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Today, I told my boyfriend that I didn't want to go out with him because I was having a fat day. After ten minutes of fighting, he threw a ring box on the floor and stormed out. I basically refused his proposal because of my body issues. FML
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1221jamw 11

Well I don't understand why he couldnt of done it another day, but then again I've never planned to propose.. But I also hate how girls will look pretty and find something small thats wrong with them and complain about it..


Yeah, he probably had this awesomely romantic night planned and psyched himself up ready to asked the big question when you shattered his plans

Clearly he loves her the way she is. How come OP still has a problem?!

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18-Because even if her boyfriend finds her perfect, she still needs to find that love for herself.

chlorinegreen 27

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37, I agree with you patially. Unless it happened to cost a lot of money. If he had some "high end" pricey night planned then I can't blame the guy for freaking out. I had close tothe same senario happen to me three years ago and I'm not going to lie, its a sh!ty feeling when someone you plan on proposing to doesn't want to do anything and everyrhing you planned is non-refundable.

34- Thank you! My friend toured me a factory where they made and export theses masks. I bought one for ~ 50 cents :-) 35- Interesting point. I guess guys see things a little differently. I'm a little chubby and my gf is a perfect figure. She loves me a lot so I'm not worried about myself. The moment she would say to lose weight that's where I'll start fixing myself - not that I still don't want to but it's currently on lower priority than other things.

'today, I wanted to propose to my girlfriend over a romantic lunch but she argued with me saying she was having a fat day. I guess this means the wedding is off. FML.

Agreed. Seems kind of immature to me. If he wants to marry her, then, theoretically, he has the rest of his life to ask. And, if he wants to marry her, then he should be sensitive to her insecurities.

Iknoweverything 29

34, I disagree. The childish part of this is when she was willing to FIGHT about it because for one day she felt fat. Imagine how he felt: he had a night prepared to propose (that may have been non-refundable) and when he tried to get her to go out with him anyways, she started fighting with him about it because she felt a little insecure. And if she's only having a fat "day" then she's probably not heavy enough to justify it. (Fat people don't have fat days) I don't blame him for throwing the ring on the floor. He wanted to ask her to spend the rest of her life with him, and she was too busy thinking about how SHE might look. That was probably a huge blow to his ego, not to mention, a sign of who would control the marriage if she had said yes.

So basically the lesson we learned here today is that nobody actually likes fat people. Not even other fat people, and fat people don't like themselves.

117: It sounds like the OP is the insensitive and selfish one. The BF was prepared to put himself on the line for her, but she was too busy sulking and feeling sorry for herself to even give him the time of day.

Hindsight is 20:20, people. It's easy to say what she should have now that we know he was going to propose. The nature of a proposal is that it is a surprise, so, of course, she would have NO IDEA. Furthermore, Who's to say she hasn't had "fat days" before and he's been fine with it. A lot of girls have "fat days", either because they just feel fat or because they're bloated from having their period. She had no way of knowing that it wasn't just a normal day.

#123 It was just a fat DAY. He could've planned it for any other time, informed her about their outting earlier (so she'd be ready and psyched for it), and I'm sure almost any woman would be happy just to get a proposal from someone they love so it really wouldn't matter what he did for it.

We could fight over who was more justified with hypotheticals all day if we really want. He's a couple for you. Maybe the BF spent the last 3 months getting everything fall into place to recreate their first date. Maybe on top of those 3 months he was also in the hole 2 grand making sure the restaurant had the same band, playing the same song, serving the same meal, at the same table, etc. Maybe this day was also very important to him, maybe OP doesn't realize that it was on THAT specific day she did SOMETHING that in his mind made him go, "That's the girl I wanna spend my life with."

karlee333 11

Maybe Op had her period? I know I have thoughts like that when i'm on mine, and most other girls probably do as well. But her poor boyfriend, he probably didn't even see that coming.

158: She was feeling insecure, but instead of doing something to take her mind off of it (i.e: going out with her bf, who loves her) she wanted to pout and fight with him about how fat she felt that day. Being insecure is forgivable, but based on this FML the OP was just being childish.

Wow OP you have obviously have an amazing boyfriend that likes you the way you are,.... I hope you made up for it in some way. Poor guy :

Everyone has those days where they feel shitty and don't want to go anywhere. The difference between us and this idiot is that we will reluctantly oblige if our partner insists they really want to go somewhere, not get into a full blown argument about it.

They both could have handled it a bit better, but OP was the one who needs a reality check. A personal example: I was supposed to start my "girl time" in a few days & I felt really bloated & like hammered sh!t, when my Husband said he wanted to take me out that day. I told him how I felt, but he said it was important to him. You know what I did? I took a diuretic for the bloating, grabbed a few pain pills & got ready to leave. I took a little extra time with my make up & hair, so I could feel better & look good for him. I sucked it up, OP & you should have done the same. Sure, it would've been better if I'd felt perfect, but seeing how happy my Husband was that day & the giant smile on his face made up for it tenfold. HE should matter far more than your insecurities.

