By badbride - 26/07/2011 17:11 - United States

Today, I accidentally slept in two hours later than I was supposed to. Today is my wedding day. FML
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Its okay, the bride is the only one allowed to be late to her wedding:)

Did you make it to your wedding on time at least?


Its okay, the bride is the only one allowed to be late to her wedding:)

flockz 19

an she will be well rested while she is walking down the aisle. we dont want her stumbling from exhaustion now.

littlemissFYL 5

you snooze, you loose! you should have been WINNING like my good friend Charlie sheen.

salvorican 24

Hey those wedding dresses usually weigh more than the bride

how do we know it's the bride?

xxCupcakeGirlxx 0

yay I'm finally in the comments xD

59 " it's my wedding day" gives it away

renaee 13

59- For one, her name is 'badbride' and two; if the groom was going to be late, he would've just not shown up.

well there's this thing called an alarm clock, op.

AaronTkr 0

63, "it's my wedding day" doesn't exactly give away that OP is the bride.

must've been one hell of a bachelorette party eh?

softball1432 0

because the name is "badbride".. duh!

katieklein 0

hopefully you made it to your wedding on time! if not i would hate to be the person marrying you.!

you can make up for over sleeping by having a JK Wedding Entrance! if you don't know what that is, look it up on YouTube ;-)

75 is special. in the "my mom says im cool" kinda way

adsmith96 0

it says bad bride as op's name

lol 63 so how does saying "it's my wedding day" prove that it's the bride and not the groom??

broomhildo 19

108 You do realize that the FML's aren't posted the day they are submitted...

broomhildo 19

Okay no idea why FML loaded saying it was #108 with a completely moronic post. So clearly my comment is not in response to 108. But to the idiot who asked why they were getting married on a Tuesday, there is my response to you.

CaliGali 9
2ndSucks 15

Fashionably late? :) hopefully you have a great dress!

HowAreYouToday 34

You did that to! Now I don't feel alone! I HAVE GOT TO TELL LOIS.

did they think that u were having cold feet??!

44 - Charlie Sheen is not your friend.

OPs name was "badbride"...... but of course that has nothing to do with it right?

jayer_hooo 0

^If Charlie is "FTW" Then I am a god. Woah, "Peter the godess" That sounds nice. Nhyeayeayeayeyayeyea

Randuhh_17 4

where's your bridesmaids? they are supposed to get ready with you.... were you a bridezilla?

jazzybaby179 22

the only place where it's okay to be late is your own funeral!

Hopefully the groom/husband is reasonable about this

Send him some yummy pictures and he will forgive you.

I bet it was still the greatest day of your life. Am i right? ;)

fruitloop1221 1

we dont know that its the bride. people are just assuming, and we all know when u assume u make an ass of u and me. ^_^

Paid4Hir3 15

You goddamn idiot do you know what THEY will do to you for saying that. Change your passwords and lock your doors because they're coming for you.

bitchslapped22 14

That's when someone who cares about you wakes you up to let you know...

or there's this great new thing called an alarm clock...

SugarCrazy 14

113, I don't think alarm clocks are that new....

yeah. that's supposed to be the brides maids job to make sure she gets up and is ready. so FYL OP. but now you know who your friends are!! crappy brides maids >_>

don't be a dumb ass obviously yu get wat he means so don't be rude

Did you make it to your wedding on time at least?

iluvevil01 11
Dispute 3

Clearly she doesn't care much for whoever she's marrying to sleep in...

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idontcare8l 3
idontcare8l 3

i meant 117 was that an arthur joke?

what I wanna know is why nobody thought to wake OP up

well atleast she had a goodnights sleep

Good job, OP. Cue the "it isn't meant to be" by those... odd balls...

flockz 19

i dont enjoy being called retarded you mortal.

You're cool. It very clearly in english says "badbride" i don't know if you can read...

flockz 19

jumping to such bold conclusions are we? i in fact know how to read english but i did not see "bad bride" as you have thought. i instead saw "ba db ride" which in my language is translated into "bachelor penis ride" which therefore confirms that the original poster was in fact male and the night before he went on a somewhat carnival ride resembling a penis.

flockz 19

thats sad.... i tried so hard on that last comment though. (takes off sweatband)

Or, they posted from the mobile site on a BB, and it doesn't show the name of the OP. Don't be a dick 24.

Flockz was implying that he was as great as God because you said "God you're retarded"

Well, I appreciated #48's comment, at least. Kind of a stretch, but points for originality. Wouldn't you say "db" DOES look a bit like a penis?

Why thumbs down? I asked flockz what other language he speaks because he said "um my language".

Who the **** cares man? Your posting dumb shit on one of the dumbest websites in existence, and yet you still care enough to re-comment over two lousy thumbs down. Now I know I'm being a bit of a hypocrite here, but get a life man.

usually the bachalorette party isnt the night before the wedding

Apparently you care man. Oh and FYI I'm an 11 year old girl. Of course I'm going to be immature. If the website is so dumb why are you on it criticizing me about having no life?

bitchslapped22 14

That's when someone who cares about you wakes you up to let you know...

Why the heck didn't someone wake you up?

wouter320 0

So hurry! Don't waste your time like this! YDI

I would think the FML was written after the wedding, not immediately upon waking.

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