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  imaginaryvoice  |  18

I'm trying to imagine how this went down.
"Honey, I love you and want to spend the rest of my life... Well no.... Honey, you mean everything to me and I think.... No, that's not true either.. I don't even know why we're together. I think i'ts time to break up."

  Druu  |  53

"[OP's name], over the time we've been together, you've made me a very happy man. Knowing you has caused me to know myself better. I've enjoyed our time together immensely, and I want us to enjoy the rest of our lives with nothing but happiness. Separately."

  vehementbitch  |  4

*gets down on one knee* see i have this ring here and i wanna marry you. but i dont. as a matter of fact i wanna break up with you all together soo.....i guess ill see you around......

  truesarrif  |  33

more like he started off talking about all the good things about OP how she is a wonderful person yadda yadda. which OP MISTOOK as the beginning of a proposal. when in fact the guy was just trying to let her down easy

By  dawnimus  |  21

He sounds like a very confused person of you ask me - I know it's not much consolation but at least he got cold feet before you spent a lot of money on a wedding.

By  perdix  |  29

Wow, did that involve him getting down on one knee and offering you a diamond ring as a parting gift? Did you also get a year's supply of Rice-A-Roni and a home version of the game?