By vishuzzbabe77 - 22/08/2011 06:04 - United States

Today, I bought a Halloween costume for my cat. FML
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Bree12345 15


How's this an fml? I think that's awesome!

D37H100 5

You should always make your pussy look nice.

FML, you have no friends? Maybe it's because you dress up your cat?

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So we can expect another FML posted by you, OP, in October then, describing the cuts your cat gave you in return for the costume?

eminemchick 19

45 did i just spot bieber hair!?

Look on the brightside OP, you can take cute pictures of your cat in a halloween costume :D

Cats have made friends with dogs. YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID

n_epic_fail 14

cats need to look sexy too, now if you gave them costumes any other time of the year that would just be weird.

Just out of curiosity OP didn't just go through a break up or mid life crisis did he/she?

tsume24 3

this FML is essentially "today, I chose to buy something. **** my life" I don't get where the FML part is? or how this made it past the mods -.-

You didn't have to buy it. That's like me saying. 'Today, I took my cat to the groomer to have her dyed to look like pikachu. FML.' But I didn't, cause I'm the one who had it done. And holy crapy She's CUUUTE!

I'm not exactly sure what you said but it includes a cat pikachu. Want.

You'll be reeling in the goodies with him by you side.

Cjob 3

Today, my owner bought me a halloween costume. My life is awesome.

Bree12345 15

eBay and also places sell stuff like that year around and around my area there is a halloween express already.

MaxH42 2

Sure, THAT'S what is wrong with this post...they just got the date wrong...

I hadn't even thought of that and I said ydi... But some stores I've been to already have halloween stuff, it annoys me because they could use that space to sell stuff people actually are going to use in the SUMMER.

actually i find this to be adorable :3

crazychick1269 7

ew! I hate cats with a flamming passion!

Where do you find a Halloween costume.... It's august

Boredumm 6

Theres places that sell year round halloween stuff/ party stuff or theres always ebay :P

There are a tonne of stores bringing out decorations already... In fact getting mine for my new place soon

When it's costumes for animals, you can always find them online.