By Really? - 31/12/2016 01:54 - Australia - Homebush

Today, during an endless heat wave, I sat at my local pub having a beer. I was delighted as a cool sea breeze started to come through. I was less delighted when the sea breeze picked up and blew cigarette ash onto my sweaty face and into my mouth. FML
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Could've =could have (not could of)

TheBastarDino 2

Its been high 30s for the last 2 weeks where i live you get sick of it quick. I live in South Australia.


bruhhhhhhh 14

What an ash hole... no? Ok you're right that was terrible

Eh, it wasn't great. I don't mind a bad joke here and there. It's the overdone bad jokes that get to me.

The butterfly effect is called to mind—owing its name to the notion that the characteristics of a hurricane can be influenced by the tiniest atmospheric perturbations (like butterflies flapping their wings) weeks earlier. It extends to other meteorological phenomena besides hurricanes. I guess I'm trying to say that you should kill as many butterflies as possible to keep ash off of your face.

Could of been worse...and ended up in your beer!

Could've =could have (not could of)

I've heard of the dangers of second-hand smoke, but I've never heard of second-hand ash. Ok, I have heard of second-hand ash, but I thought that person had a speech impediment and was talking about sloppy seconds.

It's minus 12 C here. I wish that was me. So cold.

Colder is better, because you can always put on more than you can take off. Besides people tend to complain when your down to your skin in public. :P

That's true , but also when it's colder people are most exposed to getting sick. I know no one enjoys getting sick. I personally hate the cold because it's kills the drive to do anything outside if your not use to it.

TheBastarDino 2

Its been high 30s for the last 2 weeks where i live you get sick of it quick. I live in South Australia.

species4872 19

Interesting, since you cannot smoke in pubs, clubs, hell everywhere indoors in New South Wales.

cootiequeen4444 11

sea breezes don't tend to be indoors...sooo...

If its a pub with an outdoor area, then you can smoke. The "sea breeze" indicated OP was outdoors, like in a beer garden or on a balcony. My local pub has a smoking area out the front.

KrazyKatz3 26

He said "at" not "in" could have been outside tables