By frankkathy - 26/07/2011 17:07 - United States

Today, I saved a honey bee from drowning in our pool. It promptly stung me and died. FML
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flockz 19

you ruined its suicide attempt what do u expect?


gmc_blossom 21
kaylynheartsyou 10

Nice? O_o They sting you then die

He was referring to OP, not the bee...

kmumma 3

why the hell would you save a bee?

iTransform 8

Wow 36 it just flew right over your head -_-

80, 'cause one day when you're drowning in a pool, the bee will return the favor.

NastyNinja31 0

no good deed goes unpunished

Maybe OP isn't an expert in bee varieties and accidentally mis-classified her little bee buddy.

Honey bees will use their sting if provoked; they have a sting for this reason. Being manhandled would certainly count as provocation to an insect. We did the research for you on this.

MineDub5253 0

or mayhem in the apostate commercials

littlemissFYL 5

you might have saved it from drowning but you can't save it after it stung you :-P

Thunderbender 2

Did you rescue it with your hand? How did you possibly expect to not be stung?

16, one; A honey bee will only sting if roughly handled, an even still very rare. Two; they will also sting if the nest was attacked, that wasn't the case. Third OP; honey Bees don't die after they sting because human skin is not thick enough to dislodge it's stinger. So back to number 8's post, you are right, it probably wasn't a honey bee.

Randuhh_17 4

maybe it was a suicidal bee, who wanted a creative death....which you interfered in. So as a result to your interference, it was pissed, and it stung you. Managing to both get revenge, and die....?

salvorican 24

Omg the bee sounds like a terrorist

iTransform 8

^^ Is that a fancy way of saying Bee School?

i dont know where my k went. i meant ****!

leemurcat 5

46- That sounds terribly boring. Just saying.

48 no it's the study of insects 52 it is but won't be when I finish, because I'll be working with animals, hopefully in australia or new zealand, but I needed this degree first :/

leemurcat 5

Study insects= work with animals? Treat bug bites or something? I am concerned

52 - Pff, entomology is fascinating. Nature is awesome.

This bee was living a real life edition of Final Destination. If only she could have overcome her nature of stinging she may have survived... until death came up with something else.

1- Ya and Casey Anthony is didn't kill her child.

TheRealBruce 12

oops I done stung myself bye world!


does it matter what kind of bee it was?!

1- ya, and Casey Anthony didn't kill her child.

you study insects to work with animals? shouldn't you be taking some animal course then?

my minor is entomology, my major is zoology :)

tandem123 6

133, you even have the picture and name to match that comment. bravo, goog sir.

1- Yep and Casey Anthony didn't kill her child.

Dude.. Just shut up. You obviously chose the wrong subject to study!

gmc_blossom 21
NeverShoutDana 13

5, don't put your number on fml. personally, I'd b kind of scared if someone like every1luvsboners or gayboii started texting me.

she could be using textfree on her iPhone so you can block random weirdos. just saying.

A honey bee? I had not known they stung. Shit, back to google.

Mipz 2

bumblebees are the ones that don't sting. they're the big fuzzy ones. :3

180- Bumble bees do sting, I've been stung by one in the temple before.

lorenzoman77 7

it was probably having swim and you interrupted you deserve it. bees deserve to relax to

yomommma 6
flockz 19

you ruined its suicide attempt what do u expect?

Well they do commit suicide when they sting, i was turned it into a homicide by me before. It tried to sting me but then I caught it, got a hold of it's stinger, and pulled it out.

leemurcat 5

My boyfriend catches bees so he can put them down my shirt >.> lol I don't see how he does it. But he also can tell which sting and which don't. I don't know that, either, but luckily I haven't been stung yet.

My girlfriend puts leeches on my erection.

I think I'd get rid of that boyfriend... He doesn't sound like a great catch to me.

there's gratitude for u, I'm sorry :( f the bee and fyl