I'm sorry OP but you ****** up really bad.. I did the same thing to my GF with her surprise birthday (fancy restaurant, expensive gifts, I've even made a whole scenario with the restaurant staff and we've rehearsed it for about 2 weeks before the BD, believe me it wasn't cheap). So when she said she didn't want to go out because she "didn't feel like it", I freaked out and told her to dress the **** up for a nice night out (she never suspected it was a surprise BD party. She still loves me for it 4 years later.

kittykat1501 31

This has over 1000 up votes! That has to be some kind of record

Yea she's what people call a basic bitch

1221jamw 11

Well I don't understand why he couldnt of done it another day, but then again I've never planned to propose.. But I also hate how girls will look pretty and find something small thats wrong with them and complain about it..

Depends on what he had organised for the night which may not be able to be repeated/cost a bomb.

Nightmayre 7

Maybe OP's boyfriend had a reservation for a really fancy restaurant that he couldn't reschedule very easily?

Obviously you've never had a "fat day".. it feels like someone shoved an air hose up your ass and gorilla glued it in place or like you ate the stuffing out of your pillow.

gTOtheT 7

Well obviously he loved her enough not to care if he was going to propose. We all have fat days that's why they make fat jeans and stretchy clothes! YDI, Op.

JurassicHole 5

106 - A "fat day" is just another term for a lazy day/insecurity day where a girl complains about the most minor shit that any good bf doesn't even think about when looking at their girl. My gf used to do it, but she knows I love the way she looks no matter what and she wouldn't blow off a date night just cause she might've felt like OP. It's not like she was sick or anything, as I'm sure if she was her bf wouldn't have been upset and spent the rest of the night taking care of her. True it was immature to throw the ring, but you've also got to understand what it takes for some guys to ask that one girl to spend the rest of their days with them. He had things planned and they crumbled because OP just wanted to bitch and moan about things her bf obviously doesn't even think about.

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157-Thank you lol those days suck and men will never understand. But that's why some women give up on men. :)

157: Either take a Midol and get on with your life, or just say that you feel like you're gonna throw up. Why waste everybody's time with "Ugh I feel fat today..." self-pity bullshit?

JurassicHole 5

157 - Just because that's how you say it to your bf, doesn't make it what everyone else says. Every girl I know, family, friends, people at work/school etc always say they're on their period, not something that doesn't make much sense in that context aside from a little bloating. Whenever I hear the phrase "I'm having a fat day", it's always referring to someone being lazy or groaning about themselves, as I'm sure most people can agree with me on that. Have I ever felt how a period feels? No, that's idiotic, but I know how it feels to be in a shit load of pain and ill for months on end, but I always feel bad that girls have to go through that every month. When my girl tells me she's on hers I know she's not doing well and if OP was on her period she should have just told him. The FML clearly states that she wasn't though, as any bf knows not to push their girl on their period, so that means she was just being insecure about herself to the one person who loves her for HER. 160 - You really need to quit trying to justify yourself. You're the reason why guys give up on trying to please a woman in a relationship and move on to someone better. You need a reality check, pronto.

160, Because guys don't understand what it's like to have a period is the reason some girls give up on men? Wow, those must be some really pathetic girls...:)

It's amazing how most of these relationship FMLs could be solved by COMMUNICATION. Girls feel cruddy about themselves sometimes. When I'm on my period or just feel insecure, I put on some comfortable clothes, and I'm honest with my boyfriend about how I feel, and he always does his best that day/week to make me feel better, and I do my best so that he knows I appreciate that. I certainly don't take my insecurities/hormones out on him. People just don't get that a relationship is a partnership, and you have to work together.

JurassicHole 5

232 - Exactly, if more people understood this then there'd be a lot less divorce or relationship troubles. It's always the simple things people can't seem to grasp.

MidnightMusic53 37

#157, you and #160 are idiots. When I'm on my period, sure, it hurts, but I don't take it out on everybody and laze about. I get things done to take my mind off of it. If my boyfriend asked me to go out with him for the night, I wouldn't have let my stupid period get in the way. If I were in bad pain, I'd still suck it up and go. Being on your period doesn't give you the excuse to get so wrapped up in yourself that nobody else matters. You two piss me off, you make women seem so weak. It's a regular thing, if you can't suck it up and get used to it after having it every month or so, then you're pathetic. Take some damn pain pills or something if it hurts that bad. As several people have mentioned, a relationship is a partnership, you make sacrifices to make the other person happy. This guy probably spent a ton of money getting everything set up, or spent a lot of time working up the nerve to even ask her to go out for the night with him. Either way, he had to put a lot of effort into it. Plus, the FML makes it quite clear that this is not related to her being on her period, but rather her letting her own insecurities over her appearance get the better of herself. In the end, going out with him for the night would have been a good thing for her, whether he proposed or not. It would have taken her mind off of her insecurities, and she probably would have had fun. The proposal would have just made her feel even better about herself. Finally, to give up on a man because he can't understand your damn period pains is ridiculous. There are more painful things than a period. Enough said.

