By Username - 25/05/2010 12:32 - France

Today, my friend bet everyone at my lunch table that no one could catch the fly that was flying around our table. I reached up and caught it. It was a wasp, and it stung me. FML
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you couldn't tell the difference between a fly and a wasp?

How is it possible to mistake a fly for a wasp? Ydi for being stupid


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hahahaha how can you not tell the difference?!

YDI for not knowing the difference between a fly and a wasp. everyone else probably knew and laughed their asses off :p

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5-agreed ha

wow, really? a fly? a wasp? come on...

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ninja warrior wasp die but destroy you karma!!!

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there is a clear difference between the two

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that sucks hope you ended up all right and didn't have to go to the hospital... but really how do you not know the difference

you obviously lived and were well enough to hit up fml. sooooooooo ydi for being a ratard

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I hope you didn't catch it with your mouth.

Yup, big fat YDI for being too blind and deaf to tell it was a wasp in the first place :/


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18 if he's is writing this he is ok

Go Yoda!!!!! Na not YDI 'cause you need SOME people to feel sorry for you..........

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ydi for being machismo the world would be better without it. unfortunately they're the ones who get to procreate

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ok so this FML is a repost. I opened up the randoms and the same exact FML showed up but by a different user

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41 I was saying ok that he didn't have to go to the hospital... not that he didn't die... duh reread what I wrote

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OP wasps are freaking huge. Your an idiot. HOW COULD YOU NOT NOTICE?

Atleast you won the bet!

you couldn't tell the difference between a fly and a wasp?

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Exactly 3. One is small while the other is large, and they should definitely recognize something they are allergic to!

I agree with that. if I was allergic to something I would make sure I would know what it looks like lol

OP isn't allergic to wasp stings.

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Stupid. Why bother catching it anyway? You trying to be the Karate Kid? Just kill the damn thing.

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How could you not tell the difference? They don't fly that quickly!

and they are differently shaped lmao

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Pay the doctor bill with your winnings.

how do you not see the diffrence between a fly and a wasp? im allergic to so im extra catious around them but thats just dump but on the bright side you did win the bet

How is it possible to mistake a fly for a wasp? Ydi for being stupid

i agree with your point of view! i approve a lot of the fmls when i moderate because their life is fücked because they are so stupid...

YDI for being a duck

As opposed to a human...?