Bee plot

By rrr - 15/08/2011 15:55 - Canada

Today, I started my job as an assistant to a beekeeper. I forgot to put gloves on, and got stung like crazy. My hands swelled up to the size of baseball gloves. Turns out, I'm allergic to bees. FML
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So you forgot to put on gloves before playing with bees, common mistake

Get well soon!


Get well soon!

This sounded odd the first time I read it, because I thought it said bookkeeper, damn dislexia!

Well, you're lucky you weren't actually allergic to the point of going into anaphylactic shock. Dying would have been a terrible way to start, and end, your new job.

Now, you can scare people away with your hand. ;D

nixter5 18

That's like a lifeguard forgetting their bathing suit. It's nearly impossible. How could you not remember?


Well aint that a "bee"!

I can picture the bee from DickFigures screaming in the background "IM FREEEE MOTHAFUCKAAAAAS!!!"

aFatFuck 0

Yeah... I don't think he was allergic... When your hands get stung like 'crazy' they will tend to swell up... If you are allergic you'd be dead - also how do you get that job not knowing if you're allergic or not. Take an allergy test

76 you just put that in my head I ROFL so much :-p

i see wat u did there

Pixxio_O 11

That would be hard to ********** with... 0.0

andy_l 14

It's still baseball season ... so ...

85, not everyone knows if they're allergic to bees or not, some people find out when they do get stung, that's how my uncle learned he was allergic to bees

That would've been good to know...

IAmNotAnAnimal 9

Oh, the irony.

Aren't most people allergic to bee stings anyway? I would figure that to be common knowledge...

Natural selection at It's finest.

find a new job??

Yeah, good idea. I suggest becoming a neurosurgeon, or perhaps you could defuse unexploded bombs in Iraq. Nothing that requires you to remember anything though, mkay?

boredblonde 17

You didn't put on gloved "bee"cause you're a moron

I think putting gloves on would be Bee Basics 101. I'm sorry you got stung though. Be more careful next time.

nixter5 18

Ha. Haha. Haaaaa....NO.

Yeah, how do you forget to put on gloves if you're about to deal with bees...? >.>

bizarre_ftw 21

Anyone want to make the "bored blonde? Don't you mean: bottle blonde" or "brainless" or "Britney-Spears-wanna-be-but-not-intelligent-enough-to-actually-achieve" joke? No.... Hmm.... Really? Okay *shrugs* whatever :/

mynameis1339 0

114: Shut up

So you forgot to put on gloves before playing with bees, common mistake

CHizzy963369 3

Ya it is. I do it all the time. Sarcasm.

^You and your sarcasm suck.

the job makes the man

May I suggest a different career path?

orangeduck 6

Become a professional arm wrestler. With your puffed up hands only a handful can defeat you.

KiddNYC1O 20

Or Nicki Minaj finally found someone to oil her butt.

dude, you gotta bee more careful.

I know a lot allergic to work