They make you mad because they won't 'deal with it'? Girls have experiences with periods! Just because you can get through the day normally doesn't mean others can. And as for the 'take some pills', that doesn't work for everyone. Midol and medication like that doesn't help me or my mother. Sometimes there are days it's hard to get out of bed even. I agree you need to compromise, but even if she had given in and went out she would not have had a nice time. I understand why the boyfriend could be upset if he had paid for a fancy restaurant but wouldn't the girlfriend be hesitant to refuse if she knew it costed a lot of money? Without more information I just can't choose whether it's a FYL or YDI.

He may have had a very expensive unique night planned that would be hard to replicate

ThatGirl6 9

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missamazinggg 12

She didn't dump him, she just didn't want to go anywhere.

JurassicHole 5

75 - Your username suddenly makes a lot of sense...

ant1ion 12

I was saying I like her profile pic

KilljoyParade 4

145- 75's username is a band reference, not a literal thing about her personality.

JurassicHole 5

166 - So, when I say I'm in a rush does that mean I'm talking about "RUSH"? Learn sarcasm and get a sense of humor, please. Thank you.

KilljoyParade 4

196- Well my apologies for honestly not seeing sarcasm or humor in that comment.

Stop having such a low self-esteem... You missed out on possibly a great proposal because of it. You apparently are worth it, even if you feel fat.

equintero 4

But since he proposed when shes feeling that way shows he loves her. And since she said no because of her "problem" then that shows she isn't worth it.

I concur; he obviously loves her... Probably doesn't love what she did though.

"Stop having such a low self-esteem", oh, it's so easy to say, isn't it? "You're pretty, you're nice, your boyfriend loves you...lady, be happy with yourself!" If peoples minds only worked that way... I also feel sorry for the boyfriend, but I don't understand his reaction. He is her boyfriend, he must have known that OP sometimes has a fat day (didn't know that existed, though) and that she's a pain in the ass right then. Throwing the ring box on the floor is just so... cruel. Why didn't he change his plans, told OP how pretty, nice, lovely and not-fat she was, went on his knee and proposed to her, right there right now? Yeah, I know, it's easy to say 'you should have done...' when you're not the one who's in that situation, but still... starting a fight with your spouse because you want to propose to her... little paradox, isn't it.

citymayer 7

Go look up the word spouse.

Oh, I always thought that spouse was a synonym for sweetheart. My bad. I still stand with my comment, though.

I hate girls who are dead set against what their boyfriends say. shut the f**k up and accept a compliment. if I was a guy I'd find it so annoying if my girlfriend constantly said "no I'm not pretty, stop saying I am when I'm not" so what if you're having a fat day? put on something that makes you feel good and go out! it never does any good staying in and wallowing in self pity! if you think you're fat do something about it to prevent future fat days! you missed out and a proposal because of it! sorry if this sounded harsh but some people just need to be told.

All I can say is wow.. Just wow lol..

68- more girls need to be like you...

Llamacod 11

Djeepee, spouse is a synonym for husband or wife. you can't propose to your spouse as the person cannot be a spouse until marriage. standing by your incorrect comment all you want, it is still incorrect.

Llamacod 11

it doesn't do any good for the boyfriend to propose right then and there anyway. how romantic of a story is that,"johnny had a romantic dinner and balloon ride planned but I didn't want to go because I was having a 'fat'day so johnny proposed right then and there. isn't that romantic?"

26, The amount of effort and thought that went into that proposal would have been huge, and she just ruined it because she didn't feel like going anywhere. To a guy, this is a big deal. When it goes from a request to go out to a full on argument then she has crossed a line. Why would you let it get that far? It would sound pretty important to him that you both go out, so get off your fat ass and suck it up.

NoSubway4Me 8

I wish I could thumbs this up more than once, really. I totally agree. I have never heard of a "fat day", and I hate how a lot of us girls are whiney about crap like that (myself NOT included), but he could've definitely rescheduled or come about the situation differently. Not his fault for being mad, but he didn't have to be, definitely not. Unless OP did something like this coincidently every time he was trying to pop the question....

Hopefully you guys can work it out. I mean, if he was going to propose to you, then he really does love you. So who cares if you feel fat next time. Your boyfriend finds you beautiful.

Yeah it's to bad OP missed this. Now there's no surprise. So hopefully they work it out and end up engaged and have a funny story to tell their grand kids!

Well, I think the best thing to do probably would be to apologize

Fat day or not, your boyfriend clearly doesn't see it. He wants you for you, stop worrying so much.

I'm sorry, but what exactly is a fat day?

Like a bad hair day, but you feel fat. Maybe your clothes feel tight or something.

On a fat day you can also feel really bloated and self conscious.

To be honest, OP, if he loves you, he'll understand you were just having a fat day, and try again. But, on the other hand, you were being quite selfish and vain; after all, he loves you for who you are, not what you look like.

I bet your one of those girls who has a bitch when he doesn't want to go somewhere.

Gives birth to one right then and there.

JurassicHole 5

Before you know it, you're up to your ass in bitches... Not the good kind either...