By badluck - 21/07/2014 19:31 - Canada - Medicine Hat

Today, I was out with my boyfriend, when he started browsing wedding rings. He found a ring, proposed to me right there in front of a crowd, and then was promptly denied a payment plan. We left without a ring. FML
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Sounds like he didn't think that out very carefully.


Sounds like he didn't think that out very carefully.

doesn't sound like he had any credit... or maybe bad credit lol

brettrb 18

It really is the thought.. At least you know he's committed to the relationship! Just because he isn't in the right place financially to get you a big ring doesn't mean that he doesn't love you. Stick with him OP, cause that way when he's got more cash, he'll repay you for supporting him during rough times. After all, love conquers all, right?

If its the thought that counts then he could have thought ahead and gotten his financing in order before the proposal so he could have saved her the public embarrassment. Seriously its like 15 minutes online to fill out an application, it was honestly pretty awkward and very unromantic of him to do the paperwork with her right there anyways. I'm hardly for a gigantic, overpriced diamond that puts someone in debt, but if he had to finance it couldn't he have been a little more thoughtful and have them bring out the rings in his price range?

cryssycakesx3 22

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Looks like I found a gold digger. Some people just get married for money, but if you truly love someone, any ring will do. Marriage has to do with being with someone you undeniably love, not getting them to spend a boatload of money on you.

brettrb 18

I think you missed the point, 68. The fact that the boyfriend attempted to get approved for a payment plan could mean that he couldn't afford the ring unless it was financed, which means that he was willing to purchase an expensive item that was out of his price range just to show his love. But materialistic people won't understand that.

74, I can't really see this as a good thing. Perhaps he really does love his girlfriend and would like to spend his life with her; we will never know unless OP tells us. Regardless of the level of infatuation (which is what it appears to be here, honestly), a responsible should think about their finances before deciding to invest in a high-value item such as a ring. Furthermore, this seems like an "impulse buy" -- the kind of thing you do when you're a kid who just got a bank account and a card and you go into a place to buy a game or what have you and get declined like a hot chick you meet in a club. I would also argue that his spontaneous and not-so-well-thought-out proposal is a bad thing. It's good to do things on impulse sometimes (encouraged, even), but this isn't one of those things.

tweedledie 3

I don't agree. An impulsive proposal in itself is not a bad thing. My husband proposed to me spontaneously (with a piece of string cos that's all he could find at the time) and we've been very happily married for four years. Deciding to propose on a whim, cos it sounds like fun, now that's irresponsible. But asking someone who you genuinely love to marry you without necessarily planning it down to the T is not in itself a bad thing.

atav 17

Haha that reminded me of the episode when spongebob used a piece of string to make a necklace. Proposing with something like that is rather, unusual.

Maybe he knew he couldn't afford it but if the ring was nice enough you'd say yes, clever man!

Or maybe he didn't knew he had a bad credit score and would be denied a payment plan.

Sounds like the salesperson is a troll.

cryssycakesx3 22

the salesperson didn't deny his credit.

Well he should have thought about it more.

Now that's gonna be an awesome story to tell your kids. Kids, you see this beautiful diamond ring? Well, I'm gonna tell you the story of how your father and I got. Cue how I met your mother theme song.

paaaaa papapa paaaaaa papa pa paaaaaaa!

SalsaVerdeDonut 22

That's embarrassing. I wouldn't know what to do if that happened to me. But at least he proposed and hopefully you said yes?

Spontaneity is great and all, but I propose that your boyfriend should be more sure of his credit before rushing into something as important as this.

Oh wow, sorry about that OP. I'm sure there is a place that he can get a ring and have a payment plan.

I don't think you should be buying a ring unless you're able to pay cash for it. I think spending more than you can afford on a ring is ridiculous.