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By  comedybreak  |  20

YDI for giving it to a idiot neighbor who knows nothing about you and doesn't ask first.

  sammyf89  |  13

I don't think it's deserved. How would the op have known that their neighbour would let someone in like that. Not everyone knows every detail about their neighbours. They might have genuinely thought it was the ops mother.

  1221jamw  |  11

9- when we go on vacation we usually ask a neighbor to take care of everything, so the neighbor has been in our house,and would know I don't have a goldfish..I think op just chose a neighbor they're not real close to

  citymayer  |  7

It's ok comedybreak. People on here always do that even if the comment is legitimate. I agree with you. Why give a key to your neighbor if they don't know enough about you to know that your mom passed away? And why didn't the neighbor call? Just a whole lot of stupid going on here.


LOL. The perfect prank. Your neighbour deserves a pat on the back, Zach.
I got to try that someday. ;3

Oh but on a serious note, i give my respects to your mother and i'm very sorry to hear that she passed away. May she rest in peace.

  jemmers  |  13

My thing is, you give a neighbor the key to watch the house. When you do that you usually tell them about the pets said neighbor would have to feed. I would know something is up just with that common sense. Also you never let anyone in unless they say it's ok for them to do so before hand.

  MDTeddy  |  13

First of all, you donkt ask a neighbor. You ask a friend who you know and trust and hang out with all the time. You can always ask a relative. A neighbor seems out of the blue unless you are close to your neighbors.

  emilyjgraham  |  34

15 although I agree about they should know about pets it's a possibility op asked the neighbour to just watch the house whilst they were away, he could have asked a family member to do the 'taking care of the pets' for him. unlikely I know but it could have been that way. even so, the neighbour should have called him before to confirm it was okay!

  Sarkisa54  |  5

Well, the neighbor said "let her in" meaning she obviously had a way in, like a key, because OP gave it to her because she has to have someone take care of the house while she's gone. I probably would've picked a relative, but neighbor's good too.

  jemmers  |  13

A lot of people get robbed because of posting where they are on Facebook. A lot of people don't make their information private and the thieves can see all that information and know when your gone from your posts.

By  blubberfish  |  10

Today, I realized my neighbors were gullible...

If your neighbors know what you look like, your mom should have passed some features on to you when you were born so they probably should have been able to tell it wasn't your mom.