By sisi9999 - 25/07/2011 04:14 - United States

Today, I learned that I'm allergic to hornets. I also learned that when your mom sprays a hornets' nest, and they come after you, that jumping in the pool doesn't help. They hover and wait for you to surface. FML
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I think I would have done the same if I had a pool close to me! So good to know! ;)

godamn spawn campers


Were they marble?


ydi u should uf hold ur breath longer

eminemchick 19

wow 8 -.-

Idonebeenhad 17

use a straw to breathe and wait for them to fly away :)

Kn0wledge123 21

When you piss off a bunch of hornets, jumping in a pool doesn't help. You have to keep running for at least 90 feet, because at that point, they'll just get tired of chasing you and go back to the nest. The More You Know.

slenderman also hovers and waits for the right moment to strike

I'm confused. The first poster made a comment about Marble Hornets and he got negative thumbs... but the 36th guy made a far more complex statement that isn't directly related... and he got thumbs up. The heck?

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ydi how would u feel if somebody was spraying your house

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at least she didn't pee on them from a second story window.

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29- what if they flew into the straw?

29-who the hell carries a straw with them?!?! I mean come on!

I do I carry a straw

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saw this shit on MANSWERS

I agree with tal26ful. That's exactly what I thought when I read that comment

you obviously haven't seen the manswers relating to this situation

ouch :(

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I carry a straw!

what if you suck one of em in ??

You could try not pissing the hornets off

what stalkers they are lol.

-Learning, you are.


mmmmm using the dark side of the force you are young Jedi

omgcookeys 15

star wars reference!

rallets 22

^ the force is strong with this one

so is cake

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2- sexy picturee

IxLovexYouuuu 6

i bet you're new here, huh?

DeathNotes 3

True_Legend said "what stalkers they are" and "ooooook" and he gets 32 negative votes for each? wtf?

I think I would have done the same if I had a pool close to me! So good to know! ;)

kmumma 3

I always thought that worked. Smart hornets.

ImaWiseGuy 5

next time just come up splashing as if your gonna get stung by angry hornets if you don't splash hard enough...

JonaDona 2

No, next time he should just bee careful xD

juicedboi 7

That's how Aquaman was created. He was staying away from hornets and had to learn, you know, that whole not drowning technique.

lmfaoo! that's funny.

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73- only person commenting on this Fml that's remotely funny. and Fyl op

And you thought people were patient... So, how was the hospital trip? My Lifeguard instructor is allergic, he had some funny stories from that, lol.

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androiddestroya 7

-17 indeed you are

Those are African Killer Bees - they wait for you to surface.

because African Killer Bees live in Georgia...

lulututu 4

actually 28 they can be in the us. they attacked my house once.

africanized bees have been in the usa for quite a few years now.

yes they have been they only recently became a threat when the american killer bee gave them their freedom

To be fair, Killer Bees not African Killer Bees. There are European Bees (and now American bees) and African bees. When the two mate, there can be a resulting strain called the "Africanized Killer Bee". Not every African-European hybrid goes on a rampage, but the ones that do are often of the 'killer bee' variety. Yay, biology.

zakkyzebra 11

That's like saying Chinese food is only in china... -.-

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50 lmao. That was f*cked up, but funny as hell. :p

95- Boobies!!!!!!

104- You make a fair point.

slushpup9696 12

104 and 107 - Agreed.

omgcookeys 15

maybe they were mad....

hmm..... ya think so??

omgcookeys 15

yes, I do think so, that's why I commented that, silly.

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um, no shit?

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stfu :)

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Your life does suck....sorry

WTF is wrong with your mom?!?! to spray a ******* hornets nest!!!! BLAME YOUR MOM

GET AN EXTERMINATOR (unless your mom is a really bad one)

silly. you shouldve ran inside your house.

well maybe they would follow him into his house. hornets have there ways.

Yeah cause you would TOTALLY stroll into your house by opening the (possibly locked) door, getting in and closing the door before even one hornet got in while being followed by a ton of Hornets when you're right next to a pool.

That's a shame, who would have known? Bad luck...