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  skybeau  |  0

Yes!! Someone else that watches Coupling! Well, it's his relationship too - he should get a say in it :P

Seriously though, if you're dating someone so demanding that they refuse to accept you breaking up with them, you're gonna have some problems. FYL indeed


I had that happen once... only being an actual person, and not some kind of robot that has to follow orders, I said, "too bad". I did get that "It's my relationship too, I should get a say!". Scary shit! Seriously, just leave. If you don't live together, there should be no problem. Lock your doors. If he keeps coming back, call the cops. If that doesn't work, get a restraining order. If that fails, jail should hold him ;P You just can't force someone to be in a relationship they don't want to be in. Quit being one of those weak, spineless girls who just does what anyone says. YDI. I don't see why some people clicked YLiF instead. I mean, YLiF if you are that pathetic, but it's YDI.

  nviedemerde  |  0

You're married to a man who said no when you tried to break up with him?!?! That's pretty messed up. Did you say no when he proposed, too? Then he just shoved the ring on your finger anyway?


I had that happen to me too. it's like: who are you to tell me no? I ended up ignoring him and got another guy in a few weeks, the ex went on a rant on about how I was a cheater. ridiculous

  rofl_lol_lmao  |  0

wow... let me guess? you had a gf who did that and now you are convinced its the whole sex to blame instead of your patheticness? wait wait dont tell me. you forced someone to have sex after she saw your dick and tried to leave?

  miskui  |  0

Way to try and compensate for your abnormally small penis. Women are humans too, asshole.

Honey - you want to leave, why the fuck are you asking him if you can? FUCKING LEAVE***

  naem  |  0

OMG!! there's no need to waist time getting the legal system involved. they're not married. this FML really isn't THAT bad. If they were married with some sort of pre-nup contract involving the assets they probably don't have then, ok, FTL.

  voveraite  |  7

huh? Loving someone does not give you ownership over them. Loving someone implies respecting them and their decisions, and wishing them the best in life, even if this does not imply you being around. Geez...


I agree with #37 on this one. If you love someone, you can't just imprison them. It's not right. Attempting to convince them otherwise (like once, and not with any kinds of threats) is something you should do if you care, but seriously, you can't just say no. I bet you're the boyfriend :P

  regalarius  |  0

I have never seen a site where the trolls get fed nearly this much...

Why are they called 'trolls,' anyways? In D&D, flame is one of the very few ways to kill a troll!


Lol even if you give them the benefit of the doubt and say it's not a troll, her name is "cutepooh". Which makes her all of...oh, about 7 years old. Doesn't understand the concept of a real relationship. You remember that age. "I punched you in the arm, that means you're my boy/girlfriend!"

  acd23  |  0

@ #153 Most sites have better moderation to keep the local troll population down and the strays are left to starve. But for some reason FML lets the trolls roam free most of the time, and everyone else keeps the trolls around by supplying them with a constant supply of fuel in the form of anger, irritation, etc. As to why they're called trolls, I do not know.

By  midwestjerk  |  0

What the hell?

He can try and make his case for working the relationship out, and maybe even have a reasonable expectation that you will listen to his opinion. After he's done, you can dump his ass and move on with your life.

If you let him saying "no" be the only deciding factor, you deserve whatever you get. Grow a backbone and ditch his ass.


I'm so glad you said that because that was the first thing I thought of. It seems like no matter what's going on, it always makes me think of something that happened on Seinfeld, but this especially.

By  Ryuunohi  |  0

stop seeing him. when he begs you back, say you broke up with him. everything in a relationship is mutual. as far as you're concerned, there is no relationship. you don't need his approval.