By demispark - 24/04/2013 14:10 - United States - West Palm Beach

Today, I was leaving work when I realized I had forgotten my bag on my desk. As I went back to get it, I overheard my co-workers talking about "last night's office party." I wasn't invited. FML
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Office parties are just chances for awkward situations to happen between people you're stuck seeing everyday. Better off you didn't go OP

That's too bad. The cake was awesome.


Office parties are just chances for awkward situations to happen between people you're stuck seeing everyday. Better off you didn't go OP

I don't think the problem was wanting to go to a party, but rather learning that one's coworkers don't want to be around the OP. That's never fun to hear.

I agree with #12, point is if you're not invited to an office party and people went out of their way to not mention the part at all ... Yea they don't like you

No one WANTS to hear they are "too uncool" to go to a party, even if it was a political party.

Make your own party and don't invite them!

But if they do that Op will have no intel invite cause obviously Ops coworkers don't wanna hang out with them outside of work!

Office party of one! WOOO! Yeah!

Talk about exclusive - I heard Barrack Obama couldn't even get into this thing.

"Looks at fingers with faces drawn on them." The gangs all here.

34- So I guess you aren't friends with Chip and Used Napkin anymore?

With blackjack and hookers!

That's too bad. The cake was awesome.

There was no cake. It was a lie.

Yeah sorry we didn't invite you, the strippers were AWESOME

Wow that sucks

The difference made to your life when you are working in a really happy and friendly environment is astounding. Now you know that you just aren't personally appreciated where you work, start looking around for a new job if possible. You won't look back! :)

Lucky you. It was probably lame.

Hey, just throw a party and don't invite them. All is good then.

Insert "Forever Alone Meme" here

Yes, but did you get your bag? I hate when people don't finish their story.

Have your own little office party and don't invite them!!!>:)

Sometimes it's best if you let things like this roll off your back, OP. I bet you're a really awesome person to hang with. Fuck 'em.

I believe "Fuck 'em" happened at the party, so OP is double out of fun.

Yeah, I agree. #13 - I believe in you. Work is for working, so if you don't have a social life there, no big deal. You have a social life at home, I suppose. Maybe if you tell your friends to send the emails for you to your work email, coworkers might get jealous and invite you, OP. But hey, fuck 'em! If that doesn't work, just roll with the punches.

#41 Y-you believe in me? :D

I'm an outcast at my place of employment. Do I care? No. I'm there to make money, not friends. i know I'm awesome lol