By whatdidimarry - 24/09/2015 23:31 - United Kingdom - Cardiff

Today, I caught my husband and the cat licking the butter together. FML
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No pussy jokes people.

I guess the cat's got his tongue


No pussy jokes people.

i would see this as a meme

you cat expect me to resist that temptation, now, can you?

katachristic 19

*meow, can you?

I guess the cat's got his tongue

tag team on the butter!! lol still bit nasty for them them to do that

well seems like you had more than one pussy all along.

Yeah, you were the other one. :>

could it be that they like are the butter half of each other?

sonasonic 34

Great minds think alike. this an euphemism for something else? I will google licking peanut butter with cat and see what I find.

No. Cats will literally jump up and lick sticks of butter. Peanut butter is unrelated to this fml.

Does that really require you to write an FML on it instead of dealing with it privately? Do you expect to just wish it away or complain until it resolves itself? Help me out here, i'd really love why you felt the need to make this into a public matter.

sometimes there is no specific reason... its just because the OP can plus she thought it would make a good enough fml for her... maybe she was going to use the butter?

That's pretty much the entire nature of FML. If it bothers you, you should probably check out a different website.

Is this app not to tell stories about the weirdly bad, funny but unfortunate, tragic things, or just generally disliked scenarios that have happened to us?

Hello there, don't be a jackass.

I think most ppl writing FMLs do deal with the problem, depending on the severity of the problem, just a matter of whether they deal with it before, during, or after writing the FML...

leogachi 15

@10 Why should anyone feel the need to post their problems on public forums? Most FMLs are basically "I had a bad day today" or "I learned something terrible". Telling people about your problems makes you feel better, and that's just what Op did.

shannon.elizabeth 13

because its funny. having walked in on my cat licking butter this FML made me laugh thinking of my boyfriend and my cat doing that

Someone's going out with the cat. Look like you got some competition!!!

I wanna know the story behind this •-•