By confusedandnowsingle - 28/06/2013 12:23 - Finland - Espoo

Today, my boyfriend's proposal speech somehow ended with him breaking up with me. FML
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rachiebuger101 8

That's one of the most messed up things I've ever heard. I'm so sorry OP

are you sure it was a proposal speech in the first place and not just a really long weird breakup speech?


rachiebuger101 8

That's one of the most messed up things I've ever heard. I'm so sorry OP

I'm literally speechless, I have no idea how that could even happen.

perdix 29

#6, you know who wasn't speechless? The ex-boyfriend.

Shadowvoid 33

They are getting more clever with break ups. Solution: don't date ever again and give up your time to lord Zenu

perdix 29

#1, I thought the guy trying to share the urinal at the mall was even more messed up than this thing -- and that was just from earlier today.

I'm trying to imagine how this went down. "Honey, I love you and want to spend the rest of my life... Well no.... Honey, you mean everything to me and I think.... No, that's not true either.. I don't even know why we're together. I think i'ts time to break up."

#6 yeah I literally have no clue how the hell does that happen? I wonder if he had to intention to do that when he first proposed!

Druu 53

"[OP's name], over the time we've been together, you've made me a very happy man. Knowing you has caused me to know myself better. I've enjoyed our time together immensely, and I want us to enjoy the rest of our lives with nothing but happiness. Separately."

DWT 18

Just how is that possible?

he's an asshole. shame on him for ruining a moment for you. here's to a new guy and a kick ass proposal! *clinks glasses*

Bobskittens1 12

Maybe he just got so nervous that he rage quit? Either way, sorry OP.

Rage quitting- level: marriage proposal.

badluckdawson 19

What a dick

HowAreYouToday 34

Yeah. Sucks that the sick was in his personality and not his pants.

Probably OP's fault

Sometimes you need to stare down the barrel of commitment to realize that you'd really rather just focus on WoW.

bigmike25 11

#3 OP probably misinterpreted his break-up speech as a proposal and he is not a dick because it was face to face.

Usually fake FMLs are hard to detect but this one was pretty easy.

perdix 29

#4 comments that are begging for immediate demolition are usually pretty easy to spot and this one is asking for a rapid death.

are you sure it was a proposal speech in the first place and not just a really long weird breakup speech?

agreed. and without OP filling in the blanks we can only guess

OP will probably comment filling in what he said and did

*gets down on one knee* see i have this ring here and i wanna marry you. but i dont. as a matter of fact i wanna break up with you all together soo.....i guess ill see you around......

more like he started off talking about all the good things about OP how she is a wonderful person yadda yadda. which OP MISTOOK as the beginning of a proposal. when in fact the guy was just trying to let her down easy

My husband didn't go down on one knee. Although he did pull out a ring. So I guess that means I'm half married???

#70 yes...yes it does.

He sounds like a very confused person of you ask me - I know it's not much consolation but at least he got cold feet before you spent a lot of money on a wedding.

josh7279 7

He probably changed his mind half-way through the proposal.

Or simply was drunk as hell and had no clue what he was doing

Fear of commitment or did he just not have the balls to marry you?

tj5810 21

That's one in the same, 9.

ThePsyche 9

If people got married based on those conditions, the world would be a very unhappy place.

perdix 29

Wow, did that involve him getting down on one knee and offering you a diamond ring as a parting gift? Did you also get a year's supply of Rice-A-Roni and a home version of the game?

"Hey uhhhh...*gets on one knee* will you break up with me?"*runs out of way of angry ex, takes all belongings, and leaves.