By Anonymous - 01/12/2010 10:03 - United Kingdom

Today, I thought it would be a good idea to take a short cut driving through the snow. I skidded to avoid an oncoming car and ended up in someone's garden, inches from their brand new extension. The house belonged to a police officer. FML
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Just because women are better at owning their shit does not suddenly make men better drivers. We rarely get snow in Vancouver so when we got a good dump of it last week things were horrible. Yet what did we see? People driving on snow and black ice as if it was the middle of summer time. Men and women get into the same number of accidents but men are more likely to hit and run while women are more likely to report even mild fender benders that do not need reporting. In this case the OP deserves it for taking a short cut. When the weather is bad - slow the **** down and stay on roads you are familiar with.

I hate to add to the mindless sexism that consumes FML, but seems like every post that involves shitty driving involves a female. just an observation ladies.


YDI. But since you're there knock on the door. Pretend you're doing a survey. Ask intimate questions. Then threaten to blackmail him. Or run to the car and drive away. That's what I do. Women can drive. ahem.

All I read was "I thought it would be a good idea to..." and instantly hit YDI!

24 - I'm pretty sure the cop will be able to see the tell-tale signs of what they did. And since you said "that's what I do" I'm guessing you've done this before? A_a

ugh yet another fml proving women drivers suck!! :(

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Sounds dreadful. Taking shortcuts is pointless, just like anything else you might attempt to do for convenience's sake. Your particular situation also illustrates the stupidity that's typical of your ape-like species. It's enough to make me even more depressed, and I didn't think that was possible. Life. Don't talk to me about life.

46-You got your shades from Journeys? That's where I. Got mine. On black Friday. And they weren't on sale. 63- Thank you! 64- Yes of course I do that all the time. Do you think I could ever make up something like that?! It's so crazy it has to be true.

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My girlfriend totaled 3 cars last summer, one of then was mine. :( women can't drive.

never take shortcuts. its that simple. YDI

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**** the police they are all sorry believe me I know I was engaged to one...

@110 So am I, its more likely that you just had a shitty fiancé.

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this is why women shouldn't be out of the kitchen

The only thing women should be doing in the kitchen for you schmucks is deciding which knife to use to cut off your worthless dicks. You assholes probably go home at night and jerk off to gay **** before crying yourself to sleep. Piss off.

I think a lot of girls would rather stay in the kitchen than see your face, whoever posted the comment that I am commenting upon.

Mamamiaaa - It's an easy 3-step process: 1) Grab knife 2) Plunge knife into misogynist's dangly parts 3) Repeat You're welcome.

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lmao gotta love how defense people get it's only a joke, loosen up

DocBastard I love the way you think mhmmmm.

lol.. this is why I like trolls.. the trap has already been set since he left that sexist comment..

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feminist got their panties all up in a bunch

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You suck at differentiating between spelling and grammar.

This is the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.

talk about luck. this should tell you shortcuts fail

She lives in Scotland - do you have any idea how often the UK gets heavy snow?

Best reply ever. Op, FYL, I stay in North Lanarkshire and we have about 2ft in my estate, FML.

you idiot, you think it's smart to cut someone off coming towards you so you can drive illegally? good job.