By crotchshothottie - 26/07/2011 16:22 - United States

Today, I saw my picture in an architecture magazine. I'm not an architect. I was walking up a flight of "magnificently built" stairs as my skirt lifted to show an absence of underwear. FML
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oh yeah! I saw that in this weeks issue of "architectural upskirts"!

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20 bucks says no one will remember her face!

50 bucks says her face wasn't even in the shot.

CasualZombie 6

100 bucks says bob the builder is jackin off to it right now

kyndersmommy10 0

bahahahahaha. love the bob the builder comment!!

that is why my dear you should live in my mansion so that we can photograph you and make you a star!

A fat old man who wears skirts? Lovely.

If you've managed to get into said article, doesn't that means you're hot?

flockz 19

#34 If I could give 2 thumbs up for that I would that was great

that stair case wasn't the only magnificently built thing there ;)

theboss3469 4

Are you sure that's architecture magazine?

salvorican 24

You should be proud. You're probably the only reason why people will buy that magazine now

Upskirt shots were probably the main reason people bought that magazine. Sorry if I made spelling mistakes I am mildly inebriated right now.

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I was kinda wondering how they could do this without asking for her permission, and if they did, she should have asked to see the photo.

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You can sue for this! This is actually a good reason to sue for >.>!

What magazine? I want to go pick up a copy while Borders has their 40% off sale.