By Anonymous - 02/04/2012 02:25 - United States - Binghamton

Today, while mowing the lawn, I ran over a hornet's nest. FML
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Could be worse, at least it wasn't a tracker jackers' nest


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Bet u found out how fast u can run pretty damn quick

What about the scenario where OP's lawnmower sheds all of the hornets and gets rid of the nest.

37: that sounds like a success baby meme. haha :)

I'm certain you can out run bee's or wasps but hornets can catch up, there pretty fast. Sorry OP, hope you feel better and FYL

Happened to my dad once too, and he came running at the door pounding, and we all thought he was crazy until we saw the hornets...

Wouldnt you be able to see a nest on a lawn, I mean with the lump and the hornets flying around

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They frequently burrow into the ground and you can't see if you're not expecting it. Believe me, I know...

Not to mention hornets nests can be pretty small as well, or OP could have tall grass. I still feel pretty bad for OP.

Its called a ground nest. It will be a small hole in the ground anywhere from 3-10 inches diameter depending on the age of the colony. Running it over with a lawnmower is definatly not recomnended :)

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Oh my... Good luck with the result of what I'm sure ensued after that. Im sure there's some cream or something out there that could help you.

I've been told a lukewarm bath can help neutralize it as wells. Good luck OP, hope this doesn't end like My Girl!

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That movie destroyed my childhood.

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I hope you realized that in time to make a run for it.

6- I clicked on you because I'm a fearless Armenian SSR bastard.

I clicked on you, becouse god told me so Believe me i m saying the truth. Trust me This is legit....

I clicked on him simply because he is beautiful.

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Considering that this is an FML, he probably didn't. Btw I clicked on you because you told not to.

Could have been worse, you could've ran over a land mine like how I did the other day

Where? on battlefield 3 ? Or you just a another american soldier in middle-east dont knowing what the **** you are doing there ? Trying to save the world from terrorists maybe ? 0_o

Damn, this comment above me sucks. Lol you guys can thumb it down if you want, I don't care. I'm really tired right now, but i just love staying up till the new fmls come along lol

*the comment above me as in MY comment, not the other guys comment

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Ouch... Sorry OP, that really stings.

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Don't point out puns, cuz then it's not funny...

Don't worry, it wasnt that funny in the first place...

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Are puns ever funny though? Not really

Oh..shit. I hoped you ran as fast as you could in your house and are staying inside for life.