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Today, I decided to check out a dating site, when I stumbled across my ex wife's profile. She'd had it for four out of the five years of our marriage. And no, it didn't rate us as a good match. FML
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That's terrible. Maybe you can show that to the divorce lawyer and get some good money.

I disagree. Some people that use dating sites are busy working and don't go out to too many places where single people frequent.


That's terrible. Maybe you can show that to the divorce lawyer and get some good money.

People who use dating sites are pathetic.

I disagree. Some people that use dating sites are busy working and don't go out to too many places where single people frequent.

I agree, but she was MARRIED

#10, I never would've found my soulmate had I not tried a dating site. I didn't take the site very seriously at first and wasn't actually expecting to find someone worth dating, let alone marrying! But hey! Whatdaya know?! I found the most amazing, perfect, person for me. :) Just because it doesn't work for you doesn't mean it's lame.

#23, thank you for just giving ME some hope!

back to the original subject, someone enlighten me? how would that get OP money? I've never heard of that

^ I'm no lawyer but uh I think it has to do with like your states alimony and whether cheating and stuff is included so like the court like decides which spouse to give more money to? Wow haha sorry if Im confusing. I'm just saying stuff I heard

I wonder if somebody find a mate via FML site

Yea but there are some "no fault" states so it wouldn't matter anyway

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Sounds close enough, if you ask me, lol.

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#50 I haven't found a soul mate, but I've meet some seriously cool girls, that I'm friends with now. You never know what'll happen down the line.

I found my amazing man on a dating site as well! We're to very different types of people to have been able to have run into each other out side the sight. As a funny gag, both of us had a friend put us online (and both of us never had issues in finding a date) but as a joke we played on it, then we found each other! Lessoned learned "don't knock it till you try it!" Totally worth it, and if people (strangers) still look at us as pathetic for it being a dating sight that we found each other..... Still TOTALLY worth it!!! And will say it with a smile on my face to you cuz if it wasn't for that sight I wouldn't be this happy :)

I guess that's the reason you didn't work out

I can see this happening "Today, I found out that the person I've been talking to on a dating site was secretly my ex-husband. FML"

thats horrible. ive caught my bf on dating sites. whats with this bs?

So those dating site compatibility surveys really work? That means there's no hope for me.

Welshite, don't worry about those things. You'll find someone. Those things tell me I'm not compatible with anyone, so I lowered my standards more.... still not compatible with anyone. Then I lowered my standards until I basically had no standards and now I am in a happy relationship with my hand. I'm thinking of proposing.

Invite me to the wedding. At least then I get to witness someone be happy.

I'm free if neither of you are psycho stalker/killers.

Nah. I'm not a psycho stalker/killer. I'm just your average stalker/killer.

Well, as long as you aren't a psycho...

Well, shit. You know if she cheated on you?

Too bad you didn't find the website before you married her, could have found out that you guys weren't a good match and you could have saved yourself a lot!

From the way this is worded, I'd assume she only made her profile after the first year of their marriage. So if he had went in before they got married, then her profile wouldn't have been there.

I'm sorry OP but at least now this cheating bitch will be someone else's problem. Hope you find your perfect match :-)

It would be more worrying if it rated youa good match. Then you could sue for misinformation when you married :p

Well, look at it this way, you're no longer with her and you don't owe her anything. She's an ex for a reason, don't always trust the website match making :)

It said they were not a match, seems pretty accurate so far.

Apparently that site knows something it took you 5 years to realize.

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11thats because computers don't make mistakes