for working, so if you don't have a social life there, no big deal. You have a social life at home, I suppose. Maybe if you tell your friends to send the emails for you to your work email, coworkers might get jealous and invite you, OP. But hey, fuck 'em!
If that doesn't work, just roll with the punches.