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Today, I proposed to my girlfriend. She said yes, but the ring turned out to be quite tight on her finger. She then chewed me out, saying that I can't do anything right, then changed her answer to no. FML
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Maybe it's better that she changed her answer to no. Imagine what it would be like if you found out she was like that after being married to her.


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She sounds like a snobby bitch OP, and you deserve a little more from asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you. Hope things get better :P

Okay lemme clear something up here. I'm not a bitch with a bunch of mental problems. Look around. Look at how self centered so many people are. It's hard to find someone who genuinely cares. That's what I mean by losing faith. So many people are all about themselves and don't give a shit about what their actions do to others.

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#71, 1.) #63 was stating that OP's girlfriend was a bitch, not you. 2.) Calm down.

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Ohh #71 you don't want to start that justification battle on FML , you will never win

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I agree with you #1 and #71, I think nobody here understood what you said. I agree, selfish people like the OP's ex-girlfriend is selfish, and that's a good reason to lose faith in humanity because more and more people only care about themselves nowadays.

Because people have NEVER been bitches right? This just recently happened.

If you're losing faith in humanity, you have no one but yourself to blame. There is just as much, if not more, good in the world than bad. You just don't see that side on FML and the nightly news :)

#1 You do realize #5 was being sarcastic, taking your commonly idiotic remark literally, right? You don't lose faith in humanity over a few disgusting traits of other people.

97, if you think that's true, you've clearly never worked in animal rescue. I'm only 24 and there is no act of kindness big enough to ever restore my faith in humankind.

For everyone bitching at me, I'm not going to stop defending my opinion. It's something that I honestly feel strongly about. First off, I don't watch the news. Most of the reason I'm losing faith is because of first hand observations. I see a ton of people who are so shallow and all they care about is themselves l and it drives me insane. I see so many people taking advantage of others kindness, in big and small ways, but both matter. Watch how a person trays their "inferiors" not their equals. You'll see what people truly are and not who they pretend to be to yet ahead in life.

#110 Ok, you're new here, so helpful hint: No matter how well-backed your opinion may be, people on FML are tired of seeing your incredibly overused and unoriginal comment as a cheap way to respond, nab the first comment spot, or get a sarcastic chuckle. Don't take it personally and invite these long unnecessary arguments; simply know that your comment will automatically trigger downvotes and annoyance. Lesson learned.

Really 101? You work in animal rescue and don't see the good in humanity? You are clearly choosing to look only at the disgusting people who abuse animals and not the remarkable ones who rescue them. I'm guessing you look at the rest of life the same way.

124, the people you speak of are my friends and family, and they are just as disillusioned and heartbroken as I am. You do it for five minutes and we'll see how you feel.

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I've already lost my faith in humanity. Don't worry, watch the news for a few nights and you'll be there too.

Not sticking up for her......but maybe she's pregnant. ...that could explain the mood swing?

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Your comments are not interesting nor entertaining. Sounds like a charmer? Really? Is that the best you can do? I pity people who thumbs up such a useless comment. Stop trolling.

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#112 and I pity the people try and act like they're far more superior, when really they're talking out of their ass. You must be new to this site. no one cares about your lashing out. It's just a comment, I wasn't trying to play as entertainment for anyone. Nice try. Welcome to FML. Take a seat.

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Anyways... bitch sounds bipolar

So sorry OP!! Personally though, I think you dodged a bullet.

The look you make when you throw the Pokeball, it jiggles around for a moment... then the pokemon gets away.

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Yeah but his girlfriend sounds like she's a Zubat

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more like he was in the safari zone and kept throwing rocks at her

Maybe it's better that she changed her answer to no. Imagine what it would be like if you found out she was like that after being married to her.

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That's what I was thinking. Sounds like OP deserves better.

I dont think OP girlfriend should be blamed because OP didnt put any thought into her ring!!why is the woman a bitch because she doesnt just accept anything a man gives her!!!!!

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@ 67 Stop and take a deep breath. Read your comment and try again.

67-- are you serious?! The ring did not fit, big deal! I am sure most people (I don't) even know their ring size. Why is it fair for the man to spend a lot of money on an engagement ring then has to spend another small fortune on a wedding ring? I am pretty sure most men buying an engagement ring put a lot of thought into it. You sound like a high maintenance pain.

#67 Number 1. Your comment barely passes as a first grader's writing. Number 2. The point you tried to make is naive and overall ridiculous. Buying the ring in the wrong size does not mean he didn't put thought into the proposal. Some people are grateful enough without a ring, just having their significant other by their side is enough. But hey, a lot of people are selfish like yourself and OPs girlfriend.

Engagement rings for women at the store come in one size. Size 7. You have to pay to get it resized. Better to go WITH you new fiance to get her finger measured before getting the ring resized.

omg how would you know her finger size? I don't even know my own

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Then some people have half sizes. My husband and I had to get our wedding bands ordered because the store didn't carry our sizes.

My best friend just got engaged. Her ring was way too big. She wrapped a bandaid around it so it would fit until she could get it sized. If it were too small, she said she'd have put it on a chain to show it off.

@19 Seriously! I had a bunch of rings left to me by my maternal and paternal grandmothers that I got sized to fit me, and ended up being 5 & 3/4. If OP didn't have one of her rings to take in for sizing, the odds of getting the perfect fit were slim to none.

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luckily you found out what she's really like

Wow. It should only matter that you made the effort and expressed your love. I don't see why it should be all about a stupid ring. That's just my opinion though.

Exactly. She can get it resized or they can exchange it if that's the only issue.

You don't understand, the ring was being a homeboy. Clearly, she was a fat bitch. Friends don't let friends marry fat bitches. Good lookin' out, wedding ring.

#43 hahahaha xD omg that made my day

Think of this as a blessing, now you know how dumb and shallow she is.

Tomorrow when she try's to say sorry and asks for the ring back, stand your ground and don't give it to her!